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How to Move an Adjustable Bed Base: Quick & Easy Guide

By Maurice

How to Move an Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable beds are some of the most valuable investments you could ever make. They provide a wide selection of benefits for your health and sleep quality. However, they can be challenging to use and difficult to move. So, how do you properly move an adjustable bed base without injuring yourself?

Moving your adjustable base shouldn’t be a challenging process. First, remove the mattress and accessories. Then, you can start moving the base to the room where you need it to be. However, we recommend having someone help you as the bed can be too heavy to move by yourself.

In today’s article, we’ll share with you the correct way to move an adjustable bed base. We’ll give you the tips and tricks to do it without damaging the bed or yourself. You’ll also learn how to raise and lower your adjustable bed manually.

Typical Adjustable Bed Sizes


Most adjustable beds tend to be bigger than regular models. This is because the bed needs more space for all the mechanical and electrical parts to move. Furthermore, adjustable beds can come in all sizes and models, including split king and California.

These are the most common adjustable bed sizes available:

  • Twin-XL: The Twin-XL adjustable bed has a total length of 80″ (203.2 cm) and a width of 38″ (96.52 cm). This bed has the right dimensions for one person.
  • Full: A full-size adjustable bed is more common for the basic models. It has a total length of 75″ (190.5 cm) and an overall width of 54″ (137.1 cm), making it ideal for more than one person as long as the weight capacity is not exceeded.
  • Queen: The queen size adjustable bed is the most popular option for couples because it offers ideal dimensions at a more affordable price. The bed has a length of 80″ (203.2 cm) and a total width of 60″ (152.4 cm).
  • King: The king-size adjustable bed base has a length of 80″ (203.2 cm) and a width of 76″ (193 cm). It is one of the widest bed models available and the superior option for couples.
  • Split king: The split king adjustable bed is another popular option for couples because it allows better customization. This bed is a combination of two twin-XL adjustable bases and mattresses. It is slightly more expensive than a regular king-size bed, but it provides independent adjustments for each side of the base.

Note: You can also find adjustable bed bases in split queen and inverted split king sizes. They are not common, but some brands like Reverie and Tempur-Pedic offer those models.

How to Move an Adjustable Bed Base – Step-by-Step

Moving your adjustable bed from one place to another shouldn’t be a challenging task as long as there’s enough space. However, it can be difficult to do it yourself without knowing how the mechanism needs to be treated.

Here’s what you need to do to move an adjustable bed base safely:

  1. 1Remove the bedding, pillows, and mattress from the bed.
  2. 2You need to unplug the power supply once the base is clear from any obstructions.
  3. 3Flip the adjustable base to ensure everything is disconnected. Remember not to hold the bed from the legs as they are designed only to endure sideway pressure. Find the frame and hold it from there.
  4. 4Remove the legs and other detachable parts carefully before flipping the bed back to its position.
  5. 5With someone’s help, grab the adjustable base and lift it.
  6. 6If you need to go through a door, carry the bed on its side.
  7. 7Take the bed to where you need it.
  8. 8Now, return to the previous room for the legs and other accessories.
  9. 9Assemble your adjustable bed in its new place.

As you can see, the process should not take long, and it is pretty straightforward. However, it should be done carefully, as adjustable beds are very delicate devices. If they fall, they might break.

Note: If you have a split king or a very heavy model, we recommend disassembling the bed entirely before moving it.

Here are some video tutorials if you need a more visual guide on how to move an adjustable bed safely:

How to Safely Lift Your Reverie Adjustable Bed

How to Move a Sleep Number Flexfit Adjustable Bed

Tips to Avoid Injury When Moving an Adjustable Bed Base

Here are the best tips for avoiding injuries while moving an adjustable bed base:

  • Use your legs: The one thing you need to avoid when moving heavy objects is to put all the weight on your back or knees. It can lead to severe injuries, especially if you have fragile bones. Instead, use the strength of your legs and arms to carry the object by squatting when picking it up.
  • Get help: Moving a heavy object like an adjustable bed should always be done with someone’s help. The less effort you have to make, the less probability of injuries or accidents.
  • Remove obstructions: Another essential way to prevent injuries and accidents is to remove all obstacles from your path. If you already know where you’ll take the adjustable base, you can remove anything that could cause an accident from the path.

Note: There’s no hard rule on how to move an adjustable bed, but if you follow these tips, you might prevent injuries.

How to Manually Adjust an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have electronic mechanisms that allow you to control the features with one or two buttons. However, chances are, at some point, you’ll need to adjust the position of your bed manually.

It might seem like an impossible task in those situations, but don’t worry. There are ways to do it without electric power or too much physical effort.

How to Manually Lower an Adjustable Bed

There are many reasons why you might need to lower your adjustable bed manually. The most common issue is that the bed is stuck in a raised position. It usually happens because of a power problem when the bed is being used.

If that has happened to you, don’t worry. You can quickly fix it manually.

Here’s what you need to do to lower your adjustable bed manually:

  1. 1You first need to unplug the adjustable bed.
  2. 2Flip the bed on its side to ensure you have access to the mechanical parts.
  3. 3Locate the section that needs to be lowered. It will depend on the adjustable angle your bed has.
  4. 4Once you’ve located the section that needs to be lowered, you need to find its actuator motor. This device keeps the bed in place whenever you switch positions, so that part of the bed will fall into a flat position when you release it.
  5. 5Release the actuator and allow the bed to fall into a flat position.
  6. 6Flip the bed back to its original position and plug it in.
  7. 7You’ll need to flip the bed again so that you have access to the actuator. Connect it once again to the mechanism.
  8. 8After that, you can troubleshoot your bed to fix any issues with the remote control. That way, you won’t need to adjust your bed manually anymore.

Note: Never put sideways pressure on the adjustable legs because it can break or damage them. Avoid lifting from the legs at all costs to prevent accidents when flipping the bed.

If you need a more visual guide, you can check out this video tutorial. It explains how to detach the motor actuator without damaging the mechanism:

How to Manually Raise an Adjustable Bed Frame

Raising your adjustable bed manually can be challenging because these devices were not designed to be used without electric power. However, it is not impossible, and there are ways to do it that won’t take too much effort.

Here’s what you can do to raise your adjustable bed frame manually:

  1. 1The first thing you need to do is remove all accessories and the mattress from the frame.
  2. 2Now, you can unplug the device.
  3. 3Flip the adjustable bed so that you have access to the mechanism.
  4. 4Locate the actuator of the part you want to raise.
  5. 5Remove the actuator lock and raise the part as much as needed. It can be the headrest, footrest, or both if you want to place the bed in a zero-gravity position.
  6. 6Lock the actuator again to keep the bed in the position you’ve chosen.
  7. 7Place the bed back on its feet.
  8. 8Put the mattress back on and dress it.
  9. 9Now you can enjoy your adjustable bed even if you have no electrical power in your house.

Note: Not all adjustable beds have the same internal mechanisms, but they all can be adjusted manually in case of power malfunctions. If you need a more detailed guide on doing it for your adjustable bed model, you should consult the owner’s manual.


Whether you are changing rooms or homes, knowing how to move your adjustable bed safely is a skill you will need. These devices are delicate and fragile, and if there’s an accident, they might stop working. Moving them the wrong way can also lead to injuries, especially if you already have back problems.

To move your adjustable bed base, you first need to unplug and remove all accessories and the mattress. With that step done, you can now flip the bed to detach the legs and other removable parts. Now, your adjustable bed is ready to be moved anywhere you need.

Overall, when carrying your adjustable bed, get some help. Do not put all the weight on your knees or back. Use your legs and squat when lifting. That way, you can prevent severe injuries to your lumbar area.


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