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How to Assemble an Adjustable Bed Frame: Step-by-Step Instructions, Videos & More

By Maurice

How to Assemble an Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable beds provide a wide range of sleep and health benefits. They can help you with sleep disorders, increase overall comfort, and even improve blood circulation. However, they can be tricky to use and even more challenging to assemble. So, how do you assemble an adjustable bed?

The way you’ll assemble your adjustable bed will vary, depending on the size and brand. For instance, the steps for assembling a split king bed are not the same for a queen-size model. You’ll need to follow the instructions for the bed size you’ve picked.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a look at how to assemble an adjustable bed. We’ll also give you more information about these incredible devices and the best video guides to assemble them properly.

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors


An adjustable bed is explicitly designed to allow you total control over the bed’s position. This device works using an internal mechanism that triggers the movement of the bed. You can use it to raise the upper and lower part of your bed or place it in a zero-gravity position.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds provide many benefits for your health and sleep quality. These devices are the pinnacle of sleeping experiences, thanks to their comfort and multiple positions. However, that’s not everything they offer.

Here are some of the many benefits of using an adjustable bed:

  • Sleep quality: Adjustable beds can improve the quality of your rest. These devices provide a more comfortable environment and a better sleeping position. Set yours to zero-gravity to enjoy the best possible experience.
  • Digestion: Setting your adjustable bed to a zero-gravity position also provides benefits for your digestive system. It reduces the possibility of heartburns and acid reflux while allowing your digestive system to function correctly during the night.   
  • Back and neck pain: Another significant benefit of adjustable beds is the effect on your spine and muscles. The bed will reduce the stress over your vertebrae, lowering the symptoms of chronic back and neck pain.
  • Blood flow: Because an adjustable bed reduces pressure on your joints and muscles, it helps your heart and overall blood flow. Without pressure, the blood can reach the entire body without any issues. That way, your heart doesn’t need to overwork, and you’ll feel more rested in the mornings.
  • Sleep disorders: One more benefit of an adjustable bed is reducing the symptoms of sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, or insomnia. The position and increased comfort of the bed are ideal for a better night’s sleep.  
  • Pregnancy: The zero-gravity position of an adjustable bed can also help pregnant women during the last trimester. It allows these women to lay on their backs without damaging their spines.

Note: An adjustable bed is not a magical cure, so you should consult a physician before choosing one to help you with a sleep disorder.

Tools You’ll Need to Assemble an Adjustable Bed

Assembling your adjustable bed doesn’t have to be an impossible task. If you have the right tools, it should be a straightforward process.  

Here are the tools you will need to assemble your new adjustable bed:

  • Scissors or a knife
  • A plastic bag
  • A well-lit environment
  • Space
  • Someone to help you

Most adjustable beds will include tools like a proper-sized wrench, bolts, and every other necessary item for assembly.

How to Assemble an Adjustable Bed Frame – Step by Step Instructions

Adjustable beds can be tricky to operate and assemble, especially if you’ve never encountered similar devices. There’s also no single way to put them together because each model is different and varies depending on the size.

Assembling a Full and Queen Adjustable Bed

Because they have very similar sizes and designs, the queen and full adjustable beds require the same assembly steps.

Here’s what you need to do to assemble a full or queen adjustable bed:

  1. 1Open the first box carefully. There are usually two boxes with all the materials and pieces.
  2. 2Now, remove the packaging and the protective plastic cover from the adjustable deck.
  3. 3Unfold the assembly deck carefully. Extend it onto the floor in an area with enough space to maneuver.
  4. 4Position the deck properly. The tag should be located at the head end.

Now, it is time to start with the second box:

  1. 1Once the deck is unfolded, you can open the second box. Verify the content in the box, making sure nothing is missing.
  2. 2The box should contain the following: A hand control, a wrench, eight volts, two leg support assemblies, four plastic end caps, two bushings, four legs, four casters, the headboard bracket assembly kit, and a mattress retainer bar.
  3. 3The pieces and tools can vary depending on the model and size.

Let’s start with the adjustable bed assembly process:

  1. 1Remove the steel-base assembly from the box and line it up with the adjustable deck.
  2. 2You have to match the head-end of the base with the head-end of the deck. Do not tighten up the deck and base yet.
  3. 3Locate the leg support assembly connections. Remove the outer bushings and the nylon insert locking nuts.
  4. 4Now, it is time to place the support flanges. Do this carefully, but do not tighten them yet.
  5. 5Time to install the leg support assemblies. You’ll need to reinstall the nylon insert lockings and outside bushings.
  6. 6You can begin tightening the bolts and adding the legs.
  7. 7Add the caster brakes to the legs.
  8. 8Flip the base and install the mattress retainers and mattress retainer bar.
  9. 9Place your mattress on top of the bed.

Note: We recommend assembling your adjustable bed frame with the help of at least one more person. Do not do it alone, as the base and deck can be too heavy and delicate to carry by yourself.

Assembling a King/Split King/California King Adjustable Bed

The king and California king adjustable beds have similar designs, and assembling them takes the same steps. They both use two bases and decks that you’ll need to connect once you finish the assembling process.

On the other hand, the split king model is different because it uses two assembly decks and bases that do not get connected. However, the first steps are similar for the three models, with the only difference being that the split king bed needs double the work.

Here’s what you need to do to assemble your adjustable bed:

  1. 1Locate all the boxes and open the first one carefully. Remove the plastic with a knife or scissors.
  2. 2The first box contains an adjustable bed deck. It will be folded, so you need to unfold it carefully.
  3. 3Now, position the bed with the bottom side up. The tag should be located at the head-end.

Let’s’ continue with the other boxes containing your adjustable bed:

  1. 1Open box number two. You should find all the necessary equipment to proceed with the assembly.
  2. 2Verify that the following items are complete: One or two hand controls, one wrench, sixteen bolts, four legs supports, eight plastic caps, fours bushings, eight legs, eight casters, two headboard bracket kits, two mattress retainers, and one DC connector cable for the king and California king models only.
  3. 3Some pieces and tools can vary, depending on the brand and model.

Now, these are the steps to assemble the deck and base:

  1. 1Line up the steel base over the unfolded deck.
  2. 2You need to match the head-end of the base with the head-end of the deck.
  3. 3The position of the base should allow four side-holes to line up with the holes of the deck.
  4. 4Prepare the leg support connections by removing the bushings and nylon lockings.
  5. 5Position the assembly kit flanges lined up with the deck.
  6. 6Insert the mounting bolts into the flanges.
  7. 7Once you’ve finished with the flanges, you can install the leg support for the eight legs.
  8. 8It is time to tighten all bolts and cap frame ends.
  9. 9You can now add the legs and caster brakes.

You’ll need to repeat this process for the second base of your king, split king, and California king adjustable beds.

However, the following steps are only necessary for the king and California king models:

  1. 1Locate the connector cable. This cable connects both bases so you can use them with one control.
  2. 2Place both bases together. You need to orient them in the same direction.
  3. 3Now, plug the connector into the first motor. Ensure it is connected properly before moving on to the next step.
  4. 4Connect the dual DC connector plug into the second motor.
  5. 5You now need to connect both motors to the hand control.
  6. 6Flip the bases carefully with the help of someone else.

Once you’ve finished, you only need to install the bushings and mattress retainers for the three models. Place your mattress on the base, ensuring to lock the retainer. It will prevent the mattress from falling whenever the bed moves.

Now, relax and enjoy all the sleep and health benefits your new adjustable bed has to offer.

Best Video Guides for Assembling an Adjustable Bed

If you followed the previous steps, you should have assembled your adjustable bed in no time.

However, if the instructions are not clear enough, you can check out these videos for a more visual guide:

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Assembling your adjustable bed will take time and effort, but all the hard work will pay off once you’ve tried this incredible device. You will finally be able to enjoy the many health and sleep benefits an adjustable bed has to offer.

Overall, you’ll need to be extremely careful when assembling this device. Adjustable bed motors are delicate and must not fall onto the ground. So, you should get some help if you want to prevent accidents and potential damage.



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