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How to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed Frame: Step-by-Step Instructions, Videos & More

By Maurice

How to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable beds are large, sometimes clunky pieces of furniture that can be very tough to move around or take in for repairs. If you want to know how to take apart your adjustable bed frame, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Why you might not want to disassemble your bed,
  • The reasons you may need to do it anyway,
  • And, of course, how to disassemble an adjustable bed frame.

Let’s get started!

Is it Smart to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed?

Taking apart your adjustable bed may seem like a simple task, but it can get really tricky, really quickly. Many of the components of an adjustable bed aren’t designed to be removed or taken apart, which means you may unintentionally damage your bed. The motor, control box, and motor arm are all designed to be kept in a specific position, and misalignment can be very bad for the bed.

Furthermore, disassembling your adjustable bed may also void the warranty, which means you’ll be bearing the burden of repair costs if the bed gets damaged. The repair costs for a damaged motor or bed frame can sometimes be as much as the bed itself, meaning you might be better off buying a new bed if you damage it by accident. This means that it’s better to just leave the bed in one piece unless you truly cannot avoid it.

Adjustable Bed Base vs Bed Frame

There are three main components of an adjustable bed, generally speaking:

  • The base, which has a motor and control box and is responsible for the motion and function of the bed
  • The mattress, not technically part of the bed but still an essential component,
  • And the bed frame, an optional component that the bed base sits inside and can hold a headboard and footboard.

If you’re thinking about disassembling your adjustable bed, and what you had in mind was the bed frame instead of the base, you have little to worry about. You can quickly disassemble an adjustable bed frame without damaging the motor or any other delicate pieces. The same is true for detaching the two pieces of a Split King adjustable bed.

When we say that disassembling an adjustable bed might be a bad idea, we are talking specifically about the bed base itself. Removing the motor, adjusting arm, or control box isn’t usually advisable, but disassembling other things won’t carry the same amount of risk.

Why Would You Need to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed?

We’ve established that taking apart your adjustable bed and bed frame may not be the best idea. That said, are there any exceptions? Below, you’ll see some the two most common situations where taking apart an adjustable bed makes sense:


Sometimes, it’s just impossible to get an adjustable bed through a doorway without taking it apart. If you weren’t the person who installed the bed – say, if you had an expert delivery/installation service do it for you – you may be completely stuck until you decide to take the bed apart.


If your adjustable bed is malfunctioning and needs professional repairs, it’s going to be a lot easier to take off the motor or control box and take it to a repair shop than it would be to take the entire bed. Of course, many repair services will come to you instead of the other way around. But, if you do need to drop off your bed at a repair shop, it’s a lot simpler to only bring the part that actually needs to be repaired instead of the entire bed.

Tools You’ll Need to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed Frame

Truthfully, the number and type of tools you need to take apart your adjustable bed frame will always vary depending on the bed you own. That said, it would be wise to keep these tools in mind:

  • Pliers
  • Hex wrenches
  • Gloves
  • screwdriver/drill
  • Plastic bags (to hold screws and bolts and keep them organized)

It may also be beneficial to get furniture sliders to make it easier to move and scoot the bed as you take it apart. They’ll save your back and knees a lot of strain, and they come in handy over and over.

Super Sliders 5 3/4" x 9 1/2" Oval Reusable Furniture Sliders for Carpet - Effortless Moving and Surface Protection, Brown (4 Pack)

How to Disassemble an Adjustable Bed frame – Step-By-Step Instructions


Remove the Mattress Carefully

First you need to move the mattress. Start by checking for any stability straps or retention devices designed to hold the mattress in place when you’re adjusting it.  Remove those, and the mattress will be free to move.

Don’t just grab the mattress and flop it over, as this can damage any coils in the mattress. It is best to leave the mattress flat if possible, by having two people gently picking up the mattress, moving it to a room where it can be laid flat.

If you have to leave it on its side, rotate it every 15-20 minutes so it doesn’t become misshapen.


Unplug Your Adjustable Bed

After you move the mattress off, you will be able to see where the bed is plugged into the wall.  Remove the plug from the outlet. You can do this first if you like, but it’s often easier once the mattress is out of the way.


Disassemble the Adjustable Bed Frame

The frames that go around adjustable bed bases are often no different than bed frames for traditional beds. They should be pretty easy to disassemble by removing bolts from each piece. You can do this step before removing the mattress, but it’s easier when the mattress is already gone.


If you Have a Split King Bed, Detach the Two Sections of the Base

Split king adjustable beds are sometimes attached in one or more places by connecting hooks or brackets. If you own a split king bed, now is the time to detach these sections from one another. Refer to your bed’s assembly instructions or owner’s manual if you are unable to locate these connecting points – they may be hard to find, or your bed simply may not have them.


Turn the Bed Base On Its Side

Now, it’s time to turn the base on its side so that you can remove the legs. This is a two-person process, because the legs are not meant to take the weight of the heavy base at an angle. Just like when placing a dining room table on its side, you need two people to ensure the bed base isn’t putting all its weight on the legs.


Remove the Legs

Some adjustable beds have screw-in legs that you can simply rotate to twist off. Others are held in place by screws, clasps that lock into place, or bolts. No matter how the legs on your adjustable bed are attached, it should be very easy to remove them. This step, perhaps more than any other, makes it very easy to get the bed through a narrow doorway.


If Necessary, Remove the Motor and Control Box

Again, this step is not necessary and can lead to damaged components and voided warranties. If you believe it’s necessary in your situation, though, it’s actually pretty simple. The electrical components of your adjustable bed will almost always be attached to the underside of the bed with simple screws or bolts.

Remove the screws/bolts almost all the way before pulling the components off of the bed. Before you completely remove the motor, check for any cables that need to be disconnected. Similarly, you may need to remove the linchpin from the adjusting arm before you can get the motor all the way off of the bed.

Best Videos for Assembling an Adjustable Bed Frame

Taking apart your adjustable bed is one thing, but what about putting it back together? If you’ve lost your owner’s manual or if the manual simply isn’t very helpful, these videos should help you figure out how exactly to get your bed back together:

Assembling a Casper Adjustable Bed

(This video is helpful for other brands, too, because casper’s adjustable bed is similar to many others in design)

Adjustable Bed Unboxing and Assembly

Assembling an Adjustable Bed By Yourself

(Some upper body strength required, and maybe a little Tylenol afterward)

Electric Hospital Bed Assembly

If your adjustable bed is more like a hospital bed than a luxury home item, this video is for you:


Taking apart your adjustable bed may seem daunting or time-consuming, depending on how much you enjoy moving furniture. The good news is that it’s not as complicated as you might think, and you can usually take apart a bed in less than 20 minutes. Be careful to protect the motor, adjusting arm, and control box, though, so you don’t void your warranty or damage the bed!

Have any questions about your specific bed model, or advice from experience for other readers? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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