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EWheels Scooters Accessories: Ewheels Accessories for Safety, Comfort & More

By Maurice

EWheels Scooters Accessories

EWheels Scooters are an excellent solution to movement impairment, whether from age or physical disability. They are technology-driven to provide fast, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable freedom to move around independently. However, you can enjoy the experience better if you understand the various scooter accessories, their functions, and how to locate the stores that sell genuine products.

Read this article to learn about the various EWheels scooters accessories for safety, convenience, and comfort. You’ll also learn about where you can purchase them if you want to improve your device’s condition.

EWheels Scooters Accessories for Safety

All EWheels scooters have quality components such as the brakes for safety enhancement. However, any auto is subject to accidents at some point. Hence, it’s imperative that you supplement your mobility aid device with some safety-enhancing accessories, which include:

1. Safety Flag

As an EWheels scooter user, you’ll appreciate the increased visibility the folding safety flag provides. The accessory is simple to use, and you can easily attach it to your mobility aid device. Moreover, its orange color and the reflective tape strip on the bottom alert pedestrians and other motorists of your presence on the road.

The accessory is also convenient as it folds in half when not in use, occupying less space in your scooter. Upon purchase, square and round clamps are included in the mounting kit for use when mounting the flag.

2. Safety LED Lights

Riding your EWheels scooter early in the morning or late at night is a safety hazard, especially if the lighting is poor. For starters, the headlights on your EWheels scooter are lowly installed, preventing you from seeing obstacles from a distance.

The best solution is to introduce safety LED lights on the scooter’s rear section and on the sides. That way, your mobility aid device will be visible to oncoming vehicles and those approaching from behind. As a result, accidents resulting from invisibility will be significantly reduced.

3. Safety Vest

When riding your EWheels scooter at night, lights aren’t the only things that can keep you visible. Supplementing your ride with reflective vests is handy because your body occupies a larger percentage of the visible area. Additionally, ensure the reflective strips are on the scooter’s back to increase visibility to motorists and pedestrians approaching from behind.

4. Rearview Mirrors

The above safety accessories will increase your visibility to oncoming vehicles and those approaching from behind, but how will you keep an eye on what is behind you?

A rearview mirror is the best option for your EWheels scooter as it lets you see what’s behind you without having to crane your neck. This way, you can decide whether it’s safe to take a turn, engage a corner, or reverse.

EWheels Scooters Accessories for Comfort


When buying an EWheel Scooter, you aim not only for movement freedom but also for comfort. By default, EWheels scooters are comfortable, but you can supplement them with the following accessories for a better experience.

1. Suntour Suspension Seat Post

This suspension seat post is beneficial as it acts as a shock absorber for EWheels mobility scooter users who regularly ride over rough terrain. It operates with the scooter’s front and back suspensions, giving you a smooth ride throughout your journey.

However, the installation of this item is a bit complicated, and you’ll have to contact a technician for assistance. Additionally, the suspension is a bit expensive, ranging between $100 and $115 depending on where you purchase it.

2. EWheels Scooter Canopy

Canopies are must-have accessories for mobility scooter owners. They come in handy, particularly in the winter, as they help keep you warm while shielding you from elements like wind and rain. Some EWheels scooters come with attached canopies, but you can also decide to purchase one from authorized dealers. All the scooter models have brackets underneath the rear section, allowing you to fit this accessory easily.

3. Crutches and Cane Holder

Usually, mobility scooter users have to move to areas that aren’t scooter-accessible, such as shopping centers. This prompts them to carry their canes and crutches on their scooters to access these places conveniently. However, having crutches or canes with you on the scooter may make the ride uncomfortable, considering they occupy a lot of space. In such a case, you’ll need a cane holder to transport these mobility aid devices simply and comfortably.

4. EWheels Scooter Seat Covers

EWheels scooter seats are comfortable by nature. However, seat covers will be beneficial because the material used to make them is waterproof, preventing the seat from getting wet on rainy days. Additionally, it gives you a safe ride due to the firm grip between you and the sitting area, ensuring you don’t slide unintentionally during the ride.

EWheels Scooters Accessories for Convenience

Some EWheels scooter accessories make your ride convenient. The following are some of these items:

1. Large Saddle Armrest Bag

Mobility scooter users would benefit greatly from having the armrest saddlebag. It allows you to carry binders, books, paperwork, and other personal documents. For students, it’s the perfect place to keep your school assignments. Even better, despite the bag’s size, it fits perfectly on all EWheels mid-wheel scooters without adversely affecting the tires or weight distribution.

To attach it to the armrest, loop the bag’s mounting cloth around the armrest and fasten it with the broad hook and loop straps. Usually, the bag has seven storage sections, each with a zipper for safe keeping of your belongings.

2. An Electric Carrier

A scooter carrier allows you to move your mobility aid device into and off a vehicle’s trunk easily and conveniently. The difference between a ramp-style and a lift-style carrier is that the former allows you to drive the scooter on it, while the latter lifts the scooter off the ground and places it on the vehicle’s trunk.

These accessories come in handy as you don’t have to physically strain your body lifting the scooter, which might negatively affect your muscles. They also save you time.

E-Wheels Manual Carrier

The manual carrier allows you to ride your EWheels scooter directly onto the platform. However, it lacks an automatic system, meaning you’ll have to move your scooter manually. Additionally, the price is much lower than that of an automated lift system.

Where To Buy EWheel Scooter Accessories Online

Various online stores purport to sell original and durable EWheels scooter accessories. However, it can be hard to distinguish whether the products are genuine. The best option is to buy them from the EWheels dealers since you’re confident you’ll receive quality products, and you may also take advantage of warranties and reduced prices.

Here are more online stores where you can access EWheels accessories.

Where To Buy EWheel Scooter Accessories Near Me

If you do not want to order online and wait a few days for your scooter accessories, you can consider buying from an in-store. You can begin by visiting the dealer from whom you purchased your EWheels scooter, as such stores often have accessories for the products they sell.

Alternatively, you can contact the EWheels Manufacturers at 888-305-0881 and make your inquiries. The customer service team will advise you accordingly.


An EWheel Scooter is a comfortable, safe, and convenient solution for any individual with movement challenges. Nevertheless, supplementing your scooter with accessories for safety, convenience, and comfort ensures you enjoy the scooter maximumly. However, ensure you purchase these items from authorized dealers and, if possible, purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

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