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Golden Companion Scooter Review (2023): Sleek, Fast & Comfortable

By Maurice

Golden Companion Scooter Review

The Golden Technologies Companion Mobility Scooter is nearly flawless in its design and application. It is sleek, fast, comfortable, and comes with a plethora of support options in case anything goes wrong. For someone who is looking for a great all around scooter that will work for them on a daily basis without fuss, this is the scooter to get.

It is perfect for jetting around the neighborhood or cruising around a theme park with the family. It is not complicated, it doesn’t have any quality or longevity concerns and it is a joy to ride on.

If you have had issues in the past with breakdowns, endless service calls and annoying bugs with any of your other scooters you have used in the past, you can kiss all of that goodbye if you rely on the quality workmanship from Golden Technologies. They named this scooter the Companion for a reason because like any good companion this mobility scooter will loyally stay at your side without betraying you for years to come.

In our Golden Companion scooter review, we cover all aspects, so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

Review of: Golden Companion Scooter

Golden Technologies Companion 3 Wheel Scooter GC240 - Red - GC240

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What We Like:

  • Top-notch quality
  • Great warranty
  • Comfortable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Pricey
  • Lack of enclosed storage

Our Conclusion: Golden Technologies is a global brand that creates well received and modern durable medical equipment, including excellent mobility scooters. They create scooters of all kinds for many different kinds of people but their aptly named Companion scooter line is a marvel of modern mobility scooter functionality and technology.

Features of Golden Companion Scooter Review

Golden Technologies Companion 3 Wheel Scooter GC240 - Red - GC240

The Golden Technologies Companion II is a three-wheeled mobility scooter that features everything you require out of a modern mobility device. It has a powerful battery that can produce speeds up to 5.3mph which is respectable but not too fast.

It has a recessed headlight that makes driving in dim conditions easier than ever before. The chair is upgraded with plush cushioning and handy armrests for when you are not moving. It features a very long battery range that can cover up to 25 miles on a single charge meaning you do not have to often worry about running out of juice when you are out and about.

The Companion Mobility Scooter has roomy leg space with a cushy carpet that keeps your legs and feet comfortable during use, whether you are hopping on for five minutes or a couple of hours. Plus, you also get a convenient basket for carrying some basic things around on the front of your scooter.

All these things together give you a very standard mobility scooter that does not have any gaps in its coverage of desirable features.

Specifications of Golden Companion Scooter Review

  • Length: 45.5 inches
  • Width: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 192lbs
  • Top Speed: 5.3 miles per hour
  • Battery Range: 25.4 miles
  • Battery Type: 2-40AH
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs

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Pros and Cons of Golden Companion Scooter Review


  • Top notch quality

The best thing about this scooter is the overall quality that is evident from headlight to rear axel. All of the parts are sourced to be made from only the best materials and everything is assembled right here in the United States. If you have ever ridden on foreign made scooters or off-brand models you are going to immediately notice the difference in quality.

This quality is what sets the Companion apart from other similar scooters. Nothing is cheaply made here and the result is a scooter that will last for years instead of months. There are no longevity issues present with the Companion line of mobility scooters.

This quality is what gives Golden the confidence to offer one of the best warranties in the business.

  • Great warranty

All Companion model mobility scooters by Golden come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the entire frame of the scooter. They also offer limited year long warranties on all of the most important parts and features of their scooters including the battery, motor, brake, charger, dash assembly, and more. You do not often see such a confident and comprehensive warranty for any modern products much less something as well used as a mobility scooter.

This means that if you have any issues with your machine you can easily get it fixed or get the support you need. This takes a lot of the stress of being stranded somewhere if your scooter breaks down or the financial worry of having to try and replace such a vital object in your life.

  • Comfortable

Lastly, this scooter is comfortable. It has a smooth drivetrain, functional tires, and a great seat that works together to give you a buttery smooth ride every day. Scooters are fine and dandy but if you don’t enjoy riding them, you probably won’t do it as much as you need to or if you do, you are going to be uncomfortable while doing it. Both of these options can have adverse health effects and having a comfortable scooter really just makes your life that much better overall.


  • Pricey

There is no way around it, the Companion mobility scooter is expensive. Compared to some basic scooters at the lower end of the price range, the Companion is twice as much and sometimes three times as much as those scooters. That money pays for a lot and the quality of this unit is nearly unmatched but if you do not have the money or cannot get your insurance company to cover it, the initial cost might be a little too steep for some to comfortably stomach.

  • Lack of enclosed storage

This might be a minor quibble for some but anyone who has been caught out in a fast moving rain shower or needs to get somewhere on a gloomy day, enclosed storage can be a godsend. The Companion only includes a front basket as a standard storage option with no under seat storage. That means that your things are going to be exposed to the elements if you are caught out in them.

Who the Golden Companion Scooter Best For?

Golden Technologies Companion 3 Wheel Scooter GC240 - Red - GC240

The Companion II is a scooter that will work for a very large number of people. If you are someone who needs a basic mobility scooter for day-to-day use with no specific medical upgrades or lifestyle upgrades required. If you are someone who appreciates good customer service and great quality (and honestly, who isn’t?) you are going to love this scooter. It works super well, it works consistently and it does not require hardly any maintenance which cannot be said of most scooters.

The simple functional nature of this scooter might not work for anyone who needs large bariatric weight limits, specific medical needs, or someone who is looking for something a little more high end or sophisticated.

For everyone else who likes to invest their hard earned money into well designed durable products, the Companion II is going to be one of the last mobility scooter purchases you will ever have to make.

Technical Support

One of the biggest upsides you get when you buy from Golden Technologies is American based customer service and excellent support. If you have any issues with your Golden Technologies Companion Scooter there are various options for you to pursue. You can contact the company directly and request technical support from their US based staff.

You can also double check the warranty information to see if your issues are potentially covered under their generous warranty program.

If that does not work, you can always consult the owner’s manual to ensure that everything is working as intended or even glance at the specification sheet for quick information.

Barring that, if you really need to try and fix something on your own, there are multiple options from which to obtain replacement parts for your Golden Technologies Companion.

Here is your complete technical support resource center:

No matter what issue or question you may have regarding the Companion II Mobility Scooter, Golden Technologies really seems interested in ensuring you have all of the relevant information and support that you can get.

Top Alternative Scooter: Pride Victory 10

Pride Victory 10 3-Wheel Scooter - Red

If you are not sold on Golden Technologies or the Companion II and you want to take a look at something similar you are going to want to look at the Pride Victory 10. The Victory 10 mobility scooter is another tricycle style get around vehicle that fits the same niche that the Companion II is in. They are both fantastic daily use scooters available at a very similar price point from good brands.

Both of these scooters feature a good warranty, a similar top speed, and a 400lbs weight capacity. If you are interested in pouring over the details you can check out the Pride Victory 10’s complete specifications here.

There are not many competitor scooters that can hold up to Golden Technologies’ overall quality and attention to detail but Pride comes close and the Victory 10 is a highly regarded competitor that will fill the same role as the Companion II.

Wrapping Up

For those looking for an all around great standard use mobility scooter, there are few better options on the market than the Companion II by Golden Technologies.

Golden Technologies Companion 3 Wheel Scooter GC240 - Red - GC240

Golden Companion Scooter (Click image for more info)

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