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EWheels Scooter Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix Them

By Maurice

EWheels Scooter Troubleshooting

Your EWheels Scooter, like other electronic devices, will eventually develop problems, especially after using it for several years. As a result, you might have to seek maintenance and repair services on occasion, in addition to replacing some of the scooter’s components. However, the extent to which your EWheels Scooter develops these problems depends on how keen you are on your device in diagnosing minor issues.

This EWheels Scooter troubleshooting guide will take you through the EWheels Scooter troubleshooting process, and offer some helpful links to the best troubleshooting YouTube videos. Even better, you’ll also learn about the various EWheels Scooter maintenance tips and where to get help in case you need parts or repairs.

EWheels Scooter Troubleshooting: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Your EWheels Scooter will likely develop different issues throughout its service life. However, ensure you are on the lookout for the following common ones:

Mobility Scooter’s Speed Fluctuates 

A defective potentiometer or throttle pot will cause your mobility scooter’s speed to change unpredictably. The role of this device is to allow you to control forward and backward motion. Over time, the potentiometer is exposed to outside elements, resulting in corrosion and eventual unit failure. This device is indicated as the WigWag throttle pot spring on the control panel.

To diagnose this issue, use a multimeter to verify the voltages of the interconnecting wires. However, ensure you have expertise in dealing with electrical components to prevent electrocution. Contact a technician for professional assistance if you’re uncomfortable with the process.

The best way to rectify this issue is to replace the potentiometer. You can buy an original component from your dealer or ship it directly from the manufacturer.

The Scooter Battery Meter Dips Very Low after Pressing the Throttle

Usually, this issue results from low battery power, but old batteries that have exceeded their service life may also be the cause. The best thing to do is to load test them for strength and effectiveness or contact the EWheels Scooter service providers for assistance. The only solution for faulty batteries is to replace them with new ones.

The Scooter Has Activated Power-Save Mode

This mode protects the battery charge from depleting when the scooter is in a stationary state and when the key is in the mobility aid device. Remove the key from the ignition switch and wait for several seconds before inserting it back again. The activation period varies depending on the EWheels Scooter type, but it can take up to five minutes.

Broken Key in the Ignition Switch

Defective ignition switches are major concerns for most mobility scooter users. Like potentiometers, corrosion is common, making keys get stuck or even break off. The best way to remove broken keys is to use tweezers. However, be cautious as pulling the key wrongly may damage the switch.

Disconnected Front-Rear Harness

The harness linking the EWheels scooter’s back and front must be connected at all times. If not, you can do so as it is an easy task by attaching the provided interconnecting spots. It’s normal for this harness to dislodge during normal scooter operation.

High Battery Fault

This issue occurs if the battery voltage is too high due to overcharging or downslope travel. Correct the problem by ensuring you move down a long slope at a moderate speed, minimizing the chances of regenerative charging. If the issue is caused by overcharging, you might be using a charger other than the recommended ones.

EWheels Mobility Scooter Not Steering Straight

Your mobility scooter, like other vehicles, needs alignment from time to time. Misalignment issues result from continuous scooter use for many years or from riding it on bumpy surfaces. The best way to correct this issue is to take your EWheels Scooter to a service provider for professional realignment.

Sometimes EWheels Scooter Runs while Other Times It Doesn’t

Loose wire connections and motor damage are the main causes of this problem. Check the motor for any loose wire connections. If there is none, the motor is damaged, and you have to replace it.

Scooter Charger Doesn’t Plug into the Battery Charging Port

Possibly, the charging port has dust which is hindering you from charging the scooter. Use a small stick to dislodge the debris from the port, but never use needles or any metals as they could cause short-circuiting.

Decrease in the Scooter’s Distance per Charge

Several factors contribute to this problem. For instance, low tire pressure increases the scooter’s resistance to the ground, increasing power consumption for a shorter distance. The best solution for this issue is always to ensure you check the pressure regularly and top up per the pressure PSI indications on each tire.

A partially-charged battery also contributes to this issue. As such, always ensure you charge your EWheels Scooter battery for at least 6 hours before use. Additionally, driving on a sloppy area means that your scooter will consume more power than on a flat surface. As a result, it will cover a shorter distance per charge.

EWheels Scooter Troubleshooting Videos – Links to the Best Videos on YouTube

The guidelines above will go a long way in helping you with the troubleshooting process. However, if your scooter experiences issues other than the abovementioned ones, follow the YouTube links below for further assistance. These videos will also make the troubleshooting process more practical.

How to Take Apart an EW-36 Scooter – Troubleshooting & Disassembly Tutorial

How To Change or Replace The Batteries on a E-Wheels EW-36 Scooter

How to Troubleshoot Mobility Scooter Battery

Tips for Maintaining Your EWheels Scooter

The tips below will help you to maintain your mobility scooter effectively:

Regular Cleaning

Regular scooter cleaning is essential to keep off grime and dust from your mobility device, particularly the moving scooter components. When cleaning the scooter, use a moist cloth and dry the scooter entirely after cleaning to prevent rusting. Additionally, keep water off the scooter’s electrical components. You should also clean the battery pack and the scooter’s underbelly as scooter users often forget these regions.

Keep the Scooter Free From Elements

Rain and severe temperatures have adverse effects on your mobility scooter. As a result, avoid them as much as possible. When you have to use the scooter on a rainy day, the priority should be to safeguard the scooter’s electrical components to avoid short-circuiting. In addition, find a way to cover the fabric seat to keep it dry.

Regular Pressure Checks

Even though the EWheels Scooter tires are long-lasting, they eventually wear out with time. As such, you should regularly pay close attention to them to ensure they’re operating normally. Periodically check the tire pressure and fill it per the PSI readings on the tire’s side. These readings are also available in the Owner’s Manual.

Maintain the Batteries Efficiently

Always charge your EWheels Scooter’s battery every night after use for at least 6 hours, and never leave the house with a battery charge below 30%, even when covering a short distance. Moreover, analyze the area around the batteries for signs of corrosion from spilled lead acid. You should also only use the scooter’s original battery charger or purchase a new one from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

Where to Get Help for Your EWheels Scooter

Sometimes, the troubleshooting guidelines might not be enough to rectify your mobility scooter’s issues. In such cases, the best option is to contact the EWheels technical support at 888-571-2845, their website or social media platforms and make your inquiries.

Other times, you may need to replace some of your scooter’s components. Various stores sell these products, but it’s crucial that you purchase only from authorized dealers. Below are links to some of the bests stores where you can find these products.


Maintaining your EWheels Scooter in its best condition guarantees a long-term service life. The goal is to receive an optimized user experience for the longest time possible. To achieve this goal, proper maintenance is crucial, and if necessary, you must involve the services of a professional. Additionally, your scooter is likely to experience the issues above, but fixing them should be a breeze with this guiding article.

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