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Mobility Scooters for Sale: Near Me, Online, Used & More

By Maurice

Mobility Scooters for Sale

Mobility scooters have become essential devices for millions of people around the world. In fact, by 2027, experts expect that the global market for mobility devices will be nearly $1.85 billion.

These transportation devices have become so important for a few different reasons. First, the world’s elderly or senior population has drastically increased and will continue to do so at a rapid pace. According to the World Health Organization, the world’s population of people aged 60 years and older will have doubled by 2050, and the number of persons at or over the age of 80 will have tripled.

In addition, concerns about the environment have driven people toward more eco-friendly and efficient products, which include electric-powered mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

This jump in demand for scooters has, naturally, also led to growth in the number of companies that produce and sell them. While having such a large number of retailers may initially seem like it makes shopping even more complicated, it is actually to the customer’s advantage to have so many options.

When deciding how and where to buy a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one, consider what exactly you’re looking for in not only the product but also your shopping experience. Making some choices from the outset can simplify the process as a whole, so, before you begin shopping, think about

  • whether you want to browse and buy online or in person.
  • if you want a new, refurbished, or used product.
  • if you plan to pay with financing, insurance, cash, or a combination.
  • whether you want warranty coverage.
  • if you want access to local servicing in the future.
  • how you would prefer to contact customer service.

Establishing these things early on is the foundation for a successful shopping experience, as you can quickly establish the best places for you to shop and avoid wasting time with other retailers.

Mobility scooter stores near me

If you would prefer to look at potential scooters in person, your best option is most likely to visit a local vendor or showroom. You can search for local stores or franchises specific to your area, but there are also some national brands that can be found throughout the United States.


As a wholesale store, Costco sells a little bit of everything, including furniture, jewelry, electronics, and mobility devices. Their selection is rather limited, so it may be best to check their available stock over the phone or online before making a trip to the store.

Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus has a wide range of customers, including people who are aging, disabled, or disabled veterans, as well as government entities. The company has been in business since 2007, and one thing that they offer that isn’t available with many other companies is in-home consultations. They have stores located nationwide, and you can search for a nearby location on their website.

National Seating & Mobility

While they sell power wheelchairs rather than mobility scooters, National Seating is another business with stores nationwide. They have several different power chair options, and they begin their sales process through a consultation session where you are able to discuss your needs, customizable options, and payment.

Best online stores for mobility scooters

Many people, regardless of whether they have limitations on mobility, prefer an online shopping experience. If this is true for you, there are many companies available to you.


Spinlife has a wide variety of scooters, from folding to all-terrain to two-person, as well as accessories. They have a strong focus on customer service and encourage phone calls for personalized help. However, you can also purchase entirely online without any phone calls required.

Spinlife also has a price match policy which states that they will meet or beat any published price for the same new medical product.


Founded in 1997, 1800Wheelchair isn’t limited to selling wheelchairs. Instead, they offer 1,200 products in 100 categories, including a number of mobility scooters. They have several types, such as high weight capacity, outdoor, and portable, and also sell corresponding accessories.

1800Wheelchair distributes mobility devices across the United States and the United Kingdom and has serviced more than 1 million individual customers.


Amazon is perhaps the best-known retailer in the world, in part because essentially anything can be found there. Mobility scooters are among their available products, and they can be purchased with the advantage of free and generally fast shipping.

You can choose scooters from a wide variety of brands and prices, but there will not be the option to customize the product to your needs. If you prefer to make your purchase from a smaller company, Amazon is likely not for you, but if you want something fast and a large variety of products to consider, Amazon shouldn’t be overlooked.

Walmart Online

The other global retail juggernaut is Walmart, which sells many mobility scooters of different types, styles, and price points online. In fact, a quick search on the site brings up more than 1,000 search results.

However, like Amazon, Walmart cannot customize your scooter in any way, and you will not be buying from a company that specializes in mobility devices. That may make interactions with customer service or options to have your scooter serviced more challenging.

Metro Mobility USA

Metro Mobility is a US-based company with headquarters in New York. While there are limited options to choose from, they have a few standard scooter options as well as one high-end heavyweight scooter. The company promises that they have customer service availability every hour and day of the week.

Mobility Scooters Direct

Mobility Scooters Direct has a customer satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, and direct buying from the company. They describe themselves as a factory-authorized re-seller of mobility scooters with wholesale pricing for the public. The company is based in Florida and has been in operation since 2014.

One way this company distinguishes itself from the competition is by limiting their available selection to products with good warranties and manufacturer support.

American Mobility Specialists

In business since 2015, American Mobility offers several options in terms of brands, style, and class of scooters and scooter accessories. They offer financing and free shipping for purchases over $99, and their products arrive 95% assembled, a bonus for those who struggle with putting things together. Like several other companies, they also promise a price guarantee.

Progress Mobility

Progress Mobility is another company with its headquarters in Florida, and they also offer financing options and what they call a “price beater promise.” Their selection is very large, and the site is easy to navigate with the ability to sort by both style and brand. In addition to mobility scooters, they also sell hospital beds, lift chairs, and other homecare products.

Discover My Mobility

Another option with significant options is Discover My Mobility. Like other companies, they offer in-house financing, and they have customizable options including color and decals. Although their website is more challenging to navigate, they offer open box specials on some products, which is a good opportunity to save money.

Mobility Paradise

One last online company worth considering is Mobility Paradise. They have been in operation since 2010 and have an enormous catalog, including bariatric, folding, enclosed, and mid-size scooters. They specialize in mobility products and offer personalized assistance to ensure that you receive the best possible product for your situation.

Refurbished mobility scooters

Although they are necessary for millions of people, unfortunately, mobility scooter prices are often prohibitive. Most countries have no national program to assist with purchases of assistive technology, so examining other options to lower the cost of your purchase may be helpful. One such option is to buy a refurbished scooter.

Refurbished items are often referred to in the same way as used products, but there is a slight difference between them. Essentially, while a refurbished product may have been used, often very briefly, it is sold with a promise that it has been fully restored to its original condition.

Keep in mind that items can be sold as either manufacturer refurbished or seller refurbished. Seller refurbished products may not meet the same safety or quality standards.

If you’re interested in buying a refurbished scooter, you may want to look into FactoryPure, an online store with used and refurbished mobility devices. In addition, you can find seller refurbished items on Amazon.

Mobility scooter clearance

If budget is a concern, it can also help to look for sales and clearance items. Some online stores have specific sections on their site for these types of deals. For example, TopMobility has a clearance store where you can view only items that have a discounted price.

Another good strategy is to check with retailers, via their website, catalog, or sales paper, for clearance items around holidays, when they often offer sale prices. Additionally, if an updated version of an item has recently or will soon be released, companies often reduce the price of the previous version.

Used mobility scooters

Purchasing a used scooter can be an excellent way of saving money, but it’s important to proceed with caution. While you can purchase from a retailer or directly from an individual owner, you will want to ensure that the product is in the promised condition, is fully functional, and is safe for use.

Mobility Plus

In addition to having an in-person presence, Mobility Plus also offers used scooters. In this case, you would likely have the option to see the used scooter in person before your purchase, which can help to protect you from buying a product that doesn’t work.


Scootaround is a mobility device retailer that also rents products. This means that the used scooters they sell are typically retired rentals that are often in better condition and of more trustworthy quality than other used items that have experienced more wear and tear.

HomeTown Mobility

Another online company, HomeTown Mobility, has a specific section within their store where you can shop exclusively for used mobility scooters. Like Scootaround, many of their used products are from their rental fleet, and others are from trade-ins.


One of the largest online forums for used sales is eBay, and many used scooters can be found on eBay. Because eBay is an auction site, you may be required to bid and the pricing may not be as straightforward as a traditional purchase. Also, shipping fees can be very high. However, there are definitely high-quality finds to be made on eBay if you search and screen carefully.


Similar to eBay, Craigslist allows people to sell their used items directly to other people who want them. Often, you can find Craigslist items for sale in your local area, so you can look at them and even try them before finalizing the purchase. Nevertheless, be wary when using Craigslist as it is notorious for scams.

Social media marketplaces

Many social media platforms have marketplaces where you can search for new and used items that can be shipped or purchased locally. One popular place to buy used items is Facebook Marketplace. As with Craigslist, you should be cautious, watch out for scams, and carefully check the quality of the item before you finalize the purchase.


Mobility scooters are integral to the daily life, happiness, and well-being of many people around the world. Some may have suffered a traumatic injury, and others may be facing the challenges of health and aging. These include conditions like stroke and osteoarthritis, which are two of the most prevalent primary conditions that require the use of a mobility device.

No matter why you or your loved one might need a mobility scooter, the options for where to make your purchase are plentiful. While you could easily get lost in the vast array of places to shop, you can take some basic steps to sort out the options suited to your needs, budget, and preferences.

Once you’ve found your ideal retailer, you’ll be one step closer to owning the best mobility scooter for you or your loved one.

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