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Where To Buy Used Hospital Beds (2023): Quick & Easy Buyer’s Guide

By Maurice

Where To Buy Used Hospital Beds

If you need a hospital bed for your home but have decided that getting a new one is not for you, there are multiple ways to secure a used hospital bed. Some ways are easy, some ways are cheaper than others but if you know where to look, getting a quality used hospital bed can be done. This guide will tell you where to buy used hospital beds, what to watch out for, common prices, and tips for getting the best deals.

Where to buy used hospital beds

Where to Buy Hospital Beds

There are a few different outlets to find used hospital beds. If you are looking for a deal or looking to cut down on waste by getting a used piece of equipment there are many options for you to choose from. Each used hospital bed seller has its own pros, cons, and unique challenges to keep in mind while you shop.


One of the easiest and safest methods for obtaining a used hospital bed is through retail locations. Places such as thrift shops, medical equipment rental outfits, and even hospitals themselves will often come into possession of used hospital beds that they resell in traditional brick and mortar locations. These places are not as common as they used to be but if you can find one that is selling used hospital beds you get the advantage of seeing the bed in person and having a traditional seller that is easy to deal with.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve listed below some of the best places to buy a used hospital bed in major US cities:

New York City Used Hospital Beds

Chicago Used Hospital Beds

Los Angeles Used Hospital Beds

Seattle Used Hospital Beds

San Diego Used Hospital Beds

Houston Used Hospital Beds

San Antonio Used Hospital Beds

Dallas Used Hospital Beds

Atlanta Used Hospital Beds

Miami Used Hospital Beds

For sale by owner

The other option is to find a used hospital bed being sold by an individual owner. Used hospital beds sold in this manner are much more common but also come with a higher degree of risk. Many of these listings are posted on sites such as Craigslist and eBay opening yourself up to drawn out negotiations, or the potential to get something not as advertised.

The benefit, however, is that you are more likely to find what you need and the prices are usually lower or negotiable compared to a retail store.

Tips for buying a used hospital bed on Craigslist

Hospital beds are large and heavy pieces of equipment which means obtaining one off of Craigslist is probably going to involve you having to go to a stranger’s house. Craigslist is a largely unregulated platform which has led to some people being burned by bad deals and shady people. There are a few ways to avoid this problem and they usually revolve around simply asking for more information.

Requesting more information about the listed product will quickly allow you to discover whether or not the deal is good or not. Ask for another picture. Inquire about how the bed is working. Ask how long it was used for. Ask them a question about the bed that they should know if they actually own it and use it.

Avoid ads that have no price listed or a single photo. Do not give out personal information before you have established trust with the other person by gaining more information or establishing credibility about the product. Never give out any personal information that you would not readily give out to any old stranger on the street.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. Also remember, the adjustable parts of the hospital bed, the height, head, and feet, are probably the things that are going to break first on a used hospital bed and if those features are non-functional then the whole point of a hospital bed becomes nearly non-functional.

Tips for buying a used hospital bed on eBay

eBay has some similarities to Craigslist but also some differences. Craigslist is very local and has a lot of people that require their items to be picked up in person. eBay is international and has a very established shipping system that allows items to be shipped all over the world, including hospital beds.

eBay sells many items based on an auction system. If you are patient and have the time to keep up with an auction, you can try and find items you like and get a great price on them. If you do not have a lot of time or patience and you find something you really like on eBay you should put in a large bid or try and buy the item outright rather than sit through a long auction process.

For eBay it is best to be patient, be vigilant and be decisive. Keep an eye out, auction but if you really want something just buy it and have it shipped.

Used hospital bed prices

Used hospital beds have a very large price spread. Depending on the condition of the bed, the method of sale, and whether or not the bed needs to be shipped or picked up can greatly affect the price. There are some hospital beds going for as low as $50 in some areas or as high as $500. When buying from an owner, the price can vary greatly.

When buying from a retail outlet, the prices are usually a little more firm and predictable. Used hospital beds at a medical rental place are usually going to be 30%-40% off of the original retail price depending on the condition. That would put a hospital bed that was $800 at a price of around $500.

Where to find free used hospital beds

If you are truly in a pinch and cannot afford to spend any money on a hospital bed and your insurance won’t cover the cost of one, there are ways to obtain a hospital bed for free. One way is to look up charitable organizations that take in hospital beds to see if you can get one for free. There are many different charity groups and organizations that take hospital beds and redistribute them to people in need.

If that does not work, you can look at the “Free” sections of traditional marketplaces. Sometimes people will get rid of bulky items for free as long as you go and pick them up yourself but this can take time and patience to find exactly what you need.

You can also ask local places such as hospitals, care centers, and rental places if they are looking to get rid of any old equipment. If you call and ask, the worse they can say is no.

That being said, the easiest place to reliably obtain a free hospital bed would be from a charity.

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