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How To Set Up An Invacare Hospital Bed: New Owner’s Guide

By Maurice

How To Set Up An Invacare Hospital Bed

The Invacare hospital bed is popular in not only healthcare institutions but also in other settings such as assisted living facilities and even at home. It is a convenient option for both the patient and the caregiver since it is easy to use and can be adjusted for maximum comfort. However, assembling a new Invacare bed can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you are a first-time user, but you don’t have to worry.

This article will cover the Invacare hospital bed assembly process and provide links to the best YouTube assembly videos and user manuals to guide you accordingly.

How to Set Up an Invacare Hospital Bed: Step-By-Step

The bed will be delivered to you in several boxes upon making an order. As a result, you should ensure that all the components are present before letting the shipping agent leave the pick-up point. The assembly process will be much easier by the end of this article, regardless of your bed type (electric, semi-electric, or manual).

The Unpacking Process

Unpacking the Bed Ends Package

The initial process is to empty the container (A) below. The other components include:

  • A single hand crank (E)
  • Four casters (C)
  • Two bed ends (B)
  • A drive shaft assembly in two pieces (D)

The Process of Unpacking Foot and Head Spring Section

Remove the components carefully, and get rid of any loose material. The components of the foot spring container include:

  • An emergency crank handle for electric beds.
  • A junction box with a power cord.
  • Motors with cables

The head spring container only contains one head spring.

Head Spring and Foot Spring Assembly Process

  1. 1After removing the head spring from its packaging, lean it to your left side. The mounting latches (C) should be on the right.
  2. 2Support the spring section by opening the head spring to a 45° or 90° angle.
  3. 3With the head spring pull tube E at the apex of the assembly, lay the foot spring section on your right side, with the center mounting rivets on your left.
  4. 4The headsprings and foot springs should be at a 90-degree angle towards each other.

  1. 5It’s time to secure the bottom of the head spring’s central mounting lock (A) to the foot spring’s bottom center mounting rivet (B).

  1. 6Repeat the above process by affixing the top of the head spring’s center mounting latch (A) to the foot spring’s top center mounting rivet (B). Elevating the head spring or the foot spring may be necessary to secure the mounting latches and rivets.
  2. 7Keep the springs horizontally but on their sides after interconnecting the head and foot spring.

The Spring Fabric Assembly

To effectively complete this activity, get a pair of extra hands to assist you. It becomes much easier and safer.

  1. 1Slacken the fabric by lifting the head spring (C) from the bed’s frame.
  2. 2Then, use links (B) to connect with spring fabric (A).

The Head Section Pull Tube Adjustment and Reconnection

  1. 1Remove the hitch pin and grommet/washer F from the clevis pin. This action is necessary to detach the head pull tube assembly from the side frame of the foot spring.
  2. 2Manually extend the inner pull tube shaft (C). Once you hear a “click” sound from the spring button, the action is successful.
  3. 3Interconnect the pull tube end assembly (A) with the head spring’s lift arm by connecting the clevis pin (G) with the lift arm by inserting it into the slot (H). Additionally, replace the washer and tighten it with a hitch pin (E). See the figure below.

Casters Installation Process

Locking casters must always be assembled diagonally to each other.

  1. 1Ensure that the bed ends (B) are on a level surface.
  2. 2Interconnect the caster shaft (C) with the caster socket (D).
  3. 3Lock the two casters by applying pressure downwards on lock E. This action is necessary to prevent unnecessary bed movements. However, the bed is still likely to move on wet or slippery floors, even with locked casters.
  4. 4Pull up the opposite caster lock to unlock them.

Universal Bed Ends Assembly Process

Note that the locking casters must be attached to the universal bed ends diagonally across from each other. If not, connect them before you begin the assembly process.

  1. 1Place one of the bed’s ends (A) as near as possible to the head spring. You can do this by grasping the head spring section by its side and lifting it until it reaches a height that allows it to interlock with corner locks (D).
  2. 2It may also be necessary to lean the bed end toward the head spring section to secure the corner locks with the rivets (B).
  3. 3Return the bed ends to their upright position to lock the rivets.
  4. 4Re-do these steps for the other universal bed end.

Cable Lock Installation

A qualified technician should perform this one for you, but it depends on your confidence and expertise.

  1. 1Slide the cables (E) into the cable lock slots (A) while they’re sitting in the control box’s suitable connectors.
  2. 2Secure the cable by depressing the cable clips (B).
  3. 3Push the cable locks into the junction box through slots (C).

Drive Shaft Installation

The driveshaft comes in two unassembled sections: the inner and outer drive shafts. The former has a spring button while the latter has a spring-loaded button on the end and holes.

  1. 1The first step is the remove the drive shaft’s plastic covers.
  2. 2Then, insert the inner drive shaft (B) into the outer drive shaft (C) after pressing the spring button (A) on the inner drive shaft.
  3. 3The third positioning hole (D) is where you engage the spring button.
  4. 4Affix the drive shaft’s spring-loaded end to the Hi/Lo Motor (F) by pushing it.

  1. 5Connect the driveshaft to the bottom opening of your bed’s head end.
  2. 6Ensure all components are correctly secured in place.

Invacare Hospital Bed Set-Up Videos

The above-provided steps will definitely help you assemble an Invacare hospital, but the process becomes way easier if you supplement them with the right YouTube videos. Here are some reliable links to the best YouTube Videos: best ones:

Invacare GBed Assembly Video

Invacare Medley Ergo Hospital Bed – How To Assemble In The Home

Invacare Hospital Bed Manuals

The easiest way to assemble an Invacare hospital bed is to refer to the user manual as you undertake the process. The manuals offer the correct and most reliable steps. The following links will direct you to reliable online manuals with specific Invacare hospital bed installation guidelines.


Setting up an Invacare hospital bed is a simple and outright activity with the proper guiding instructions. If you follow the above-recommended instructions to the latter, you will successfully assemble your bed within no time. Remember, failure to set up the bed properly might expose the patient to further injury risks from unwarranted incidences such as failure or detachment of some components. If you are unsure of the due process, it is alright to get the help of a professional.

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