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Free Wheelchairs, Scooters & Mobility Aids in Virginia (2023): Complete Directory

By Maurice

If you’re looking for free wheelchairs, free mobility scooters, and other free mobility aids in Virginia, we’ve got you covered!

This page is a complete resource for free assistive devices (wheelchairs, scooters, and more) and independent living resources in the state of Virginia. 

Check out the resources below, and if you have a resource to add, please contact us!

Free Wheelchairs & Assistive Devices in Virginia

1. Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority 

Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority logo

The Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority is a Commonwealth of Virginia State Authority created with public funds to help Virginians with disabilities obtain assistive technology. The ATLFA provides affordable financing alternatives (loans with below-market interest rates, no down payments, longer repayment terms, etc.) to help make adaptive equipment a possibility for individuals who might not otherwise be eligible for borrowing. Any type of equipment can be financed as long as it relates to an individual’s disability; examples include recreational equipment, vision aids, communication and hearing devices, and vehicles with modifications.

2. Access Independence, Inc. 

Access Independence, Inc.‎ logo

Access Independence works to promote independent living by providing services and resources that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities living in Virginia’s Northern Shenandoah Valley. They achieve this by providing Independent Living Skills, Peer to Peer Mentoring, Representative Payee, Accessibility Services, Waiver Services, Information & Referral, and Community Education & Awareness.

3. All Blessings flow 

All Blessings flow logo

All Blessings Flow is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all equipment and monetary donations are tax deductible. They have a medical equipment program where Items are gifted to the recipient at no cost from All Blessings Flow.

Please call first to see if they have your requested item in stock. If so, you may pick up your item/items at our warehouse during open hours.  Each recipient is asked to fill out a short request/general information form and a signature is required for a Liability Waiver available on their website.

Basic training is given for the specific piece of equipment for increased safety.  Further equipment recommendations may also be given based on each individual’s needs.

All Blessings Flow was originally funded by the founders but the organization has outgrown them (ABF have helped 6000 people since 2015 and provide 700 equipment each month) and now they rely on help from friends, families, and local businesses. Donate here

4. Blue Ridge Independent Living Center 

Blue Ridge Independent Living Center logo

The Blue Ridge Independent Living Center (BRILC) is a private, nonprofit community organization that was established in 1989 to assist individuals with disabilities to live independently. The Center also serves the community at large by helping to create an environment that is accessible to all.

BRILC provides the four core services of peer counseling, independent living skills training, advocacy and information and referral. In addition, they have an Assistive Technology program where Equipment is provided on a loan basis and also assist consumers in obtaining their own equipment. They also have a Home Modifications program that can assist you with ramps, grab bars, etc.

5. Disability Rights & Resource Center 

Disability Rights & Resource Center logo

The Disability Rights & Resource Center is a private, non-profit, community agency with non-residential programs. The DRCC serves the counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania, as well as the independent cities of Martinsville and Danville.

Support for the services is received from local and state sources and donations from businesses and individuals in the service area. The DRRC is governed by a Board of Directors with a majority of members having disabilities. Their programs include but not limited to:

  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Counseling
  • Housing Assistance
  • Home Modifications
  • Assistive Technology
  • Information and Referral

6. Endependence Center, Inc.

Endependence Center, Inc. logo

Their goal is to assist people with disabilities to obtain housing options that support their independence and ability to live actively and integrated in their communities. Individuals with disabilities can receive services through peer mentoring and ILS workshops to assist them to prepare for independent housing. A Peer Mentor may also assist an individual to explore services, home modifications or assistive technology needed to support independence and self-determination.

7. Appalachian Independence Center (AIC)

Appalachian Independence Center logo

AIC is a non-profit, non-residential Center for Independent Living which receives some of its funding from the State of Virginia. However, it is an independent organization governed by a board of directors made up of local citizens, a majority of whom have disabilities themselves.

This assures AIC is in touch with the needs of people with disabilities in our community. Their goal is not to replicate existing services, but rather to advocate for effective service delivery that places the participant in control of service delivery that meets his or her needs. can help you find agencies, providers, and information on specific disabilities as well as helping with other resources including Mobility Equipment, Home Modifications, Medicaid Waivers, Adaptive Technology, and much more.

8. Hospice Support for Fauquier county 

Hospice Support for Fauquier county logo

Hospice Support for Fauquier county is a nonprofit, volunteer organization providing non-medical supportive care and services to people facing the last phases of life, and supporting their families during the process.

HSFC does not charge a fee for services, and does not receive any reimbursement from insurances, Medicare, or Medicaid. They rely solely on donations from individuals, grants, businesses, and other religious and civic organizations. Please contact them if you need any of the items below:

9. Mountain State Centers for Independent Living 

Mountain State Centers for Independent Living logo

Mountain State Centers for Independent Living staff provide peer support and offer guidance and encouragement to individuals in making appropriate decisions regarding their day-to-day lives.

They have vans available to provide transportation to activities at the Huntington center for consumers who live outside TTA’s service area in Cabell and Wayne counties. Van service is available for consumers to all activities at the Beckley center. They also lend consumers and members of the general public pieces of assistive technology for short periods of time until they can locate funding to purchase the device they require.

10. Project Mend-A-House 

Project Mend-A-House logo

Project-Mend-A-House is a non-profit organization that helps low-income residents with home safety and repairs at no cost to them. The services they provide include wheelchair accessible ramps, modified doorways, grab bars/rails, secured flooring, leaky faucets, electrical repairs, HVAC repairs, replacing hot water heaters, making bathrooms safer and more assessable, and so much more.

These tasks are often the difference in whether or not a resident can continue to live in their home independently. They also provide with an assortment of living aids: motorized chairlifts, hospital beds, raised toilet seats, wheelchairs and walkers, and medical alert devices – to name a few.

11. The disAbility Resource Center of the Rappahannock Region, Inc. 

The disAbility Resource Center of the Rappahannock Region, Inc. logo

The Equipment Connection is the disAbility Resource Center’s adaptive medical equipment reuse program. They accept new and gently used equipment, cleans and repairs it, and then returns it to those in the community who would not otherwise be able to obtain it.

Any individual with a disability, permanent or temporary, can receive assistance. A referral from a health care professional is needed if obtaining a wheelchair or scooter for long-term use. Individuals are provided the equipment they need, provided it is in stock, and are able keep it for their use.

12. The F.R.E.E. Foundation 

The F.R.E.E. Foundation logo

The F.R.E.E. Foundation is a volunteer-led non-profit that provides mobility rehabilitation equipment to help people regain their mobility and independence.

F.R.E.E. collects, sanitizes, repairs and gifts donated mobility equipment to uninsured and underinsured adults in Virginia. When F.R.E.E. gifts equipment, falls and medical costs drop by over 80%. Those in need regain their mobility and independence and Virginians save millions of dollars annually.

13. West Virginia Assistive Technology System 

West Virginia Assistive Technology System logo

The purpose of West Virginia Assistive Technology System (WVATS) is to provide services and resources to help West Virginia residents of all ages and abilities make informed decisions about assistive technology. WVATS serves not only individuals with disabilities, but also their circle of support. This includes family members, employers, employment service providers, educators, health care providers, social service providers, and others seeking AT expertise in all areas of life, but especially in education, employment, and community living.

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