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Free Wheelchairs, Scooters & Mobility Aids in New York (2023): Complete Directory

By Maurice

If you’re looking for free wheelchairsfree mobility scooters, and other free mobility aids in New York, we’ve got you covered!

This page is a complete resource for free assistive devices (wheelchairs, scooters, and more) and independent living resources in the state of New York. 

Check out the resources below, and if you have a resource to add, please contact us!

Free Wheelchairs & Assistive Devices in New York


ARISE logo

ARISE’s Home Modification Programs can help you make your home accessible. These programs assist with adaptions so that you can remain in or return to your home rather than enter or stay in a nursing home or other institutional setting.

To become eligible you must be a renter or homeowner living in Oswego County, have a permanent disability or have difficulty with daily living activities, and you must meet income eligibility requirements.

Adirondack Regional Technology Center 

Adirondack Regional Technology Center logo

The ARTC is one of twelve Regional TRAID Centers (RTC’s) operating within the State of New York. The goal of the program is to improve access to, and acquisition of, assistive technology devices and services for persons with disabilities of all ages and all disabilities within Clinton, Essex, Franklin, and St. Lawrence Counties.

The core functions of the TRAID Program include assistive device re-utilization, device demonstration, device loans, and information dissemination and training.

Assistive Technology Guide for New York

national disability institute logo

This is a guide published by the National Disability Institute. This guide has been prepared in an effort to strengthen awareness of Assistive Technology (AT)

funding and service programs. If you or someone you know is in need of AT, one or more of the

six listings may help you to find and pay for the AT that best meets your needs.

Access CNY 

Access CNY logo

Project Adapt is AccessCNY’s assistive technology lending library. The library’s large inventory serves individuals of all abilities.  Families borrow items, use them and return them for others to enjoy. The library features a variety of items:  Adapted toys and games to help children learn through play, while teaching and reinforcing developmental skills; Wheelchairs and walkers allow users the independence to move freely. A short-term loan can help a person with a disability stay in their home; Augmentative communication devices give people with speech difficulties the confidence and ability to carry on conversations with their family and friends and be part of their community; the library’s bike program allows children to experience one of the great activities of childhood. The program matches children with the bike that fits their ability whether a tricycle, recumbent bike or hand-cycle.

ADAPT Community Network

ADAPT Community Network logo

ADAPT Community Network is a participant in the New York State Assistive Technology Act Program (TRAID) as the New York City regional center for technology. They provide free assistance for all New York City children and adults; educating and acquiring Assistive Technology for them, allowing more independence in the home, school, workplace, and community.

They offer hands-on use of adapted toys and switches, adapted computers and peripherals, wheelchairs and inserts, augmentative communication systems, daily living devices, home, and workplace modifications, environmental control units, adapted telephones and much more.

Broome County Council of Churches 

Broome County Council of Churches logo

Broome County Council of Churches’ Ramp It Up Youth Mentoring Initiative is a volunteer mission to promote service, learning and community involvement for youth. Residents in need are provided easier home access, while the kids learn teamwork, community involvement, and pride, along with a basic knowledge of carpentry skills.

Equipment Loan Fund for the Disabled 

The Equipment Loan Fund assists New Yorkers with disabilities to obtain adaptive equipment like wheelchairs, van lifts, ramps, communication devices and prosthetic devices. The Equipment Loan Fund allows you to borrow up to $4,000, with an interest rate of 4% and can be used to purchase wheelchairs, wheelchair van lifts, ramps, and adaptive equipment.

Independent Living Center 

Independent Living Center logo

Provide device demonstrations, as well as advocacy, information, and referral to help consumers obtain their own devices. People may try out items while they seek funding to purchase their own. AIM does not provide financial aid.

Items available to borrow from AIM include wheelchairs, walkers, Rollators, canes, crutches, ramps, grab bars, Hoyer lifts, adaptive seating, shower chairs, commodes, wander alarms, weighted items, adaptive utensils, laptops, iPads and deaf and blind/low vision technology. We also have learning aids, toys, and games for early intervention, as well as pediatric equipment.

InterFaith Works of CNY

InterFaith Works of CNY logo

InterFaith Works of Central New York, through education, service and dialogue, affirms the dignity of each person and every faith community and works to create relationships and understanding among us.

Items in the Medical Supply Closet are loaned to refugee families, in order to increase senior refugees’ mobility, safety and independence in the home while reducing caregiver strain and burnout. To learn more about the Medical Supply Closet, contact Senior Services Coordinator Toma Tracy.

Intervol Recovery of Unused Equipment

InterVol’s Recovery of Unused Medical Supplies program (RUMS), began in 1989 as a recycling operation running out of founder Dr. Ralph Pennino’s garage, and by 1994 had become one of the first supply recovery programs to be described in health care industry literature. Today, endorsed by the American Medical Association, RUMS is housed in a local Rochester warehouse actively recycling over one ton of medical supplies each month.

Northeast ADA Center 

Northeast ADA Center logo

The goal of the Northeast ADA Center is to educate and empower the diverse range of ADA stakeholders throughout New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to increase their knowledge of the ADA, to support our stakeholders to include people with disabilities in local communities, and to implement the ADA in their own lives, workplaces, businesses and communities. They are a participant in the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs’s TRAID program.

National Disability Institute

national disability institute logo

National Disability Institute can help you find and afford assistive technology. Our Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Program provides affordable loans of $500 to $30,000 to residents of New Jersey and New York.

NDI received funding for the program, which is one of 48 nationally, from the U.S. Department of Education. The loans range from $500 to $30,000 and are available to residents of New Jersey and New York. NDI buys down the interest rate, making it possible for approved loan applicants to obtain loans at four per cent interest, significant cost savings for borrowers. NDI also guarantees the loans, allowing for more favourable lending terms.

Oswego Arise 

Oswego Arise logo

Our Oswego County Ramp Program provides ramps for families in need throughout Oswego County. All of the ramps are built by volunteers and funding is provided through the support of individual donors and local businesses. To qualify for the program:

  • You must live in Oswego County
  • You must be income-eligible
  • You must have a mobility impairment that makes it difficult to access your home

Resource Center for Accessible Living

Resource Center for Accessible Living logo

RCAL provides medical equipment on loan to individuals who cannot afford to buy their own or whose insurance does not cover the cost.  They loan out equipment that has been donated on a short and long-term basis. Three months is the usual length of time they loan out the equipment for; this can always be extended if needed.

In order to take out equipment on loan, you will first need to call to see if they have what you need. If they have what you need, they will make an appointment for you to come in and pick it up. They do ask for a small fee for the use of the equipment; $5 for small items such as walkers, canes, etc., $10 for items such as rollators and knee walkers, and $25 for larger items like wheelchairs. Please note that no person will be denied equipment for a lack of ability to pay this fee.

Regional Center for Independent Living 

Regional Center for Independent Living logo

The Genesee-Finger Lakes Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities is an excellent resource for hands-on experience with and information about all types of equipment and assistive technology. They also have a free loan closet that is a free resource that enables people with all types of disabilities to borrow equipment and assistive technology for a limited time. People may use the items to sample while they seek funding to purchase their own equipment. RCIL also provides people with information on funding resources.

Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center 

Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center ‎logo

Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center is a participant in the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs’s TRAID program. SAIL provides loans of assistive technology and durable medical equipment through its TRAID/EI project. TRAID loans out all kinds of equipment for 30 days at a time and up to about 90 days. Borrowers have the opportunity to try out medical equipment just at the time they need it the most. Many TRAID participants have recently had surgery or an injury and they need medical equipment to be able to make their home accessible to them as they are healing.

Southern Tier Independent Living Center 

Southern Tier Independent Living Center logo

The Revolving Door loan closet provides equipment to people with disabilities at no cost. This may include wheelchairs, tub seats and benches, canes walkers and various other types of equipment. Certain items may be given away to people while others are only available as a loan. Those in need of equipment can call to get more information and to inquire about the Loan Closet inventory.

The loan closet also accepts donations of certain types of equipment. Devices as simple as a walker and as complex as a voice-activated communication device are accepted as donations. The Loan Closet is a tangible way of lending a hand to the community.

The Grand Island Lions Club

Lions Clubs logo

The Grand Island Lions Club has durable medical equipment for anyone in need. Equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes, commodes, bath seals, etc. Anyone interested in obtaining a piece of equipment can call.

Upstate Caring Partners, Inc. 

Upstate Caring Partners, Inc. logo

Upstate Caring Partners, Inc. is a participant in the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs’s TRAID program. TRAID at Upstate Cerebral Palsy has a wide variety of assistive technology devices that are available for loan. Borrowing items from TRAID allows you to try items before making a purchase to ensure that the equipment meets your needs. You may also borrow items while waiting for funding for a new device or while yours is being repaired. Many items are available for short-term loans (up to two months) to help during recovery from surgery, while other items can be borrowed for an extended period of time (up to six months) on a case by case basis.

Westchester Institute for Human Development 

Westchester Institute for Human Development logo

The Assistive Technology Program (ATP) at WIHD consists of a number of services conducted by our multi-disciplinary team of professionals: occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, educators, and other specialists. Our team collaborates with individuals and their families, caregivers, teachers, and/or related service providers to identify assistive technology devices, adaptations, and strategies to improve mobility, communication, computer access, access to the school curriculum, or control over the environment.

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  1. My 72 year old sister is in an independent living program with Catholic Charities in Queens, NYC due to a mental disorder.

    Over the last year or more she has been unable to shop or even stand for any period of time. Her primary care physician and psychologist made a request to medicaid/medicare for a walker which was denied.
    Catholic Charities has not been helpful at all. We have made several requests which go unanswered.

    Please help in any way you can.

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