Best Mobility Scooters for off Road

Best Mobility Scooter for Off Road: 10 Top All Terrain Mobility Scooter Reviews

By jwilder

Best Mobility Scooters for off Road

Mobility scooters are growing in popularity as more and more seniors realize the unique benefits they provide. With an off-road capable scooter, especially, you’re able to keep up the satisfying lifestyle you had before your mobility was limited. If you’re looking for the best mobility scooter for off road use, you’re in the right place!

By the time you finish this article, you’ll have learned:

  • The basics of off-road scooter features and benefits
  • All about the top ten all-terrain mobility scooters, their strengths, and their weaknesses
  • And, How to choose the best off-road mobility scooter for your unique needs

Let’s get started!

What is an Off-Road Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are a versatile, durable form of mobility aid. Typically, they are three or four-wheeled vehicles you can use indoors and outdoors. They help seniors stay active in their social lives and independent. They are powered by heavy-duty batteries and have easy steering and brakes that keep people safe, even with severely limited mobility. And, it’s important to note that they’re more stable and safe than motorized wheelchairs when it comes to all-terrain use (if you can choose between the two)

Off-road mobility scooters have features that allow them to be used in grass, mud, and sand without becoming a safety hazard. This includes wide frames that resist tipping, large inflated wheels that can handle anything, and shocks that keep you from jostling and tipping. Another feature that is crucial to the off-road ability of a scooter is its range. High-end off-road mobility scooters can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge!

If you are realizing that it’s time to get a scooter for mobility and safety, but don’t want to give up your adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the scooters listed below. All-terrain mobility scooters have a remarkable ability to help you feel like you never slowed down at all. You can stay on the trail, at the campground, or at sports games, just like you always have!

Top Mobility Scooter for Off-Road Use

Best Mobility Scooter for Off-Road Use (Overall): E-Wheels EW46

EWheels EW-46 Bariatric 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter Long Range 35 Miles Fast 13mph Weight Capacity 400Lbs - Blue

E-Wheels is one of the most popular and trusted names in mobility, and the EW46 is an absolute beast! It’s one of the fastest, safest mobility scooters on the market. It has terrific shock-absorbing suspension and 16-inch rubber tires that can handle any terrain you run into. And, it has an astounding 35-mile range and 13MPH top speed. This is the type of scooter you can do almost anything in!

Mobility scooters are a great replacement for a car if you’ve lost the ability to drive or if you live in a community where cars aren’t sensible. The EW46 is also perfect for bariatric needs, or people who need a lot of comfort and support in their scooter. If you have severe mobility limitations and want a scooter that you can trust not to toss you around, this is it!

Pros and Cons


  • Go very far, very fast- 35-mile range, 13 MPH
  • Powerful lights for riding in the dark
  • Two storage compartments
  • Plush, comfortable seat and headrest
  • Soft wheels provide great comfort


  • Heavy, hard to store or transport
  • May struggle on inclines
  • Wide turn radius; won’t round tight corners easily

Best Portable Off-Road Mobility Scooter: Drive Medical Zoome Flex Ultra

Drive Medical Zoome Flex Ultra Compact Folding Travel 4 Wheel Scooter, Blue

Mobility scooters are notoriously bulky, heavy, and hard to lift. They can be really tough to fit in a van, much less a car! Enter the Zoome Flex Ultra from Drive Medical, a foldable scooter that weighs less than 60 pounds!

Even though it’s ultralight, the Zoome Flex Ultra has a range of 13 miles and can support up to 275 pounds. That makes it a contender for many people even without the portability! It also features two inches of ground clearance so it’s easy to get into, and a tight turning radius that few four-wheeled scooters can beat. Lastly, it has tough, all-terrain wheels that will help you feel almost borderless!

This is a perfect mobility scooter for people who like to take road trips but lack the storage space to travel with a giant model. It’s also ideal for people who need to move their scooters on their own; it’s much easier to work with a 60-pound scooter than a 200-pound scooter.

It doesn’t have the storage space or extra features you’d find on another, bulkier model, so some people might want to keep their options open. For many seniors, however, the convenience of this ultralight, ultra-portable scooter will solve more problems than it could ever create!

Pros and Cons


  • Foldable, ultralightweight for easy lifting, transport and storage
  • Tight turning radius
  • Sturdy, tough wheels can handle dirt, mud, and more
  • Easy throttle control and steering, even with one hand


  • Not very fast, only 4 MPH
  • Lacks storage features some might need
  • Basic seat/frame may not be comfortable for all users

Best Off-Road Mobility Scooters (Runners-Up)

Below, you’ll find even more amazing off-road mobility scooters! Each scooter has been chosen for its overall values, as well as some unique strengths and features that might appeal to you!

Drive Medical SFSCOUT4-EXT Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 4 Wheel, Extended Battery

This excellent mobility scooter has a range of 15 miles and weighs less than 100 pounds! It’s a lightweight, easily-maneuverable ride that’s perfect for seniors of any size. Key features are the anti-flat, carpet safe wheels, and long-lasting battery. Add to that the narrow frame of the scooter and you’ve got a mobility aid that will go all day, anywhere you need it to! It’s great for taking to shops, on narrow sidewalks, and even down dirt paths and campgrounds!

It’s not as heavy-duty as many outdoor scooters, nor are the wheels the greatest in the world. However, these tiny sacrifices help keep this model lightweight and compact. It can still handle just about any terrain you throw at it!

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight, low to the ground for easy entry
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • 15 miles per charge
  • Narrow width helps you get into more places, easy to put in a van/truck.


  • Wheels are good, not great
  • Low-speed relative to other scooters, only 4MPH
Shoprider SPRINTER XL4 Deluxe Heavy Duty Electric Mobility Scooter

This popular model has an impressive range of 25 miles; it can take you across town, or down a long nature trail, and still have battery life to spare! The large inflatable tires and full suspension system make it great in the dirt, mud, and even snow (if you’re careful)! Mobility scooters help seniors feel like they have independence and freedom, and the Sprinter XL4 delivers on those promises!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to be limited by terrain or distance, this scooter is for you. It’s expensive, and it’s heavy, but it really is an excellent choice for people who need a true all-terrain mobility scooter. It also has a premium, plush seat and headrest, making it just as good a choice for people who find cheaper scooters uncomfortable!

Pros and Cons


  • Large inflatable wheels and full suspension system
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • 25 miles on a single charge


  • Heavy and hard to transport
  • High deck might be difficult to step into
BuzzAround Ex Extreme 4-Wheel Scooter GB148

Versatility is the name of the game with the Buzzaround extreme; it’s just as suitable for a trip to the mall as it is a 5-mile nature trail. It comes with bright head and taillights that keep you safe when it gets dark- and you might be out at dark considering how long the battery lasts! If you’re looking for a sturdy, comfortable scooter you can take just about anywhere, the Buzzaround Extreme should be on your list!

As far as off-road riding is concerned, you’ll feel confident and safe with the 9-inch rubber wheels and 4-inch ground clearance. They allow you to conquer even the bumpiest roads with ease, feeling like you’re gliding over the ground instead of rumbling.

Pros and Cons


  • Great off-road wheels and suspension
  • Solid 18-mile range
  • Smaller than other off-road scooters; easier to maneuver around corners


  • Simple seat lacks head and neck support
  • Too slow for some people’s taste
Tzora Titan 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Travel Large Scooter Red

It’s got the look and feel of a little Italian sports car from the 1960s, and performs like it too! This ultralight (only 60 pounds) has a top speed of 6.8 MPH and a range of almost 16 miles! It’s easy to steer and has the kind of tall rear wheels it needs to be a great off-road scooter.

One of the best features is the extra-wide seat; this keeps you comfortable and gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t fall out of the seat on a gentle curve. It’s an ideal scooter for anyone looking for something that works just as well on a bike trail as it does a book store! Mobility scooters help seniors participate in social activities; the Tzora Titan lets you actively engage in your life, no matter what that might be!

Pros and Cons


  • Ultralight, easy to lift and store
  • Faster than most similar scooters
  • Stable wheelbase resists tipping
  • Stylish, “sporty” design and colors


  • Not ideal for soft outdoor terrain like sand or mud
  • Some users report battery issues
Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter by Drive Medical, 20” Wide Seat Includes 5 Year Protection Plan

The Phoenix 4 HD is a great scooter for people who struggle to stand/sit. The seat swivels out, making it very convenient to get in and out of. For people with injuries or disabilities that limit their leg movement, as well as people who have balance issues, that feature is extremely valuable.

One thing that plagues many seniors when they buy mobility scooters online is that it can be near impossible to get things fixed or replaced. The Phoenix 4 HD has a 5-year warranty that covers everything on the scooter, including the batteries! Most other scooters have a one-year warranty, and even then it can be pretty limited. With the Phoenix 4 HD, you get the peace of mind that comes with buying a high-quality scooter from a company that will actually resolve any issues!

Pros and Cons


  • Bright headlight and USB port for cell phone charging
  • 5-year warranty is virtually unrivaled
  • Swivel seat is great for those with health issues


  • No great for taller users
  • Small wheels for an off-road scooter
Pride Wrangler MV600 All Terrain Scooter Stone Grey

The Wrangler is one of the toughest and therefore most accurately-named mobility scooters on the market. The wheels on the Wrangler are extremely wide, making the scooter incredibly stable and versatile. These tires can handle mud, snow, and sand without issue!

With a 22-mile range and a top speed over 10 MPH, the Wrangler is poised to become a scooter that’ll take you anywhere. It’s perfect for people who want to stay safe while still conquering the trails, sidewalks, or beaches they love! The only thing that’s stopping it from being a perfect scooter is that it lacks mirrors and a storage basket; however, both of those things can be attached if you want them!

Pros and Cons


  • Tall, wide tires for every terrain
  • Comes with spare tire
  • Strong hydraulic brakes
  • Comfortable chair with neck/headrest


  • Lacking in storage space
  • Very large- almost 6 feet long. May be too big for convenience.
Drive Medical Cobra Gt4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter, 22 Inch

No matter how convenient and liberating they may be, a mobility scooter isn’t something most seniors feel excited to start using; there is always a slight bit of shame due to negative stereotypes, and the desire to ignore aging/physical decline. Aside from being an all-around phenomenal mobility scooter, the Cobra GT4 is a seriously stylish item that will help you feel confident and proud while you’re out!

With a range of 35 miles and a top speed of 10 MPH, there are few things that this scooter cannot do! It has everything you need in an off-road mobility scooter: spongy shocks, durable wheels, and a comfortable, safe seat.

Pros and Cons


  • 450-pound weight limit
  • Serious off-road capabilities: 14-inch wheels, great suspension
  • High speed, long-range
  • Stylish frame and design


  • Very heavy (almost 350 pounds)
  • Hard to assemble alone
Pride Mobility ZT10 (Zero Turn 10) Four Wheel Recreational Scooter with CTS Suspension, 400 lbs. Weight Capacity (Pearl White)

This scooter has most of the features that other off-road models include: wheels with great grip, soft suspension, 7 MPH speed, and a 21-mile range. What truly sets it apart is the zero-degree turning. It works just like a zero-turn mower, meaning it can pivot and turn all the way around on a dime. The total turn radius of the ZT10 is the length of the scooter: 43 inches!

If you know the struggle of trying to turn a long, bulky scooter around in a store or even a tight sidewalk, you’ll understand immediately why zero-degree turning is a big deal. It takes a good mobility scooter and turns it into a great one. If you like to spend time outdoors, but still want a scooter that can go inside without becoming a bull in a china shop, this is the one for you!

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely convenient zero-degree turning
  • Excellent traction with the wheels
  • Comfortable, stable suspension system
  • Convenient swiveling seat


  • Low deck height might limit users on bumpy ground
  • Lacks mirrors that would add a layer of safety when turning

Buyer's Guide: What to Look For in an Off-Road Mobility Scooter

So far, we’ve seen lots of off-road mobility scooters; each one had its benefits, and each one gets our stamp of approval. But, which one is right for you? This buyer’s guide will give you the tips and tools you need to sort through your options and find the perfect off-road mobility scooter for your needs!

Miles Per Charge

Some scooters can go farther than others. So, ask yourself how far you could possibly expect to travel in a day. It’s a good idea to get a scooter that will go farther than you’d ever need it to. That way, you can account for unforeseen obstacles or battery-draining things like steep hills.

It’s best to take the number of the farthest you’d ever go- for example, 15 miles- and add another 5 miles- a total of 20- to get that safe buffer. This also means that certain scooters are simply too much for your needs. For example, if the farthest you’d ever go in a day is 6 miles, you don’t need a scooter with a 35-mile range. You’ll pay through the nose for features you’ll never use!

Seat Type

Generally, there are three different categories of seat you will find on a mobility scooter:

  1. 1
    Basic seats: these are typically included on lower-cost models and indoor-focused scooters. They have a nice, medium-height backrest, armrests, and nothing more. If you don’t typically feel back or neck pain, these will be fine for you. They can also be safer because it’s easier to see behind you.
  2. 2
    Tall, plush seats: these resemble car seats, with a tall backrest and headrest. These are better for people with back and neck issues, poor posture, or recent injury/surgery. They help keep your spine and neck stable at all times and are very comfortable.
  3. 3
    Swivel seats: they can be tall or short. The key feature is that they can swivel; this makes it the ideal seat for people who would otherwise struggle to get in and out of a scooter. If you have leg/spine issues, this will prevent you from having to twist and turn dangerously.

Storage and Accessories

Not all scooters are created equally; some have only a seat and steering column. Others are fully loaded, with all sorts of extras. Here are some common accessories that might be necessary for your needs:

Storage Compartments

Most scooters will have some form of storage, either in the form of a detachable basket, under-seat compartment, or both. If you plan to be out for long periods, do lots of shopping, or need space for medically-necessary devices, don’t settle for a scooter that can’t hold what you need it to!


Mirrors are an important safety feature, especially for people who cannot safely twist around to see behind them. If you have neck issues, this feature will be a must!


This is a bit of a luxury feature, but it can make all the difference if you don’t have to contort your body to reach down or behind you to get a drink of water!


Scooters can be resold easily and make a good profit, making them a target for theft. Cheaper scooters might lack the safety features you need. If you are worried about theft in your area, make sure your mobility scooter has keys that you can keep on your person. A scooter that anyone can hop on and steal is an easy target!

Financing Options

If you have Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, or private insurance, you can get a mobility scooter paid for, in part or in full! The one caveat is that the scooter must be approved by your provider. Before settling on a purchase, make sure you know if it will be covered- and if so, by how much! First, obtain a written prescription from a doctor. Then, check with your healthcare provider to see which brands and models you can choose from. This can save you hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars on a medically necessary scooter!

Conclusion: Best Mobility Scooter for Off-Road Use

All-terrain mobility scooters barely resemble the stereotypical weak, puttering scooter than many people think of. They’re stronger, faster, and longer-lasting than many realize, and they are becoming more and more stylish. If you’ve lived an outdoors-centered, active lifestyle and don’t want to give it up, a great mobility scooter is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The best mobility scooter for off-road use is the one that helps you feel like you never skipped a beat! Make sure to consider your needs- storage, range, and (most importantly) whether or not your insurance will pay for it! Have you found the off-road scooter of your dreams? Are you still looking, or have more questions you’d like answered? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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