Fastest Mobility Scooter on the Market

Fastest Mobility Scooter on the Market: World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter Revealed (+ 3 Runners-Up)

By Maurice

Fastest Mobility Scooter on the Market

While useful, some mobility scooters on the market feel unbearably slow.

Whether it is the creaky free-to-use scooter available at the local department store or a model that you got a few years ago that barely moves anymore, it can be super frustrating to move agonizingly slow on a scooter. Isn’t that why seniors get mobility scooters in the first place, so we can move faster than before?

For those who have an insatiable need for speed, there are a large number of upgraded mobility scooters that push the top speeds to new heights.

We have found the fastest mobility scooter in the world, the one that holds the Guinness World Record for the undisputed fastest mobility scooter ever to be made. We also found the next best thing: the fastest mobility scooter on the market - one that you are able to purchase and experience yourself. We break down the absolute fastest mobility scooters available anywhere, five in total, with four being available for purchase right now.

We even give you some tips for making your existing mobility scooter faster in case you can’t afford to drop a bunch of money on a new blisteringly fast mobility scooter right now.

Here is the world’s fastest mobility scooter revealed:

Guinness World Record For Fastest Mobility Scooter

On May 25th, 2017 driver Sven Ohler whizzed around a test track in Klettwitz, Germany with the express purpose of obtaining the world record for the fastest mobility scooter. The attempt was filmed for a TV program in Germany and the scooter itself was a highly modified, custom, scooter built by professional engineers and drivers for the purpose of challenging for this record.

As Ohler continued to make his way around the track, eyes widened in the technical box. They were going to break the record.

Sven Ohler clocked in at a speed of 112MPH (180km/h) which was enough to secure the world record for being the fastest mobility scooter ever built.


GRIP Magazine


Sven Ohler


Custom made



The only problem with this amazing feat is that this technology is not available to the average consumer. Naturally, such a highly designed mobility scooter is a special piece of equipment that was built for the express purpose of going as fast as possible. It is not available to the public and it simply isn’t feasible.

So what is the fastest mobility scooter available to the average person and how fast does it go?

Fastest Mobility Scooter Available To The Public: E-Wheels EW-36 (18mph)

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Electric Senior Mobility Scooter - Orange

The absolute fastest mobility scooter on the market today is the E-Wheels EW-36. With a top speed of 18mph, nothing else comes close to reaching these speeds. In fact, the E-Wheels EW-36 is 15% faster than the next fastest scooter on the market. If you are in the market for something fast and stylish, the E-Wheels EW-36 is the scooter that you need to take a long look at.

The super top speed is derived from a transaxle brushless motor which translates the raw battery power into pure speed quickly and easily. The motor is powered by a large 48-volt battery system which not only is fast but also lasts a long time. This battery has an operating range of up to 45 miles. Most scooters have a range of around 15 miles. That means you not only go faster on the E-Wheels EW-36, you also can go much, much further.

But there is more to the E-Wheels EW-36 than simply speed. In fact, they have gone the distance to ensure that this scooter is fast, comfortable, and safe. There is no point going 18mph if you hate every second you are on the scooter.


Brushless 500 Watt Transaxle


48 volt

Top Speed



45 miles

Weight Limit


The E-Wheels EW-36 comes with a cushy captain’s chair with armrests, rear shock absorbers that keep you feeling nice even on rough road surfaces, and ergonomic handles that keep your fingers feeling fine even after extended use. And this scooter can offer some truly extended use.

Throw in a sleek coat of paint and chrome details and you have a scooter that is chocked to the brim with industry leading features.

How fast do typical mobility scooters go?

18mph is an incredibly fast speed for something such as a mobility scooter to obtain. That is the best speed currently available in a stock mobility scooter and should be fast enough to satisfy even the most daring scooter riders.

If 18mph is the fastest, what is a typical speed for a standard mobility scooter?

Standard mobility scooters do not go very fast at all. Most scooters with a focus on comfort, affordability, or basic mobility are only going to top out around 5mph. Some scooters are even slower than that with a few models clocking in around 3mph in top speed. For reference, 3mph is the equivalent of a brisk walk and 5mph is equivalent to a healthy jog.

Faster scooters require better chassis, better brakes, and bigger batteries making speed a difficult thing to produce for most mobility scooters. To be fair, a large number of people simply want something comfortable that works consistently and won’t break the budget. Once speeds start to rise on mobility scooters, so usually does the price. Also, not all mobility scooters have the safety features that one might require in order to go as fast as 10mph or more. Taking a spill on a scooter going that fast could end in disaster.

That is why the typical speed is much lower than the top speeds available. While 18mph is the fastest stock model available there are many other models that can produce speeds well north of 10mph and much, much faster than standard scooters.

Next Three Fastest Mobility Scooters Available

After the E-Wheels EW-36, there are still quite a few speedy scooters with great features available on the market right now. These are three of the next fastest scooters after the E-Wheels EW-36.

E-Wheels - EW-72 Heavy Duty Scooter - 4-Wheel - 18.5"W x 17"D - Red

The next fastest mobility scooter on the list is also made by the engineers at E-Wheels. The E-Wheels EW-72 is the second fastest on this list because, under the hood, it has the same excellent components that make the EW-32 so fast. It has the same brushless style motor and a powerful 48-volt battery system. The reason why the E-Wheels EW-72 is slower than the EW-32 model is that this is the heavy duty model. The scooter itself is beefier, heavier, and larger than the EW-32 and that extra girth slows down the scooter. But not by much.

The E-Wheels EW-72 is a four-wheeled scooter, so if you are someone who is averse to tricycle scooters, you will be more at home on this model. The E-Wheels EW-72 also has a much larger weight capacity than the EW-32. If you need to take stuff along with you when you are on the road that might weigh the scooter down, that won’t be a problem here. This model has an outstanding weight capacity of 500lbs.


Brushless 700 Watt


48 volt 20AH

Top Speed



43 miles

Weight Limit


The E-Wheels EW-72 has been upgraded with a sensitive variable speed dial which allows you to pilot the scooter at speeds ranging from .5mph up to 15mph giving you all of the control you need to keep yourself safe and functional. It has a large storage basket on the back and rugged tires that can go over rough and rugged terrain.

The 43-mile battery range ensures that you can use this scooter all day without having to worry about charging up until you get home which is a nice feature that eliminates a lot of headaches and stress that can accompany scooters with small ranges.

A little bigger, a little sturdier, and a little slower the E-Wheels EW-72 is a fantastic high speed scooter that is jammed full of E-Wheels industry leading quality and design innovations.

Pride Mobility Raptor 3 wheel mobility recreational scooter, range of 31 miles - 40 lb. capacity

The Pride Mobility Raptor 3 clocks in just one mile per hour slower than the next best model. The Pride Mobility Raptor 3 is a tricycle style mobility scooter that focuses on high tech features as well as speed. The Raptor 3 derives its speed from beefy 53lb 75AH batteries which power their unique brushless electric motor giving you nearly unmatched speed.

The Raptor 3 also features safety features that strive to keep you safe no matter where you’re driving. This mobility scooter features full bright LED lights, including headlights, brake lights, and blinkers giving you all of the same lighting features that your standard car has. You also have access to a modern LCD digital display that keeps track of your battery use and speed in precise easy to read detail.

If you are curious about the safety and warranty information, it can all be easily accessed here.


Raptor Brushless Electric


75AH x2

Top Speed



31 miles

Weight Limit


This scooter has a large weight capacity of 400lbs which gives you a lot of versatility and freedom to carry as much stuff as you need while you are driving around. Even fully loaded down at 400lbs this scooter still gets a respectable 19 miles of battery range. When the scooter is not completely weighed down it can go a very distant 31 miles per charge.

This versatility and safety will appeal to anyone who is looking for a fast scooter with modern features and a great range. It even comes in multiple colors and a fair price that is comparable to other similar scooters on the market.

Afikim - Afiscooter C3 Breeze - Mid Size Mobility Scooter - 3-Wheel - Metallic Silver

At first glance, the Afiscooter C3 Breeze doesn’t look like much. It has a muted aesthetic design and standard looking features. That changes after you hit the acceleration and realize that this model packs a punch. While it does not get up to speeds approaching 18mph like others on this list do, it still manages to put out an above average amount of power without sacrificing other important features for the cause of speed.

The Afiscooter C3 is built for speed and comfort. They managed to install a fully orthopedic captain’s chair to this model that is one of the most comfortable seats on the market and one not usually found on fast scooters. The upgraded chair feels great on the modern suspension system which keeps this scooter gliding along smoothly up to the full 9.3mph limit.


950W 24V DC


12 volt 85AH

Top Speed



28 miles

Weight Limit


The Afiscooter C3 is truly a scooter that is attempting to be equal parts fast and comfortable. If you do not need to go speeds over 10mph and still want a fast scooter with great comfort features then this is the scooter that you want to take a look at.

Buyer’s Guide To Fast Mobility Scooters

When you are ready to dive in and pick out a high speed mobility scooter of your own, do not rush to make a snap judgment. Picking a scooter based on speed alone could leave you wanting. Here are some tips, tricks, and hints to help you pick the absolute best scooter for you.

What to look for?

Speed is not the only thing that is important when picking out a mobility scooter. While speed is super useful and a great feature to have, it is not the end all be all of the speedy scooters. Make sure you also keep these key things in mind while shopping for fast mobility scooters.

1. A reasonable speed

Not every scooter needs to go 18mph to be classified as fast. There are plenty of great scooters with tons of upgrades, extras, and features that you will love that go considerably slower. You can find scooters that top out at 9mph, 14mph, and other speeds that are still quite a bit faster than the average scooter speed.

Most people find that they do not need to cruise around at 18mph at all times so if you are more comfortable at 8mph than 18mph you can always find a scooter that you like a lot that has a reasonable speed rather than a top speed.

2. Important specifications

There are many other things that go into creating a great mobility scooter that will last you years. You are going to want to check on things such as what kind of seat it has, the warranty information, the price, the weight capacity, and more. Picking a scooter based on top speed alone could leave you with a scooter in the long run that ultimately doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle.

By all means, use speed to narrow your choices down if that is what you wish but make sure to go over all of the exact specifications before making a final purchase.

3. Wheel count

The fastest mobility scooter available to the public is a tricycle. If you do not want a three-wheeled scooter you best make sure to double-check the design before you purchase. Three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters each have different looks and behaviors that might not be for everyone. It seems like tricycle scooters often top out at faster speeds than their traditional four-wheeled counterparts so make sure that you are getting a scooter with the number of wheels that fits you best.

4. Safety features

If you are in the market for speed, you should also be in the market for safety. Taking a spill at high speeds at any age can be fatal. If you plan on investing in a fast mobility scooter make sure they have safety features that you feel comfortable with. Whether that is an enhanced suspension system that keeps you better balanced, bright headlights, flashers, or a seatbelt. Whatever you need to feel safe when you are cruising around at double-digit speeds is something you should look out for in any scooter you are thinking about purchasing.

Benefits of fast mobility scooters

What’s so great about speed anyway? It is a fair question. There are a few key benefits to getting a faster mobility scooter than average. The most obvious being that at higher speeds, you can get places faster. This might not matter in a store aisle where speeds are super limited no matter what you are driving but if you use your mobility scooter to get around your neighborhood as many people do, you will appreciate the higher speeds when you are going from house to house.

The other extra benefit to fast mobility scooters is that they often have super sized battery ranges. The increase in speed will also carry a better charge for average use because the batteries on these models are much better than standard models. Even if you do not need to fly around at 15mph all the time, you are still going to get ranges that are well over 30 miles per charge which is roughly double that of what you get with an average scooter.

How to make your current scooter go faster

If you’ve made it this far and are feeling discouraged because a faster mobility scooter sounds great but you don’t have the money to buy a new one outright, don’t worry. There are a few basic things you can do in order to eke some more speed out of the mobility scooter you currently have already.

These techniques might not be able to take a 3mph scooter to 13mph but they might be able to give you a few extra miles per hour to play with and they are a lot cheaper than buying a new scooter.

A. Upgrade your battery

If you have a mobility scooter with the ability to take multiple different kinds of batteries, one of the easiest upgrades to make is to find a compatible battery that is larger and has more output than your current battery. Bigger batteries usually have a direct correlation to better speed.

Unfortunately, not all scooters are able to upgrade to larger batteries, some scooters can only take specific batteries. If you can find a way to safely find and upgrade your battery, you should see slightly better speeds and better acceleration out of your current scooter.

B. Replace your battery

Even if your scooter only takes one kind of battery, replacing the battery outright can also help with speed. Old batteries do not hold a charge as well and as they break down and corrode, their output also begins to dip. Replacing an old worn out battery with a fresh new battery can help to bring speeds back up to where they were when the scooter was brand new.

C. Decrease weight

If changing out the batteries on your scooter just isn’t an option, you can help its performance by decreasing the overall carried weight. Some people carry spare tires, a purse, a random assortment of things that have fallen and collected in your storage bin. All of these things add additional weight which puts a strain on your machine. If you are carrying any extra stuff around on your scooter that you do not need and want to go a little bit faster, shedding some weight can only help.


There you have it, an overview of all of the fastest mobility scooters on the planet. From the customized scooter that broke the world record for speed to the fastest consumer model and tips to make your own scooter go faster, you now know everything important regarding the world of blazing fast mobility scooters.

Whether you are here pining away for a fast mobility scooter in your future or were simply curious as to how fast these scooters can truly go, you have all of the information you need to speak confidently on the subject or move closer to getting your very own high speed mobility scooter.

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