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Golden Scooter Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix Them

By Maurice

Golden Scooter Troubleshooting

Golden Technologies produce some of the best and most durable mobility scooters. Owning one of their scooters can be a life-changing experience, especially if you’re physically challenged or in need of a mobility aid. However, the problem arises when your scooter starts developing unwarranted issues, but you have no clue what to do. Most users opt to call for maintenance services, yet the problem could be a minor “Do It Yourself “task.

This Golden Scooter troubleshooting guide will help you understand some of the most common Golden Scooter problems and possible solutions. You will also learn a few maintenance tips to help keep your scooter running for longer.

Signs That You Need To Check Your Golden Scooter

Sometimes you may not notice that your scooter has any problems until it stops moving, especially if you do not regularly use it. Below are some warning signs that you need to check and fix your Golden Scooter.

  • It reduces its usual speed
  • It produces unusual noise
  • It becomes hard to change direction
  • It releases a burning smell
  • It completely stops moving

If you notice these issues, the problem is likely with tires, motor, batteries, wheels, joysticks, controllers, or casters.

Most Common Challenges and How To Fix Them

The following common problems may cause your scooter to underperform or stop working. While you can fix some of them on your own, other issues will require you to call for professional assistance. Usually, a technician comes in handy if you’re unsure of the technical work involved when repairing your Golden Scooter.

Battery Issues 

If you use your Golden Scooter for a long time without recharging the batteries, they will start degrading. The battery degradation can affect your scooter’s speed and range and, at worst, stop moving. The problem could also result from constant charging, killing the battery’s ability to hold a charge for long.

Reversing the impact of battery degradation is almost impossible, leaving you with one option; replacing the batteries. The other possible solution is to avoid degrading your batteries by following the following steps:

  • Always ensure that your battery is holding either 12V or 24V; you can test using a Voltmeter
  • Avoid using a battery charger other than the original one
  • Even when the scooter isn’t in use, always ensure the battery has a full charge
  • Check and clean your battery regularly using a brush or a battery cleaner spray

If the issue is not with the batteries, check whether the charging port is working.

Motor Problems 

The motor is the most essential and technical part of any mobility scooter. Luckily, the Golden Mobility Scooter has one of the most durable motors, but they can still have some shortcomings after long service life. The motor may have an issue if your scooter starts to “lurch” forward while in motion.

The first step is to check the connecting wires surrounding the motor and see whether there are any loose connections. If not, the remaining option is to replace the motor, but ensure you get a durable one that is compatible with your Golden Scooter. If you are fit mechanically, you do the replacement yourself or opt for a Golden Scooter technician. It is more advisable to call a professional as a slight human error could harm or further damage the scooter.

Electrical Issues

All mobility scooters are electrical autos, and hence they do not interact well with moisture. As a result, riding your Golden Scooter outdoors in rainy weather can significantly impact the internal electronic components. Connecting wires can also loosen up quickly if you ride on bumpy ground. The result is that an element or the entire scooter will stop functioning normally.

When fixing electrical problems, first check that all the wires are intact. If it still does not work, you need to take the scooter to a technician who can identify and fix the electrical malfunction.

You Cannot Steer Straight

Misalignment can result from a prolonged use time, especially on bumpy grounds. Primarily, it is a problem with the wheels, which you can easily fix by yourself. All you have to do is hold the front wheel and line up the turning mechanism by force-turning and twisting it to its rightful spot.

The alignment technique is similar to that of a bicycle or lawnmower.

However, you might need assistance from a third party to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. If the alignment or steering issue persists, you need a professional to do mechanical realignment.  

Tire Problems

Tires are one of the most common challenges among Golden Scooter users and how frequently you replace them depends on the use. Usually, the tires’ first noticeable sign of damage should be the cue that you need a replacement soon enough. These damages result from sharp objects or rock debris.

Before opting for tire replacement, check your warranty terms to see if you can get free services from your dealer or the Golden Scooter manufacturers.

Tips for Maintaining Your Golden Scooter

Maintaining your Golden Scooter prolongs its life and service and saves the stress and costs of frequent repairs. The following tips will assist you in keeping your mobility scooter in good shape, which will help avoid constant breakdowns.

Avoid Stressing the Motor

As much as the motor is the most durable component of the scooter, it has its limits. Do not exert much pressure on it, especially by exceeding the weight limit. If your daily routine involves climbing hills or sloppy terrains, you need a Golden Scooter with a bigger motor.

Avoid Moisture

Your scooter’s electrical components will last longer if they do not come into contact with water or moisture. As such, avoid riding over stagnant water, wet grass, or exposing it to rain.

Keep it Clean Always

Always clean your scooter to ensure that no dirt, grit, or pebbles stick in areas that can affect its function.

Check Your Batteries Frequently

You can maintain your scooter batteries in perfect shape if you do not allow the meter to go up to the red zone. Additionally, always charge the battery weekly, even if you’re not using your scooter.

Golden Scooter Troubleshooting Videos

Troubleshooting your Golden Scooter may not be as hard as it seems. Some issues are simple and easy to fix if you understand and follow the proper steps. You can supplement the tips above with the following YouTube videos:

Golden Technologies LiteRider Mobility Scooter

Golden Carryon Electric scooter tiller repair

Troubleshooting the Literider Mobility Scooter by Golden Technologies

Please note that different Golden Scooter models may require different troubleshooting techniques.

Where To Find Help for Your Golden Scooter

If you need help with your Golden Scooter, you can start by checking the owner’s manual regardless of the model. Your supplier will provide a manual when you purchase a new scooter. You can also read the manuals online.

Suppose you still need help besides reading the manuals. In such a case, you can contact Golden Technologies via the following avenues for inquiries and customer support.


A Golden Mobility Scooter is an essential step towards your mobility independence, but maintaining it in a suitable shape determines how well it will serve you. Additionally, maintenance is cheaper than repair and consumes less time. Where the issue is beyond your ability, consult a technician to avoid further damages.

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