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Pride Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix Them

By Maurice

Pride Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting

While Pride Mobility Scooters are high quality, they have occasional mechanical issues like any mobility scooter. They can stop functioning if a wire gets loose or cut or a delicate component breaks down. This can be quite frustrating if it happens and you have no idea how to fix the specific issue. Ideally, you might need a professional mechanic for some problems, but most are simple and you can fix them yourself.

This Pride Mobility scooter troubleshooting guide will highlight some of the common problems identified with Pride Mobility Scooters and how to fix them. Moreover, it will also recommend some helpful trouble-shooting videos you can check out on YouTube, useful manuals, and point you where to get legit spare parts.

Should You Call a Technician?

Whether you need a professional technician for your scooter depends on the complexity of the problem. For instance, you cannot fix the scooter without knowing the beep code functions. In such a case, it is advisable to involve an expert if you cannot diagnose or are unsure of the problem to avoid further damage.

Common Problems and Their Possible Solutions

Some of the Pride Mobility Scooter issues are quickly noticeable by the user, while others might take time to diagnose. Below are some of the most common Pride Mobility Scooter problems.

Scooter Motor

The motor is the most complex component of the scooter and the one that allows it to move. It is also among the most durable features. Typical evidence of motor failure is when it temporarily reduces output, and the scooter bumps forward. In such a case, you can choose to get a new scooter or replace the motor, depending on the repair cost.

If you opt for the former option, you can choose to order a new motor online and then fix it yourself. However, this option is only viable if you have background experience in mechanical work. If not, the best thing to do is let a professional do the job.

Problem with Tires

Pride mobility scooters have durable tires that withstand hundreds of miles without wearing out. The most common types include;

  • Pneumatic tires
  • Foam-filled tires
  • Solid urethane tires

Pneumatic tires are air-filled and have high chances of getting flat should they roll over a sharp object. As a result, they need constant checking for signs of wear and tear. On the other hand, solid urethane tires are more tear-resistant, but they also need checking as a long period of use can wear them out. They are also flat-free and prone to uneven wearing.

If you face any issues with your tires, start checking the warranty terms since you can get free replacement services. You can also make the replacement yourself, as it is not a complex process.

Ignition or Joystick Switch Failure

A rider uses the joystick or controller to propel the scooter forward. It directs the speed, brakes, and acceleration rate, requiring constant checking and maintenance. This device is prone to breakdowns due to corrosion from humidity and sometimes electrical short-circuiting. If you suspect your controller is broken, the best thing to do is contact Pride Mobility for professional repair services.

However, there are some issues you can diagnose yourself. For instance, you may accidentally lock the joystick by accidentally executing a sequential code, like pressing and holding the power button or hitting it twice. The best way to solve this issue is to turn off the scooter, remove the key and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. Alternatively, you can listen to the beep code sequence and refer to your Owner’s Manual on how to interpret the sequence.

Moreover, a scooter’s ignition key can easily corrode due to exposure to certain elements and then stop working. Other times, it may break in the throttle, leaving a piece that is hard to remove. You can use a stick to remove the lodged piece, but never use needles or metal objects as they could cause short-circuiting. Alternatively, you can use tweezers to turn the lodged piece and ignite the scooter before getting professional help.

Battery Problems

Scooter battery failure is among the most common challenges. Most users do not remember to check their batteries until the scooter stops moving. The most apparent cause is the wearing down of the battery if you use it for a long time. Usually, this issue occurs for people who use the battery entirely without recharging. It could also result from regular charging and discharging, leading to the loss of charge-holding ability. The battery could lose its range or speed or stop working altogether.

You will often need to replace the battery since reversing degradation may not be easy or possible. However, there are a few fixing steps to keep your battery running for longer.

  • Use a voltmeter to test for charge-holding capacity. It should be 12V or 24 V.
  • Always ensure that your batteries are fully charged, even when not in use.
  • Avoid constant charging or overcharging
  • Keep them clean always and dry and acid spillage around the battery.
  • Never use the battery when the charge is below 30% or two bars.

Scooter Fuses

A fuse wires different parts of the scooter together and prevents potential damage by dangerous electricity overload. If your scooter is functioning well except for a single component, it may be a damaged fuse. Use your user manual to locate the fuse panel on your scooter, and if any of the thin wires is broken, you will need to replace them.

Pride Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting Videos

YouTube is an excellent way to help you with the troubleshooting process. Hence, the following are some step-by-step guideline videos to help you identify and solve issues with your scooter.

Pride Mobility Scooter User Manuals and Where to Find Them

The simplest way to troubleshoot your pride mobility scooter is by consulting the user manual, which you will receive from your supplier when purchasing a new mobility scooter. If you do not have the hard copy, you can find the online manuals from the following sources.

Where You Can Buy Spare Parts for Pride Mobility Scooters

Whenever any part of your scooter fails, you may need to replace it with a new one. While some features are available in the nearest stores, there are some that you will need to order online. It would help to consider trustworthy sellers to avoid buying low-quality products that do not reciprocate your money. If you want to purchase in-store, find a legit store certified to sell pride mobility products.

You can get quality products from the following online stores.

Pride Mobility Scooter Customer Service Info.

Pride Mobility is a global provider always ready to listen and attend to its customers. You can contact them via the avenues below for inquiries concerning their services.


Your pride mobility scooter is a critical part of your daily life. As such, it is important to ensure that it is always in good operational shape. This comes in handy to help you avoid expensive replacements while you enjoy a long and enjoyable riding experience. However, if there’s a need for component replacement, ensure you purchase them from authorized dealers for quality products. Moreover, engage the manufacturer to learn the best way to keep your product in shape.

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  1. Hi Maurice. So if my battery is fully charged and I start using my scooter, the battery doesn’t last long now as it used to. What cld be the issue? I even bought a new battery and husband checked it and it’s 24v

  2. I need software for my pc to program my new controller from amazon
    what i got is another paper weight
    i have a curtis 1313 programer and cable to pc
    where can i get softwhare

  3. i have a sportsrider i believe about 9 years old it operates ok but has a long delay about4/5 seconds before starting usually has a clunk before going
    any clues

  4. Larry, I have the Pride SC340 I am trying to get to work. This scooter belonged to my mother-in-law’s mother who passed away and it was in storage for several years. I placed new batteries and all the lights, horns work when I turn the key on. The Green power light doesn’t come on and no beeps or codes. I am getting power from the batteries and they are fully charged. I can turn the motor and the brushes have some wear but appear to be good for now. The wiring is not cut, and all connections seem secure. I think it may be an issue with the DC drive controller but I am not sure how I can check it, I did try to test the motor by direct wiring to batteries but it never made a sound. I know this is a much older model but it is in great shape as far as use goes. Would you have any suggestions. The DC controller model is 1228-2407

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