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Pride Go Chair Review (2023): Portable + Great Battery to Get You Going!

By Maurice

Pride Go Chair Review

The Pride Mobility Go Chair wants you to get up and get moving. Go! That is the philosophy that went into building the Go Chair.

The Go Chair has super great features that make it extra portable, it has a great battery to sustain your long drives, and has a host of quality of life features that will satisfy you at every turn.

If you are in the market for a new electric wheelchair that is easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to love, you need to follow along as we dive into our Pride Go Chair review!

Review of: Pride Go Chair

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue

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What We Like:

  • Long time between charges
  • Versatile seat
  • Stylish

What We Don’t Like:

Our Conclusion: Pride Mobility put a lot of effort into making an electric wheelchair that was nearly as portable as a folding manual wheelchair and they succeeded. The Pride Go Chair delivers on its name by allowing you to get going and allowing the chair to go with you, wherever you may need it. 

Features of Pride Go Chair

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue

Great battery power

An electric wheelchair is only as good as its battery. Thankfully, the Pride Go Chair has a great battery that allows you to do a lot. The 18 Ah, 12 V, deep-cycle battery gives you a long range and decent speed to get around.

This chair goes 3.7mph, which is not too fast but it is definitely fast enough to matter. It goes a good amount quicker than walking speed. The battery also gives an excellent range for the chair so you do not have to constantly recharge it.

Feathertouch disassembly

With a simple touch of a button, the Pride Go Chair easily comes apart into its component parts. This chair breaks down into five parts with the heaviest piece only weighing 36lbs. This makes it an ideal chair for frequent fliers or people who might only need to use their chairs for part of the year. The disassembly makes it easy to store the chair out of the way when it is not in use.

Other chairs require complicated disassembly instructions with tools, a handbook, and other things in order to break them apart effectively. This chair does not require any of that. It really is as easy as a simple touch and the chair begins to come apart in a way that makes sense and is easy to handle.

This system alone rockets the Pride Go Chair to the top of the list for anyone looking for a portable and easy to disassemble wheelchair.

Storage Included

There are so many wheelchairs that do not include adequate storage. They act as though no one has any items to bring along with them when using a wheelchair. The Pride Go Chair does come with included under seat storage which is a nice upgrade. This storage allows you to bring things with you when riding without having to carry them in your hands or balance them on the steering column. The included seat storage improves both safety and functionality.

Specifications of Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Chair

Type Electric Powered Wheelchair

Weight Capacity






Battery size

18 Ah, 12 V, deep-cycle

Top speed



Up to 13.2 miles

Medicare code

K0899 Power Mobility Device

Video Overview of Pride Go Chair

Pros and Cons of Drive Bobcat Scooter


  • Long time between charges

Thanks to the excellent battery performance, you can go a long time between charges. Even fully loaded down at 300lbs, this chair still can make it eight miles on a single charge. When it is not fully loaded that number jumps to over thirteen miles per charge. That is a lot of ground to cover in your electric wheelchair.

If you use your chair to get around the house or the store, that is a lot of shopping trips you can take before you need to charge it. This eliminates the worry that can come from being stuck out with a chair low on batteries.

  • Versatile seat

The seat on the Pride Go Chair is extremely comfortable and useful. It is a five-point swivel chair with a latch release. This allows you to easily turn and see things and put yourself in the most comfortable position possible while the chair is at rest. Many chairs do not have a swivel at all for their captain’s seat which leaves you fixed into a single forward facing position. The Pride Go Chair eliminates that irritation by allowing free range of movement when you want it. Or safely latch the seat into place when you are on the go.

  • Stylish

Many powered wheelchairs tend to be drab and dreary, they are always grey and black and do not give people the option to customize to fit their style. The Pride Go Chair has multiple different color options so that you don’t get stuck in a chair that looks terrible. In fact, they carry up to nine different colors including red, blue, purple, yellow, white, orange, green, and quartz. All of the colors are bright and vibrant and are sure to fit your style and your life. They really added a dash of pizzazz to the chair that can really brighten your day.


  • Assembly required

If you order this from an online dealer, the wheelchair is shipped by its component parts. The feather-touch is a great feature but it also means that the chair will come in multiple pieces and will need to be assembled, including hooking up the battery. This only applies to online purchases, if you buy one in person, you can probably drive it off of the floor.

This is something to be aware of and can be offputting for some people. If you are not comfortable putting things together, you might want to reconsider getting one of these chairs online.

  • Struggles on ramps

The Pride Go Chair has anti-tip wheels, a safety feature designed to keep your wheelchair upright at all times, but they also cause the chair to struggle on ramps. At certain inclines, the anti-tip wheels catch the ramp and cause the chair to stop moving. This can be highly frustrating to deal with. It is a well intentioned feature that can lead to some issues down the road.

The chair works fine on ramps with a slight incline but really can catch and struggle on ramps with steeper inclines. If you have steeply inclined ramps in your home or most prominently used places you need to keep that in mind.

Who is the Pride Go Chair best for?

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue

The Pride Go Chair is an all around great electric wheelchair but it would be truly best suited for an avid traveler. If you like to travel but have felt constrained by your need for an electric chair to go with you, you really need to look into this chair. The feather-touch disassembly makes this chair easy to fly with, easy to drive with, and easy to ship. That means no matter where you go, your chair can go too in ways that other electric wheelchairs simply can’t.

Even if you are not a person who likes to travel a lot, the Pride Go Chair is a comfortable electric wheelchair that can appeal to a broad audience. It does everything you want out of an electric wheelchair without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Technical Support Resources

Pride Mobility is an American company with a good warranty and customer service. If you need to lookup any additional information or have any questions about your Pride Mobility Go Chair here are all of the resources you could need. We have provided all of the official information we could get our hands on including the official manual, replacement parts, and testing information. If you are looking for any additional information for a deep dive, you can find it below.

Top Similar Product Available: Drive Medical Cirrus Plus

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair with Footrest and Batteries, Black,18 Inch (Pack of 1)

A great competitor product to compare with the Pride Go Chair is the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus. Like the Go Chair, this is a mid priced electric wheelchair with an emphasis on portability. The Cirrus Plus is a folding wheelchair that is different from the feather-touch disassembly that Pride put in their Go Chair but it still is relatively portable compared to other electric wheelchairs.

Both chairs have the same weight capacity of 300lbs but the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is faster with a top speed of 5.5mph. If you are looking for another similarly priced portable electric wheelchair from another reputable manufacturer, you definitely need to check out the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus.

Marc’s Mobility’s Pride Go Chair Review

Verdict – Pride Go Chair

The Pride Go Chair is available at a fair price, it is a joy to drive and it comes with great batteries that will keep you on the move for longer. There aren’t many electric wheelchairs, from reputable manufacturers, that have the same amount of features for this good of a price.

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue

Pride Go Chair (Click image for more info)

In fact, the bottom of the market still runs around $1000 per chair. For a little bit more money upfront, you get a whole lot of satisfaction with the Pride Go Chair. And you also get the assurance that Pride Mobility offers through their warranty program and customer service.

This is a great electric wheelchair for anyone.

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  1. I am interested in the Go Chair by Pride Mobility. The reviews state the anti tip wheels in the back cause issues on ramps. Has this been addressed by the company?

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