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Golden Technologies Lift Chair Troubleshooting, Repair & Parts: Guide to Maintaining Your Golden Lift Chair

By Maurice

Golden Technologies Lift Chair Troubleshooting

Your Golden lift chair will give you a long life of service, but this comes with a condition, you have to take care of it in the best way possible. Ideally, golden lift chairs are high quality and very durable. However, like other lift chairs, they demand proper maintenance so as to operate in the best condition.

Consequently, if you own a Golden lift chair, it is imperative to learn how you can best maintain your chair.

This article is the perfect guide on how to maintain your Golden lift chair so you can fully reap its full benefits.

Golden Lift Chair Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

Setting up your Golden lift chair is not a complicated endeavor. You can do it on your own or engage a specialist. There are many helpful resources that you can use alongside the user manual to easily assemble your lift chair. For instance, you can check out YouTube and Amazon tutorials. Even better, you can use the brand’s provided manual.

To successfully install your lift chair, follow the following steps:

  1. 1Ensure you have all the necessary installation tools. You might need a hex key, box spanner, elbow grease, and a screwdriver.
  2. 2Unwrap the chair’s box, and confirm all the parts are present
  3. 3Read the assembling instructions as provided in the user manual
  4. 4Install the batteries as instructed in the user manual
  5. 5To install the chair’s back: press the down arrow as displayed on the hand control to expose the back brackets. When the brackets are exposed, slide down the back between them until the threaded studs pass through the holes in the brackets.
  6. 6Install the flange lock nuts onto the threaded studs, and secure them accordingly. You can then reposition the chair to its initial upright position by pressing the up arrow on the hand control.
  7. 7Proceed to attach the bottom side of the outside back to the velcro on the arms
  8. 8Place the chair in your desired position in the room. Be keen to leave enough space to recline.
  9. 9Connect the power cord to the power source, and use your chair.

Golden Lift Chair Not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them

If you own a Golden lift chair, it is crucial to know and understand the most common issues that your chair is likely to face and learn how you can counter them. Here are some of the common problems facing Golden lift chairs and how you can quickly handle them:

Power supply issues

Power issues are arguably the most common lift chair issues you will likely encounter as a Golden lift chair owner. You might push the buttons to execute commands, but nothing happens. The most likely problem is power-related. Your power cord could be disconnected from the power supply, or even worse, there could be some loose wires somewhere in your lift chair.

If you are experiencing a power problem, the first course of action is to check whether your power cord is correctly plugged in the wall outlet or power supply. If all the connections are alright, it could mean your chair has internal issues, and the right move is to engage a professional. Most power-related issues are often delicate and complicated hence the need to get the experts. Sometimes the remedy could mean replacing your power supply, and you might not know this without the right knowledge.

Motor issues

If you switch on your lift chair, and it seems to be running, but the lift function fails, you could have a motors problem. Sometimes you can even hear the motors humming, but the chair won’t lift or recline. This means that your motors have an issue that needs attention.

Motors might be way off your specialty, especially if you are a first-time Golden lift chair owner. As such, if your motors fail, it is only wise to contact a reputable lift chair technician or, even better, the store where you bought your chair. The store can link you up with a qualified expert or send their own technicians if you are still under warranty. A good technician will successfully fix the problem, and if it is way beyond repair, recommend replacement.

Unappealing grinding/creaking sounds

Your Golden lift chair might be working just fine, but it makes some unwarranted creaking or grinding sounds. In such as case, it could mean that some old rusty parts need oil. Furthermore, it could be an indication that some internal components, such as the lifting mechanism, are broken, or there are some loose screws.

To fix this problem, you can first turn over your chair or lean it against the wall to see if there is any rust underneath. If there is any, you can use a wire brush to clean it off and then add lubricating oil. In extreme cases, if a part is broken or loose, be keen to engage an experienced service technician.

Failing Recliner

Another common problem is the failure of the recliner to lift, open, or close when you hit the relevant buttons. This problem could be caused by the following:

  • Your motor might be disconnected, or malfunctioning
  • The chair might have locked up in a fixed position
  • Your lifting motor might be disconnected from the power supply, although the lift itself is connected well.
  • The remote control could be having some problems; its receiver might be damaged.

Ideally, the initial step to fixing this issue is to evaluate your chair properly. If you notice any obvious issues such as unplugged wires, bent wires, or loose connections, you can fix them accordingly. However, if you cannot see any visible issue, it might be an internal issue that a qualified technician can better address. If you are within your chair’s warranty, this is the time to engage the store.

Remote control failure

One of the most frustrating lift chair problems is a failing remote control. You are all pressed to visit the bathroom, but your remote control won’t execute the command to allow you to stand. This problem is mainly caused by depleted batteries.

However, if you replace the batteries and the issues persist, then the only remedy is replacing them altogether. Luckily, Golden lift chair remote controls are available wherever you buy your lift chair and most online stores.

Lift chair maintenance and repair tips

Proper and regular maintenance is critical to keeping your Golden lift chair in the best operational condition. This helps you detect impending issues early enough before they become significant problems that could force you to replace parts and, worse, your entire lift chair. The following tips and drills can help you keep your Golden lift chair in the healthiest condition and enjoy an extended service life:

  • Keep your lift chair clean: As long as your lift chair is used, it will get dirty. As such, cleaning should be on top of your maintenance drills. Clean frequently and professionally using the recommended products, but before you use a specific cleaning product, test it first on a small part to avoid permanent stains of discoloration. Furthermore, only use the manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.
  • Always keep your chair plugged in: Always ensure your lift chair is plugged into the power source before you use it.
  • Test the remote control: one of the easiest ways to tell if your lift chair’s motors are healthy is by testing them with your remote control. Press the remote control to execute different commands, and see if there is any hesitation or any strange sounds from the motors.
  • Replace the batteries: Your Golden lift chair comes with some batteries for use in case of emergencies. While there might not be frequent emergencies, it is still recommended that you replace them after every six months.
  • Know, and understand common issues:  Knowing what issues your Golden lift chair is likely to encounter is critical to ensuring you are well prepared at all times.
  • Run routine maintenance check: Have a regular maintenance routine with, of course, a reputable technician.
  • Always keep the electric parts of your chair moisture and liquid-free.
  • Your Golden lift chair should be used indoors only.

For more in-depth ways to maintain your lift chair, you can check out Golden lift chair’s service manual.

Golden lift chair manuals – links to online manuals.

No matter where you buy your Golden lift chair, it comes with a guiding user manual. This manual has critical information about your chair’s basic operations, including how to assemble it, quick fixes, and safety measures. If you are a first-time user, the manual is an excellent guide whenever you are unsure about your lift chair. Each Golden lift chair comes with its specific user manual.

Your user manual comes in handy to help you in the following ways:

  • It recommends critical safety measures.
  • It offers step to step ways of assembling your lift chair
  • It guides you on how to operate your lift chair
  • It recommends ways to troubleshoot and maintain your lift chair

Golden Lift Chair Remote Control Replacement

Your Golden lift chair remote control is one of its most important components. It allows you to execute commands so you can stand or sit without having to strain your body. However, like other parts, your remote can also malfunction, prompting you to get another one. Getting a remote control replacement is not a complicated engagement; there are lots of stores that offer such services. Even better, you can reach out to the manufacturer and make arrangements on how to get it, or even check out online markets such as Amazon and Walmart.

When buying your Golden lift chair’s replacement remote control, be keen to note your chair’s model. You can consult your lift chair’s provider to get more information before buying a replacement to avoid what is not compatible with your chair. Be wary of third-party-produced remote controls that don’t last or serve you well.

Golden Technologies Lift Chair Parts List

You can get a replacement part for almost any part of your Golden lift chair in any reputable lift chair store online or in your locality. However, it is always advisable to buy from the approved stores to avoid buying fake or substandard spare parts. In reputable online stores such as Amazon or Golden Technology stores, you can get legit lift chair parts such as the following:

  • Remote control
  • Lift chair power supply
  • Lift chairs mechanism
  • Massage chair parts
  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Lift chair power cords
  • Lift chair switch
  • Motor
  • Lift chair transformer
  • Battery pack

Golden Technologies Lift Chair Parts Diagram

If you are a first-time buyer, you probably have no idea what a Golden lift chair looks like. To help you out, here is an illustration of a typical Golden lift chair and some of its components:

Where to Buy Golden Technologies Lift Chair Parts – Online & in Retail Stores

It is very easy to get replacement parts for your Golden lift chair. Ideally, the brand’s site offers guidance on how you can get these parts, especially through their approved dealers across the country. Furthermore, these parts are available in online stores such as Amazon.

However, before buying any part from third-party dealers or online markets, check your user manual, or engage your provider to ensure you buy the right parts. Here are some links to popular stores where you can get legit replacement parts:

No matter where you choose to get your Golden lift chair replacement parts, ensure you get the original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM). These are parts made, originally by Golden Technologies and distributed by their approved dealers. You can also choose to buy aftermarket parts made by third-party producers, but they are unreliable, might not work, or be compatible with your lift chair.

Golden Lift Chair Repair – How To Find A Repair Shop Near Me

If your lift chair encounters some problems, it is not the end of the line for you; you can still get quality repair services to restore it to its former glory. Ideally, you can get good repair services in your locality in any of the following establishments:

Furniture repair

Furniture repair shops are equipped to handle complex furniture repairs, including lift chairs. Unlike in the past, today, furniture manufacturers have embraced technology in making high-end furniture. Consequently, to repair such furniture, these stores have been forced to up their game. They are now fully resourceful and well placed to handle complicated repairs, including your Golden lift chair.

Scooter repair shops

Mobility scooters and golf carts share similar mechanisms with lift chairs. As such, their technicians can comfortably handle malfunctioning lift chairs. Furthermore, most mobility aid companies are also making lift chairs. This means that your local scooter repair shop can offer you satisfactory Golden lift chair repair services.

You can trace a local scooter repair shop through friends and loved ones, or even better, by engaging your provider. Most of these shops also have an online presence, so you can easily reach them. You can just Google mobility scooter repair near me, and you will get a reputable entity.


Golden lift chairs come with a warranty. This means within the provided period; you can contact them to get it fixed accordingly. However, this comes with some conditions that you have to meet. For instance, your chair must have never been repaired by another unauthorized technician.

If your lift chair or damaged part is way beyond the warranty period, you can still engage Golden Technologies for recommendations. They are bound to have some information about the best repair services in your area, or they could recommend you to any of their dealers near you.

How much does a Golden lift chair repair cost?

The cost of repairing your Golden lift chair may differ from store to store. Furthermore, it can also depend on the broken part and the extent of damage; repairing a lift mechanism is definitely more expensive than repairing a remote control. However, in most repair establishments, the prices may range as follows:

  • Power problems: $75 – $150
  • Service and tune-up: $50 – $100
  • Furniture issues: $50 – $200
  • Motor replacement: $250 – $500

Golden Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; Youtube)

Golden Technologies have one of the most responsive customer service team available. If you have any concerns about your lift chair, you can contact them through any of the following avenues:

Golden Technologies lift chairs are definitely a worthy investment that can serve you right. However, to fully harness your lift chair’s full benefits, you have to take care of it properly. No matter how well your chair has been performing, be keen to adopt a regular maintenance schedule. With good maintenance, you keep tabs on the invisible parts of your chair and even better detect unwarranted issues early enough before they become bigger problems.

Remember, small harmless issues can develop into more significant problems that could prompt you to replace your entire lift chair, and of course, the cost is high.

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