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How Much Are Lift Chairs? 2023 Lift Chair Prices for Popular Brands

By Maurice

How Much Are Lift Chairs

Buying new furniture and new medical equipment can be stressful and expensive. Now, what if you have to buy a product that is a combination of those two things? That is essentially what a lift chair is and the idea of shelling out a ton of money for one can leave you feeling nauseous. Luckily, lift chairs are not as expensive as you may think.

In this short guide, we go over the typical prices of various kinds of lift chairs. We break it down by type and let you know what brands are cheap and which brands tend to be more expensive. By the end, you will know exactly how much you can expect to spend on a typical lift chair!

Prices For Various Types of Lift Chairs

Two-position chairs

Two-Position Chair Lift – Courtesy of 1800 Wheelchair

Two-position lift chairs are the most basic and therefore the cheapest type of lift chair on the market. These lift chairs often run in price from $500 to $600. Anything less than $500 should raise a red flag regarding quality and point of origin. While you might be able to find a quality lift chair for less than this price range, it is unlikely that the product will be of any great quality.

Three-position chairs

Three-Position Lift Chair

Three-position lift chairs are slightly more functional and slightly more expensive than two-position lift chairs. These chairs often run in price anywhere from $500 to $700. The only thing added by a three-position lift chair as opposed to a two-position is the ability to recline which, depending on the brand, might not add much money to the cost of a two-position chair.

Infinite lift chairs


Infinite lift chair lay down completely flat and can double as a massage table or bed. This extra range of movement also adds extra cost to the equation. Infinite lift chairs can run anywhere from $700 to $1000 or more depending on the options included.

Zero Gravity chairs


Zero gravity chairs have a similar functionality and price point to infinite lift chairs. They have comfortable options for zero gravity sitting and often come with massage capabilities built-in. Zero gravity lift chairs can run anywhere from $700 to $1200.

There are also heavy duty and fully loaded zero gravity chairs that can go as high as $2000 from certain brands. These are often the most expensive type of lift chair because they have the largest toolbox of features available.

Top Lift Chair Brands

Well Known Brands

Rooms To Go

An easy place to start looking for lift chairs could be your local Rooms To Go. They have showrooms all over the United States and offer a large array of well priced lift chairs. Their chairs start at around $500 and they have various options and styles to fit your home.


Another well known brand is La-Z-Boy. They have been building and designing classic recliners for generations and they know how to make a comfortable chair. That goes double for lift chairs as well. La-Z-Boy has powered lift chairs available online, in their showrooms, and at registered retailers. La-Z-Boy chairs are on the higher end in terms of price and they start around $750 and can run upwards of $1200 depending on the chair.

Medical Equipment Brands

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is known for making very focused products that revolve around mobility. They specialize in scooters and lift chairs and have excellent motors that power both types of products. Golden Technologies is a well known medical equipment manufacturer and they have various types of lift chairs to choose from. Their prices run from $600 to around $1000.


Pride Mobility is another large manufacturer with many different options when it comes to lift chairs. Their catalog has options that range anywhere from $600 up to $1200 and more. The price depends on what kind of options and extras that you choose to include in your purchase but there are chairs for every price point from Pride Mobility.

Brand For a Budget


If you are stuck on a hard budget and are frustrated by the high prices of lift chairs then you want to check out MCombo. They are a brand that sells primarily on Amazon and they offer a bunch of different lift chairs at low prices. Despite their lower than average prices, their reviews on Amazon are generally very positive so they warrant a look if you are stuck on a budget.

How to Get a Free Lift Chair

If you do not want to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a lift chair there are ways to obtain one for free or very cheap.

The most straightforward way is to check with your insurance company to see if they cover lift chairs. Some insurance covers the cost of durable medical equipment and even if it is not free you can get discounts as high as 80% off the retail price with certain plans.

In order to get a lift chair covered by insurance, including Medicare, you first need to have one prescribed by a doctor. Then, you have to check to see which brands are covered by your specific insurance for the purposes of reimbursement and coverage. If those two things check out with your insurance you could get a lift chair for free or extremely cheap.

Another option is to keep your eyes out on places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Lift chairs are bulky items that get moved, sold, and offered frequently online. Sometimes you can find quality lift chairs for free by people who are simply looking to move on and need the chair removed from their possession.

Tips on Getting the Best Price on a New Lift Chair

The best way to ensure you are getting the absolute lowest, best and the fairest price for any new lift chair is to be patient, do your research, and price shop.

Shopping online makes it easier than ever before to compare similar products and look for differences in price. Once you narrow your search down to a few chairs or a set of functions that you are looking for it is extremely simple to plug those things into a search bar and start looking at what is available right now.

Check multiple outlets including Amazon and smaller outlets that sell lift chairs. Look out for deals on free shipping. Wait for sales if you have the time. Do not rush into any big decisions without looking around at multiple options.

If you do those things, you are certain to come away with a purchase that you feel comfortable with.

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