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Hospital Bed Rental (2023): Where to Find Hospital Beds for Rent

By jwilder

Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital beds aren’t cheap- even the lowest-priced models can still set you back nearly 1,000 dollars. Many seniors use hospital beds in their homes, but not everyone needs them for long-term or permanent use. This leads many people to wonder if it’s possible to rent a hospital bed- and it is! Check out our quick guide to hospital bed rental to learn where, how, and when to rent a hospital bed for your home!

How to Find Hospital Bed Rental Near Me

What Size is a Hospital Bed

Many rental companies function on a regional level; hospital beds are too large to rent across the country because the shipping cost would make it too expensive. To find a hospital bed rental company near you, it takes a little bit of Google and a little bit of luck.

To save you from a bit of that research, we gathered the best rental providers in large population centers around the United States. Each rental company below delivers up to at least 25 miles from their location, so chances are high you might find the right rental company right now!

New York City Hospital Bed Rentals

Chicago Hospital Bed Rentals

Minneapolis Hospital Bed Rentals

Seattle Hospital Bed Rentals

San Francisco Hospital Bed Rentals

Los Angeles Hospital Bed Rentals

Denver Hospital Bed Rentals

Phoenix Hospital Bed Rentals

Houston Hospital Bed Rentals

Dallas Hospital Bed Rentals

Atlanta Hospital Bed Rentals

Miami Hospital Bed Rentals

San Diego Hospital Bed Rentals

Columbus Hospital Bed Rentals

Las Vegas Hospital Bed Rentals

Cincinnati Hospital Bed Rentals

Sacramento Hospital Bed Rentals

Rochester New York Hospital Bed Rentals

San Jose California Hospital Bed Rentals

Kansas City Hospital Bed Rentals

Where to Find Used Hospital Beds for Rent

If you didn’t have much luck with the list above, you aren’t out of options. There are companies that rent hospital beds in every US state; the trick is finding them.

If you’re still trying to find a place to rent a bed, here are your options:

  • Keep searching through Google. This takes some time due to trial and error, but it is possible to find companies if you search things like “hospital bed rental in _____” to help narrow the results.
  • Call your doctor or healthcare provider. Giving a quick call to your doctor’s office, your health insurance company, or even to the local Medicare office is a great way to get connected to a rental company in your area.
  • If all else fails, try to make an appointment with your doctor. That way, they can talk with you face-to-face and help you figure out your rental options!

How Much to Rent a Hospital Bed

The cost of renting a hospital bed does vary, but most rental companies have competitive, similar prices. Because they’re regionally-based, people in areas with a higher cost of living might have to pay more than those in a low cost of living area. However, generally, hospital bed rentals will cost $50-75 for one week or $175-250 for one month.

Compared to the roughly $1,400 cost of buying a hospital bed, hospital bed mattress, and bedding, the cost of rentals is quite low. You can rent a hospital bed for up to 6 months before you’ve paid more than the average cost of buying! This makes hospital bed rental the best option for people who will only use it short-term and have the option available to them.

Medicare Hospital Bed Rental

Medicare pays the majority of the cost for devices that fall into a category called Durable Medical Equipment (DME). If you have a doctor’s prescription, you will be able to search for rental companies that are participants in Medicare.

medicare logo

If you find one and are approved by Medicare, they will pay 80% of the cost of your hospital bed rental for as long as you need it. The remaining cost will be left to you and will be paid out of pocket, by supplemental insurance, or by Medicaid if you are eligible. Each state has different rules when it comes to Medicaid; you can check your state’s guidelines here.

Tips for Finding the Best Bed Rental

Check Prices

In most areas, there will be more than one rental company vying for your business. Before you settle on a hospital bed rental company, try to suss out which offers the lowest prices. Often, by doing some extra research, you can save a few dollars each month- and that adds up quickly!

Bed Options

Different companies offer different beds. If there is a specific type or brand of hospital bed that you have in mind, make sure that the rental company offers it. Sometimes, you’ll find that a different rental company offers a much nicer bed for a similar price. It’s not just the price that matters- the product matters, too!

Fees and Terms

Before agreeing to rent a hospital bed from any company, read their terms of service first. Check for hidden fees, delivery fees, and other terms that could result in you paying more than you had planned. Some fees, such as delivery or security deposits, are more than fair- you just need to include them in your hospital bed rental budget.

Other Equipment

Finally, before deciding on which rental is right for you, check to make sure you know exactly what comes with the rental. Some companies might rent mattresses separately from the bed; it would be very frustrating to watch the delivery company unload a hospital bed that’s not even usable!

Before renting, check to make sure that you know if the mattress and side rails are included or if you need to rent them separately. Doing this can also help you differentiate between rental companies in your area. If one company charges $250 for a month’s bed rental and an additional $40 for the mattress, but another company charges $265 for both, your decision has just gotten much easier!

Conclusion: Hospital Bed Rentals

Renting a hospital bed rather than buying is an excellent way for seniors to save hundreds of dollars on a medically necessary bed. If you know that you will only be using your bed for a few weeks or months, finding a place to rent your hospital bed is one of the best things you can do! Do you have any questions about hospital bed rentals? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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