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Mobility Scooter Parts: Where to Buy Mobility Scooter Parts Near Me for Major Brands

By Maurice

Mobility Scooter Parts

When your loved one has a mobility scooter, it is an important tool for their everyday life. It helps them get around and gain independence.

A mobility scooter is a tool for seniors to overcome everyday obstacles due to limited mobility. Some studies have found that mobility scooters increase social life for the elderly. Another study found that they feel and are more independent.

However, when the scooter starts to malfunction and parts are needed, you may be in a tough position. How do you fix the scooter and what parts are needed? Where do you find the parts you need?

There are multiple online places to buy scooter parts or you can go to a store to find them.

Mobility Scooter Parts List 

There are a few scooter parts that tend to wear out faster than others. These parts include:

  • Replacement batteries. If you need a new battery, you may notice the scooter is not charging like it used to or even turning on. If you have tested your charger and it works, then your battery may have run its course.
  • Tires. Just like a car, the tires can break from nails or sharp objects. They may also lose their tread over time. When this happens, you will need new tires for your mobility scooter.
  • Chargers. If your battery is new or has recently been replaced and the scooter is still not turning on, the charger may be the culprit.
  • Replacement keys. Keys may get lost, or face wear and tear over the years. Sometimes a replacement key is needed.
  • Seats. The leather or fabric of the seat may become torn or cracked over years of use. They may also be not as comfy as they once were.

Where to buy mobility scooter parts (online & in-store)

If you need a part or two for your mobility scooter, you may be able to find them online or in-store.

You may own a major scooter brand like the following:

For these brands, you can find the parts needed by contacting the manufacturer or the company you purchased them from. There are also online stores to buy parts from like Spinlife, 1800wheelchair, and Monster Scooter Parts.

All three websites allow you to delegate which parts you need by separating the brand you have. They also have customer service to help guide you to the part you need based on the brand you have.

Buying parts instore

When it comes to looking locally for parts instead of purchasing online, you can find an in-person scooter store near you. Most cities have a mobility scooter store that services scooters and can supply the parts you need.

The best way to find a store that can help you is by looking online, looking at their reviews, and possibly calling before going to the store.

Used Mobility Scooter Parts: How to Find Used Scooter Parts Near Me

If you are looking for a good deal, buying the parts used may help with the cost of them. When looking for used parts, you may be able to find them at your local scooter store.

You can call or go to the scooter store closest to you or one of your choice to see if they have used parts or can order used parts for your scooter.

You can also ask friends and family who use scooters to see who they recommend. If there is one store that is more helpful than another, this may be useful information for you when it comes to getting the parts you want and need.

Another option is by calling a recycling center or scrap yard to see if they have the same model as your scooter. You will be able to take the parts you need from that scooter and place them on yours.

eBay Mobility Scooter Parts: How to Mobility Scooter Parts on eBay

When looking on eBay for scooter parts, you will notice many options. They will have used and new parts available for purchase.

It is best to search for the part you need with the scooter. You have to separate parts that may not work.

When you are buying on eBay, you should always check the following:

  • Read the description thoroughly. By doing this, you can see if the seller guarantees like-new or new scooter parts. You will also find out if this is a product that will work for you.
  • Avoid Auctions. While the auction function may seem like a good option, the price can end up being more than a buy-it-now option.
  • Check Shipping. While a part may be listed at a low price, the shipping may be way overpriced. Make sure it is either free shipping or a sound price for shipping when purchasing.
  • Read Seller Reviews. Make sure the seller is kind to other buyers and that there were no past issues. By verifying the seller’s past, you will know that you are buying from a verified person.


When you need scooter parts for a mobility scooter, you may be in a position where you need the parts as soon as possible. It is important to research where you buy a part before you make a purchase.

This may be from doing a Google search on a company or through experience from family and friends.

Finding a local shop, or an online store with customer service, will also allow you to have someone guide you through your purchase to get the part you need.

Once you have your part from a trusted seller, your loved one will be on their way once again with the independence they need.


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