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Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Troubleshooting, Repair & Parts: Guide To Maintaining Your Ashley Lift Chair

By Maurice

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Troubleshooting, Repair & Parts

Ashley lift chairs are not only helpful to the elderly who can no longer sit or stand independently, but are also helpful to individuals with back and leg ailments.

However, like other types of chairs that embrace technology, Ashley lift chairs are also susceptible to breakdowns. Their electrical parts, motors, and springs, among other parts, can fail or have some unwarranted issues that may alter their normal functioning.

No matter what problem your Ashley lift chair might be having, there is no cause for worry. These chairs are easy to fix as long as you engage a certified professional. Even better, their spare parts are readily available in multiple establishments.

This article is an excellent guide to help you with Ashley Furniture lift chair troubleshooting, to help you identify common issues your chair might encounter, how you can personally handle them, and, if need be, where you can get the necessary professional help and spare parts.

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

One amazing quality of an Ashley lift chair is that you can assemble the chair on your own without any professional help. Ideally, this chair comes with an outright manual that, if you follow religiously, you do not need to call a professional to set it up for you.

However, before you even start the endeavor to set up your chair for use, there are some safety precautions that you have to keep in mind. For instance:

  • Your chair should never be left unattended when you switch it on
  • Before you troubleshoot your chair, clean, or attempt any maintenance drill, ensure you unplug from the power outlet
  • When using close to children or the user is a child or a disabled person, ensure you closely supervise them.
  • Ensure you use the lift chair solely for its intended use as described in the operating instructions.
  • Do not use any attachment that is not recommended by Ashley Furniture
  • Ensure the cords are far away from pinch points or heated surfaces.
  • Ashley lift chairs are for indoor use only.
  • To avoid electric shock, do not use metallic fasteners when assembling these lift chairs.
  • Only operate your Ashley lift chair in a dry environment

To successfully set up your Ashley lift chair, follow the following steps:

  1. 1Get the necessary tools – before you attempt to assemble your Ashley lift chair, ensure you have all the necessary tools to continue the endeavor. Ideally, you might need a screwdriver, elbow grease, box spanner, hex key, and possibly an Allen wrench.
  2. 2Open the box and ensure all parts are available – confirm that all the parts of your Ashley lift chair are available.
  3. 3Keenly read the provided instructions – your lift chair’s box comes with a manual that contains all the necessary instructions on how to assemble your chair successfully. Ensure you read them keenly in an orderly manner as they appear on the manual.
  4. 4Layout the parts of your chair on a flat surface – you can lay them on a table or the floor, or wherever is convenient for you.

  1. 5Install the Ashley lift chair’s four adjustable legs while it is still on its back, and then turn it upright, so it sits on the adjustable legs like in Figure A #3
  2. 6Connect the control wand to the female plug on the left side pocket of the lift chair (Figure A #4).
  3. 7Install the back by aligning the female brackets in the back with the male brackets at the base of the chair. Proceed to slide the back down on the base like in Figure B. Push the back downwards until it clicks on either side as a sign of perfect lock.

  1. 8If your Ashley lift chair comes with back wings, ensure you align the male with the female brackets and slide the wing down to lock it into the proper position like in Figure C

  1. 9Proceed to connect the Power Transformer cable to its corresponding plug protruding from the back of the chair (see Figure A #5)
  2. 10Plug the power cord into the power transformer (see Figure A #6)
  3. 11Finally, connect the power cord to your power source close to your lift chair’s position (see Figure A #7)

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them

If you have an Ashley lift chair, you will undoubtedly enjoy its services. However, you should be on the lookout for the following common problems so you can fix them accordingly:

Motor Issues

If you switch your chair on and the lift function fails, it means your motor is problematic. You might even hear it humming, but your chair does not lift as expected. This is a sign that your motor is not healthy.

Fixing a motor without any prior professional know-how can be quite a hassle. Moreover, Ashley lift chair’s motors are complicated pieces of technology that demand extensive engineering and manufacturing knowledge. As such, if you cannot engage a professional, the only wise move is to buy the recommended replacement motor.

Power Supply Issues

If you hit your lift chair’s button and nothing happens, it means your chair could be having a power issue. Your power supply might be problematic, or a wire somewhere in your chair could be having issues.

The reason why your supply might have failed could be an overload, electric surge, or even worse, a mechanical failure. If your power supply fails, the only remedy is to get a replacement; you have to install a new one. Furthermore, when looking for a replacement, ensure you get what is recommended by your Ashley lift chair’s manual. Remember, a wrong power supply can damage your chair’s motor.

Unwarranted Creaking Sounds

Your Ashley lift chair might be working just fine but making some unappealing creaking sounds when operating. This could be caused by a broken component within your chair’s lifting mechanism. Some screws might be loose or entirely unattached in their right place, and in extreme cases, your motor could also be loose. Moreover, some movable parts of your chair could be old and asking for a bit of lubricant.

To fix this problem, you can add some oil to the rusty parts, but of course, after cleaning them with a wire brush. However, if you notice some broken or unattached parts that you cannot fix on your own, be keen to engage a qualified serviceman.

Recliner Not Lifting, Opening, or Closing Issues

No matter how much you hit the buttons, your recliner does not lift, open or close as expected. The motor might even be running, but the chair remains unhinged. This problem could be the result of any of the following issues:

  • Your remote control is problematic
  • The lifting motor is not plugged into the power supply
  • Your Ashley lift chair might be locked into a fixed position.
  • Your chair’s motor could be disconnected or, even worse, malfunctioning.

Fixing this problem on your own could be an issue due to the many causes. However, you can carefully turn your chair over and try to assess the issues underneath. There could be some bent parts or unplugged cords that you can handle. However, if you cannot trace any visible problem, engage a professional as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning Remote

You might be pressing the buttons on your remote, but it does not initiate the expected functions, or even worse, it does not work at all. In such a case, you might try to replace your remote control batteries. If this does not work, you will need to get a replacement. Luckily, remote control is one of the cheapest parts of an Ashley lift chair to replace.

Critical Maintenance Drills to Keep Your Ashley Lift Chair Healthy

To ensure you enjoy the good service of your Ashley lift chair and avoid unnecessary problems, it is imperative to maintain your chair properly. Some of the critical maintenance drills you can adopt include:

  • Keep your lift chair clean
  • Ensure your chair is plugged in before use
  • Familiarize yourself with common issues so you can counter them to prevent further damage.
  • Frequently test your remote control; you might notice any unwarranted hesitation or malfunction before it is too late.
  • Replace your batteries – your Ashley lift chair’s batteries are important in case of emergencies. Replace them after every six months as recommended by professionals.

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Manuals – Links to Online Manuals

When you purchase an Ashley lift chair, it comes with a user manual to guide you accordingly. It is always recommended that you keenly go through your manual before handling any part of your chair. Remember, your chair comes with multiple parts, including electric ones that need to be handled with care. Your Ashley lift chair manual comes in handy to guide you in the following ways:

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Parts List

You can get a variety of Ashley lift chair parts in any of their local stores or even other approved furniture outlets online and physically across the country. Some of the repair parts that you are likely to get include the following:

  • Remote control
  • Lift chairs mechanism
  • Lift chair switch
  • Motor
  • Lift chair transformer
  • Massage chair parts

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Parts Diagram

Here is a simple illustrative diagram of the crucial parts of your Ashley lift chair:

Where to Buy Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Parts – Online & in Retail Stores

Ashley lift chair parts are readily available in multiple online and on-site locations across the country. For instance, you can check out any part you might be looking for on online stores like Amazon or eBay. Moreover, you can always engage the furniture store where you purchased your Ashley lift chair.

If you bought your Ashley lift chair in any major retailer in the county, you can talk to them through their provided avenues so they can direct you to their closest local branch. This way, you not only get the opportunity to claim your warranty, but they also take you through the installation process of your new part.

If you purchased your Ashley lift chair in any Ashley Furniture stores, they offer quality replacement parts directly from their manufacturing industries. Even better, you can engage them through their customer service so you can get what you are looking for. Ideally, you provide your invoice and item number, and they will help you get the exact part you need. Furthermore, you can also claim your warranty as long as it is within the stipulated time they offer.

Ashley Furniture Lift Chair Repair – How to Find a Repair Shop Near Me

Getting the right repair shop for your Ashley lift chair should not be a problem, especially if you purchased your chair directly from their store. Even better, there are other reliable places you can check out to get a professional repair for your chair. You can check out the following establishments for professional lift chair repair services:

Furniture Repair Shop

Unlike in the past when furniture production majorly adopted traditional manufacturing ways, today, the endeavor is not only complicated but also technologically advanced. Consequently, furniture repair shops have been forced to keep up, and this means you can easily get lift chair repair services in most such establishments. Furthermore, your Ashley lift chair is just a piece of furniture with an electric motor and maybe some additional features. These repair shops are not only affordable but are also very accessible and close to your locality.

Scooter Repair Shop

Golf carts and mobility scooters’ inner mechanisms highly resemble those of a lift chair. Furthermore, some mobility scooter brands manufacture lift chairs. As such, your local mobility scooter repair shop is also likely to repair lift chairs.

Ashley Stores

If you purchased your Ashley lift chair from any of their stores across the country, it definitely comes with a warranty or technical support. This is critical to ensuring that you get the best repair services if your chair has some issues. Their technicians are well-versed with their models, so you can expect quality services. Moreover, if your warranty period is over, the manufacturer can point you to the best repair services available in your locality.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair an Ashley Lift Chair?

You might be uncertain about how much it will cost to get your Ashley lift chair repaired, but it is always down to what part of your chair is broken. Of course, the cost of repairing your motor will be higher than that of fixing your footrest. However, you can expect the cost of fixing your Ashley lift chair to range as follows:

  • Motor servicing and tune-up – $50 – $100
  • Fixing power issues – $75 – $150
  • Furniture problems – $ 50 – $ 200
  • Motor replacement – $ 250 – $ 500

How to Choose the Best Ashley Lift Chair Repair Shop

You might not get the chance to have your Ashley lift chair fixed by the manufacturer, especially if they do not have a local store. However, this does not mean you cannot get quality repair services. Be on the lookout for the following when hunting for the best repair shop near you:

  • Good review – take some time to research the available local repair shops to see which have the best customer reviews.
  • Steady business – established repair shops have busy and appealing storefronts, which is a sign of serious, steady business. Always go for the shops with an official physical, operational office.
  • Timeliness – You do not want a store that will take ages to fix your lift chair, especially if your chair is medically significant.

Can Medicare Pay for your Ashley Lift Chair’s Repair?

Your Ashley lift chair might be beyond the warranty period, and you could be operating on a tight budget without enough funds to repair it on your own. In such cases, Medicare can cover 80% of your repair costs as long as your lift chair is prescribed by a recognized medical entity as medically necessary. Even better, they can cover the entire replacement cost if you are prompted to replace your lift chair.

Ashley Furniture Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; Youtube)

Ashley Furniture has an incredible customer service team that is not only accessible but very prompt when dealing with their customers. They are dedicated to ensuring that their customers are attended to in the best possible way. You can engage them through various avenues online or physically visit any of their local stores from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, and Saturday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Their contact information is as follows:

  • Phone: 1-866-436-3393 (US – online)
  • Phone: 800-737-3233 (Canada)
  • Fax: 800-856-4976
  • Email
  • Mail address:
  • Ashley Industries, Inc.Attn: Consumer AffairsOne Ashley WayArcadia, WI 54612

Ashley lift chairs are reputable for offering not only good but also long service life. However, to get the best from your chair, you have to properly maintain it in the best possible condition. Ensure you service your chair as frequently as possible to troubleshoot any unwarranted issues that could develop into bigger problems. Moreover, when the need to get repairs arises, be keen to engage a reputable professional. Remember your Ashley lift chair is a significant investment that should be protected.

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