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Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair (2023): 11 Top Zero Gravity Lift Recliners for Every Need

By Maurice

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair

Our Top Recommendations


Zero Gravity

Windermere Mega Motion Recliner

NM-101 (Chocolate) Windermere Mega Motion Ultimate Power Lift Recliner Infinite Position Lay Flat and Zero Gravity Recliner. Free Curbside Delivery.


Anti-skid Upholstery

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly- Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric Sofa Living Room Chair, Camel


Budget -friendly

YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair

YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair Heated Vibration Massage Chair,Beige Recliner for Elder People with Side Pockets,USB Port & Massage Remote Control,Beige

If you are already in need of a lift chair, why not make it a premium experience? Do not settle for a simple lift chair just because you think you have to. There are a whole plethora of zero gravity lift chairs on the market right now that can still lift you gently to your feet. There are lift chairs with zero gravity functionality at every price point with options you simply will not believe.

We will go over what a zero gravity chair is, the best zero gravity lift chairs available on the market right now while giving you some excellent hints, tips, tricks and advice that you can use to find your very own zero gravity lift chair perfect for you.

What is a zero gravity lift chair?

A zero gravity lift chair is a lift chair that has the ability to enter zero gravity mode in addition to its other basic functions. Zero gravity position is where the chair reclines to a specific angle and raises your legs so that your feet are up above your heart. A zero gravity lift chair can have a whole host of other features included as long as it can obtain this position.

Check out this video to see how a zero gravity chair works:

What are the benefits of zero gravity lift chairs?


Zero gravity chairs have been shown to have many benefits. Elevating your feet above your heart increases blood flow and circulation which in turn helps with a host of issues. It can help reduce inflammation, it works to reduce stress, and can help relax and fall asleep. When circulation is up and stress is down you will feel so much more comfortable than in a normal seated position.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chairs Available Now

Best Compact Zero Gravity Lift Chair:Windermere Mega Motion Ultimate Power Lift Recliner

NM-101 (Chocolate) Windermere Mega Motion Ultimate Power Lift Recliner Infinite Position Lay Flat and Zero Gravity Recliner. Free Curbside Delivery.

This chair is small where it counts. Measuring 35 x 33 x 45 inches it is pretty narrow and compact with a tall back for added comfort. If you want a zero gravity lift chair that won’t take up the whole room you are getting that with this Windermere chair by Mega Motion.

It can lift up to 325lbs, has a cozy zero gravity position and even includes USB ports, a dual motor system and comfortable upholstery. This is a solid chair that won’t eat up an entire room and gives you everything you need out of a great zero gravity lift chair.

Best Leather Zero Gravity Lift Chair:Golden Cloud

If you are looking for a premium zero gravity chair made with the highest quality leather, the Cloud by Golden Technologies is the chair for you. With dozens of upholstery options including fine leather (not included in the base price) you have the ability to create the chair that you want in your home.

With 325lbs of lift, tons of customization options, battery backup and an extensive warranty this chair has everything you need from a zero gravity lift chair. If you are looking for an amazing chair from a great brand that has tons of options for both real and faux leather, this is your chair. Hands down.

Best Oversized Zero Gravity Lift Chair:CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly- Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric Sofa Living Room Chair, Camel

Looking for a lift chair that has that classic plush overstuffed look? Look no further. This chair by CANMOV has an overstuffed exterior that is supremely comfortable. It will look and feel just like the classic recliners from years past but this chair is full of modern features and upgrades that reminds you that this is indeed a brand new chair.

With a full zero gravity mode, 300lbs of lift power and extra padding throughout this is a phenomenal chair. It also is extremely affordable and is easily one of the best deals we have featured on this list in terms of value. But if you are looking for an oversized, comfortable plush chair this one is simply the best.

Best Budget Zero Gravity Lift Chair: YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair

YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair Heated Vibration Massage Chair,Beige Recliner for Elder People with Side Pockets,USB Port & Massage Remote Control,Beige

Not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars to drop on a lift chair but that doesn’t mean that the chair you can afford has to be a bad chair. The YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair is a great chair with lots of functionality for a shockingly low price. For less than $400 you get a chair with a basic zero gravity mode, massage capability, and 360lbs of lift. It has everything you expect out of a basic lift chair plus a little extra for hardly any money – especially compared to some chairs on this list.

Best Wall Hugger Zero Gravity Lift Chair:Pride VivaLift! Escape

Pride ViVaLift Escape True-Infinite Position Lift Chair (PLR990iM) with Inside Delivery and Setup Option (Ultraleather Buff, Curbside Delivery)

Most reclining lift chairs require a ton of space between it and the wall which simply does not work for most people. It is doubly hard to find a chair with a good zero gravity mode that can be placed along the wall because of the position it needs to take. Enter the VivaLift Escape by Pride Mobility. This chair only requires 18” of clearance off the wall to function properly which is a full 6” or more shorter than the next comparable chairs. The vast majority of zero gravity lift chairs we have seen require at least 24” of wall clearance.

In addition to being able to be placed fairly close to the wall this is a fantastic product from one of our favorite brands, Pride Mobility. The VivaLift! is a flagship product line for Pride mobility and it offers all of the newest and greatest features available for zero gravity lift chairs today.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair For Tall People:Thaweesuk Zero Gravity Lift Chair

Thaweesuk Shop New Brown Multifunction Power Lift Chair 8 Point Massage Chair Zero Gravity Remote Recline Leather Metal Frame High Density Sponge 34" W x 39.3" D x 43" H

Tall people will not feel too big in this extra large chair. At 43” tall and with plenty of cushion this chair by Thaweesuk offers a ton of coziness in a large package. Do not cram yourself into a small chair that just isn’t made to fit larger people, get a chair you know will fit.

It also includes an eight point massage, 140 degrees of heat on the lumbar region, a full range of reclining motion and can hold up to 440lbs which is far greater than the average lifting motor. All of this together gives us a great option for people who normally don’t fit into standard sized chairs plus all of the bells and whistles.

Best Heat and Massage Capable Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Red Barrel Studio Massage Lift Chair

We love this chair by Red Barrel Studio. It is affordable, packed with modern features, has high heat and powerful massage functions and is well reviewed. It has a plush faux-leather upholstery that is soft and comfortable. It has a great lifting motor and includes USB ports for charging as well as 330lbs of capacity. Altogether, it makes this our favorite unit for heat and massage. Other chairs also feature similar heat and massage functions but not for this price and none that are this simple to order and install and those things put this model over the top to our number one spot for this category.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair With Trendelenburg Position:Pride Infinity LC525

Pride LC-525iM (Medium) Infinity Collection Lift Chair with True Infinite-Position Seating (Cloud 9 Stone, Curbside Delivery)

Did you know you can get a zero gravity chair that also includes a useful trendelenburg position? The trendelenburg position lowers you so that your head is below your feet. It is similar to that of zero gravity but much more extreme but with similar benefits to circulation and pain relief. Trendelenburg position is great for people with back pain and other lower body issues. Now you can have a chair that features both trendelenburg and zero gravity positions all from a brand we love in Pride Mobility. Check out the LC525 for one of the most comprehensive lift chairs available today.

Best Golden Technologies Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Golden’s PR515

Golden Technologies Cloud Lift Chair Recliner with MaxiComfort and Twilight Medium/Large PR515-MLA (Coffee Bean)

The PR515 is an excellent zero gravity lift chair that offer five distinct zones of comfort. These zones cover the head, upper body, lower body, lumbar and twilight tilt giving you full body comfort and relief. It also includes Golden’s excellent warranty that covers parts and labor for 1 to 3 years depending on the issue.

This chair topped our list for options by Golden Technologies due to its comprehensive zones and excellent comfort features in addition to having a weightless zero gravity mode and ample lifting power.

Best La-Z-Boy Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Pinnacle Platinum

Pinnacle is the perfect name for this chair by La-Z-Boy. It is the peak of performance, design, construction and comfort. La-Z-Boy is a household name for a reason. This chair is superbly comfortable and offers all of the best features we all know and love from the reliable makers at La-Z-Boy.

This chair also features some innovative features you will love including wall hugging tech (only 11” of clearance needed), 350lbs of lifting power, La-Z-Boy’s unbeatable customization options and their best in class warranty.

Best Ultra Comfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair:Ultra Comfort UC550-L

UltraComfort UC550-L (375#) StellarComfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair Made in America (Granite (Grey))

The Ultra Comfort UC550 focuses on, you guessed it, comfort. This chair has multiple positions, including zero grav, built to enhance your time in the chair. It has a mode for sleep, TV watching, napping and zero gravity. All of these modes put you in the perfect position to feel great while you sit. At the end, it will put you back on your feet easily with the strength and tenderness of a close friend or relative. The UC550 is a pricey chair but the comfort it offers is worth every penny.

Buying Guide and FAQs

Best Brands

For overall quality the best brands for zero gravity lift chairs are La-Z-Boy and Golden Technologies.

These brands stand out for their number of modern features, attention to detail and overall durability. These brands make chairs that will last and stand the test of time.

The only downside to these wonderful brands is that their work comes at a price. The chairs made by these companies are not cheap. But the money you spend will go a long way to delivering you a lift recliner that you can safely use for years to come.

Will Medicare cover my zero gravity lift chair?

Yes. As long as the chair meets the requirements for your prescription and the provider is enrolled with Medicare they will cover it.

The problem is going to be finding a provider that is enrolled with Medicare that offers high quality zero gravity chairs. For example, you won’t be able to get reimbursed for a La-Z-Boy chair because they are not enrolled with Medicare. So, yes, Medicare can cover a zero gravity lift chair but finding a seller that is enrolled who can provide you one that meets the requirements is going to be tougher than other similar durable medical equipment.

Zero gravity vs. Infinite position: What is the difference?


Zero gravity and infinite position are two different types of lift chairs. Some models of lift chairs can be both zero gravity and infinite position. Infinite position merely means that the chair in question can fully recline to a flat or nearly flat position. If you look at the maximum reclining angle for your chair, many of them stop at a certain point. Infinite position chairs do not stop.


Zero gravity means that it can recline you gently and raise your feet above your heart. You can find a chair that can do this position but not infinite position or you can find models that can do both infinite and zero gravity. It all depends on the specifications.

Do zero gravity chairs have all of the same features as an infinite position chair?

For the most part, yes. If you are getting a zero gravity or infinite position chair they are going to have similar overlapping sets of features. Both will have lifting capacity. Both will often come with heat and massage modes. Both types of chairs can also feature quality of life things such as cup holders, pockets and USB ports.

The features of each individual chair are going to depend on specific models. Being infinite position or zero gravity does not disqualify either chair from having a certain set of features.

Tips on getting the best deal on a zero gravity lift chair

The first thing you are going to want to do when choosing a zero gravity lift chair that is right for you is to set a budget. Zero gravity chairs can push the price point quite high. Zero gravity is seen as a premium upgrade and is often a part of premium priced chairs. Setting a budget will help narrow down large numbers of potential chairs that you may or may not be able to afford.

The next thing you need to do is to decide on the other optional upgrades that are important to you. Do you want it to be an infinite position chair? Do you want heat and massage? Do you need a more powerful lifting motor? These are things that you should consider. Then take those considerations and match them with your budget and before you know it you will have the perfect chair right in front of you.

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