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Who Makes Hospital Beds (2023): Top Hospital Bed Manufacturers

By jwilder

Who Makes Hospital Beds

Getting a hospital bed might not be the most exciting purchase of your life, but it needs to be made correctly. Buying a hospital bed online is easier than ever, thanks to a large number of manufacturers.

But who makes hospital beds, and, more importantly, what are the best brands of hospital beds?

Read our brief guide to hospital bed manufacturers to learn all about the best hospital bed manufacturers!

What is a Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds are heavy, wheeled beds, typically in a Twin or Twin XL size, that raise and lower to accommodate serious medical needs. They’re used, of course, in hospitals, but also in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and people’s homes.

Hospital beds can raise and lower, as well as elevate the head/back, to fit the medical needs of seniors and other people. They can also be outfitted with all sorts of medical devices because they have a simple design that lets you keep things like heart monitors, IV bags, and other equipment nearby. They’re also helpful for preventing falls, and can be outfitted with mattresses that prevent painful pressure sores.

Finally, the wheels and rails on hospital beds make them great for transportation. If you’ve recently had surgery or a long-term injury that makes standing or walking impossible, a hospital bed is ideal for you.

Top Hospital Bed Manufacturers

Drive Medical

Drive Medical is one of the most trusted names in medical devices. From mobility scooters to shower benches and hospital beds, Drive makes it both affordable and durable. They have a great line of home beds for short-term, long-term, and bariatric patients. You’re sure to find one that works for you!


Medline has more than 100 years of expertise in the medical equipment business, and the prestigious reputation to back it up. Each of their products is made to benefit people’s medical needs first and foremost. Medline is known for low prices and easy customer service; their selection of beds and mattresses are designed to meet wide-ranging needs in various applications.


If you want to go with a strong brand reputation, Invacare is for you. They are one of the go-to names across the medical industry, valued for delivering products with exceptional benefit and comfort. Invacare isn’t the cheapest provider in the world, but you truly do “get what you pay for”!


A much smaller company than Invacare or Drive Medical, HopeFULL makes fully-featured beds and mattresses for virtually any need. Users of HopeFULL beds value how comfortable they are, as well as how easy they are for caretakers to use and move.


A very small company, Dargash’s hospital beds are lightweight, affordable, and highly functional. If you’re looking for a hospital bed that meets your needs without taking up all the space in your house or requiring two people to move, a Dargash hospital bed might be right for you!

Top Air Hospital Bed Manufacturers

Apex Medical

Air mattresses are a great benefit for people who are confined to a bed. They can help prevent bedsores and other issues arising from being bedridden. Apex makes air mattresses that are both easy to use and compatible with every type of hospital bed! If you’re looking for added support and comfort, Apex is right for you.

Bevel Medical

Bevel makes simple air mattresses for hospital beds that are among the most affordable on the market. If you’re looking for a simple solution to issues with comfort and pressure, Bevel Medical might have a product suited to your needs!

Top Hospital Bed Mattress Manufacturers


This company makes products for seniors across a wide range of categories and is focused on giving people a higher quality of life by providing higher comfort. Vive is behind some of the most popular mobility scooter and rollator walkers, and the hospital bed mattresses they offer provide great comfort and help prevent pressure sores.


Graham-Field is one of the largest manufacturers of health and home care products in the world. Unlike many companies, much of their manufacturing actually happens right inside the United States! If you’re looking for high-quality, helpful bed mattresses made in the USA, Graham-Field is the name for you.

Benefits of Hospital Beds

Safety and Transportation

The biggest advantage of a hospital bed for home care is that it can raise and lower to meet any need, and is easy to transport and move. Whether you or a loved one has had recent surgery, an accident, or is now permanently confined to a bed, these features are very important.

Being able to adjust the height of the bed greatly reduces the risk of a fall, and avoids putting undue strain on the knees and hips. The fact that the beds are on wheels makes them ideal for transportation and a much safer option than constantly transferring to a wheelchair.

Accommodating Medical Needs

Hospital beds can also adjust to different sitting and sleeping positions, much like consumer-focused adjustable beds. This makes them very easy to adjust to anyone’s medical needs. Beyond that, hospital beds are also generally smaller and have a frame that makes it easy to situate the bed close to medical equipment.


Many hospital beds come with an attachment for an IV pole, and the mattresses are easy to replace or upgrade with an air mattress topper. This makes getting a hospital bed easier and more comfortable for seniors who need them.

Tips for Buying the Best Hospital Bed for Your Needs

Get the Right Weight Capacity

Each hospital bed has a different weight capacity; overloading it can result in a broken and even dangerous bed. On the other hand, getting a hospital bed that has a weight capacity that’s much too high will mean you’ll spend more money than you need to. Before you buy a hospital bed online, make sure it has a weight capacity that is about 100 pounds more than the user!

Type of Hospital Bed

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Bed, Brown, 48"

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Acute care beds are much more expensive and complex beds, designed for accommodating serious and specific medical needs. Bariatric hospital beds are designed to hold heavier users, up to 600 pounds, and are too much for smaller users. The normal hospital bed is called a “home care” bed; these are the most affordable and lightest type of hospital bed.

When shopping for a hospital bed online, take note of what type of bed you’re looking for to make sure you get the one that fits you!

Minimum and Maximum Height

All hospital beds raise and lower, but not to the same levels. Some beds go much higher than others, some go much lower. Consider your needs- do you require the bed to go very low to the ground to help you stand? Or, do you need the bed to be higher up so that you don’t have to squat or fall into it? Then, make sure the bed you’re considering can reach that height. Oftentimes, you won’t have much to worry about, but it’s always worth checking.


Now, you know who makes hospital beds, mattresses, and air mattresses that you can buy online. If you need or think you may need a hospital bed, you can trust that any of these brands will help you stay safe and comfortable as long as you use them! Do you have any questions about hospital beds? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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