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Used Lift Chairs on Craigslist: How to Get the Best Deal & Avoid Scams

By Maurice

used lift chairs craigslist

As seniors grow older, they often experience reduced mobility. Luckily, seniors with reduced mobility have many ways to help maintain their independence.

One such tool is known as a lift chair or recliner lift chair. A lift chair, in this case, refers to a comfortable chair that relies upon a motorized lift to help the person rise up and comfortably sit back down without straining their lower body. It should not be confused with a baby lift chair or an adjustable height office chair.

This article will cover how you can find a used Lift Chair on sites such as craigslist. We’ll go over how you can avoid being scammed if you purchase a used Lift Chair and alternative ways to buy one.

So if you or someone you know is experiencing mobility issues, read on further on how you can find a used Lift Chair to make your life easier.

Can I Buy a Used Lift Chair on Craigslist? 

Craigslist is a site that sells just about everything, including used lift chairs. You can buy a used lift chair in various states of condition, from rather old to almost new.

Depending on where and who you’re buying your chair from, it may cost as little as $50. If you wish to buy a more expensive chair in almost new condition, you may pay five figures in some cases. However, the average price for s standard used chair on the site appears to range from about $150 to $500.

As you search craigslist, these chairs may pop under names such as:

Used lift Chairs on Craigslist – Tips for Getting the Best Deal

Research Lift Chair Sellers

Even if you find your ideal Lift Chair after your first click on craigslist, don’t stop there. Ideally, you should check out several different Lift Chair sellers and compare them.

Research lift chair prices and features so that you understand what to look for. The more you understand the product, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of.

Negotiate Like a Pro

As you browse craigslist, be aware of the fact that the list of prices are often suggested prices. When you contact the seller, be prepared to negotiate a better deal.

Don’t be afraid to walk away, or act like you will walk away if the seller doesn’t want to waiver on their price a little.

Have Transport Ready

Of course, it would be easier to find a used lift chair close to home. However, you may be able to find a better deal over in the next town or several miles away from your location.

If you find an unbeatable price further away, be prepared to haul it or have help ready. That way, you won’t be restricted to a small radius or, at least, can save on shipping.

How to avoid lift chair scams on Craigslist 

While Craigslist is a convenient site to use, buyers must purchase an item at their own risk. When buying a used lift chairs on craiglist, your chair should be able to comfortably lift you up and sit you back down. Use the right precautions to ensure you get the type of chair advertised.

Test The Chair

Don’t allow money to exchange hands without testing the chair. You want to make sure it works, is in the stated condition, and has a working remote so you can use it properly. In other words, you should prepare to meet the seller in person at some point.

If you are not able to travel to test the chair in person, send someone you trust to handle it.

Check for any flaws in the chair and make sure all the functions on the remote work. If there are some superficial flaws in the chair, you can use that as a point to negotiate a lower price.

Ask Lots of Questions

Make sure you ask the Craigslist seller questions about the chair’s condition, use, age, etc. If the seller is hesitant to answer questions, it may be a sign to move on.

Recent Images or Video

Before you or a proxy agrees to meet the seller, make sure you are comfortable with what you have seen online so far.

If the seller did not provide enough images on Craigslist, don’t hesitate to ask for more recent ones. Ask if you can see the lift chair in action on video or over zoom if possible.

Other Places to Get a Used Lift Chair (online, in-store, charities, etc.)

How Much Does A Lift Chair Weigh

If you are not comfortable buying items on craigslist, don’t worry you have several other options for a used lift chair.

Check out the other popular online auction sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Sometimes people place items for free on Facebook Marketplace to get rid of them quickly.

Did you know Habitat For Humanity does more than build houses for the needy? The organization also has a good resale store. Habit For Humanity ReStore may be a good option for those looking for used items in good condition. This organization sells donated items to the public at a reduced cost.

USM sells several types of medical supplies and furniture. Their site has several listings for lift chairs nationwide.

Used Lift Chairs Are Widely Available

In conclusion, if you or someone you know is experiencing limited mobility, consider purchasing a used Lift Chair today. Lift chairs can be expensive, so a used one is a good option when on a budget or on limited income. While Craigslist is a great site for buying various types of used items in various conditions, it is not your only source. Check out Ebay, charities, medical supply companies, and more that can help you with your purchase.

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