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How to Fix an Adjustable Bed: Easy Fixes to Common Problems

By Maurice

How to Fix an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds can improve your sleep quality and overall health. These devices are durable, user-friendly, and provide a wide selection of features. However, they are not perfect, and their components can malfunction. So, what do you do when your adjustable bed stops working correctly?

The most common problem with adjustable beds is that they get stuck. This can happen for various reasons, but you can easily fix it by performing a troubleshoot. Unplug the unit and wait around ten minutes. Connect the bed again and test if the features are working.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to fix an adjustable bed. You’ll learn all the easy fixes to the most common problems. We’ll also give you some tips and suggestions for when to contact your adjustable bed brand for servicing or replacement.

Why Is My Adjustable Bed Not Working?

Adjustable beds are mechanical and electrical devices designed to switch positions. However, because they are devices that use different mechanisms, they can stop working for various reasons.

Most commonly, your adjustable bed will stop working because of a power malfunction related to the power outlet or power supply. Without electricity, the bed won’t be able to move, keeping it in the last position used.

There are other reasons why an adjustable bed might stop working. For instance, if you exceed the bed’s weight capacity, it might start having problems whenever you switch positions. The remote is another part of the bed that can stop working, making it impossible to use its different features.

Common Problems With Adjustable Beds – And How to Fix Them


An adjustable bed can last more than ten years if you take care of it. However, there are common problems that can happen even if you are careful with the bed’s adjustable mechanism.

My Adjustable Bed Is Stuck

If your adjustable bed is stuck in a specific position, it usually means there’s a power supply malfunction. You can easily fix it by performing a troubleshoot of your adjustable bed.

To perform a troubleshoot, you only need to unplug the device and wait for around five minutes or more if possible. After five minutes, you can connect it again and test it to see if the problem is fixed.

Another reason why your adjustable bed is stuck might be the child lock. This feature prevents the bed from switching positions whenever it is active.

So, before doing anything else, check that the lock is not engaged. Most locks are located on the right side of the headrest of the bed. If yours is not, you’ll need to check the bed’s owner manual.

Your adjustable bed should be working now, but if that’s not the case, you can proceed to try the following fix:

  1. 1Unplug your adjustable bed and check there are no problems with the power outlet or supply.
  2. 2If there’s no problems, remove the mattress and all accessories from the bed.
  3. 3With someone’s help, flip the adjustable bed to access its mechanism.
  4. 4Locate the actuator of the bed part that is stuck. This locking device keeps the bed in a raised or flat position.
  5. 5Once you’ve located the actuator, remove its lock from the bed. It should release the stuck part.
  6. 6Lock the actuator to the bed’s mechanism again.
  7. 7Put the bed in its place and connect it.
  8. 8Test if every feature works before replacing the mattress, bedding, and accessories.

Note: This process can be challenging and dangerous to do by yourself. So, we recommend asking for someone else’s help when fixing an adjustable bed, especially if it is a bigger size like a queen or king.

If you need a more visual guide on how to fix a stuck adjustable bed, you can check out this video tutorial:

My Adjustable Bed Moves on Its Own

An adjustable bed is designed only to move when you trigger its mechanism with your remote. Your adjustable bed shouldn’t move on its own, and if it does, you need to get off the bed and stay away from it.

Wait to see if the bed stops moving. If it doesn’t, unplug it. This situation is not common, but you can fix it by troubleshooting the bed.

Wait between five and ten minutes before plugging the bed back in. Now, check if there’s any problems when switching positions or using one of its extra features.

Note: Your adjustable bed moving on its own is a significant problem that could lead to accidents. If troubleshooting the bed doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to contact your provider’s customer support. Keep the bed unplugged until you’ve been given a solution.

Why Is My Adjustable Bed Beeping

Adjustable beds have different alarms that let you know something is wrong. In most cases, your adjustable bed will beep because you’ve set the alarm to track your sleeping progress or to wake you up at a specific time.

However, if that’s not the case, don’t worry. There are other reasons why it happens that you can easily fix.

  1. 1There’s an Issue with the Lifting Mechanism

One of the most common reasons your adjustable bed beeps is the lifting mechanism. To be more precise, there’s likely a problem or an obstruction with the mechanism.

So, unplug your unit and lift the bed so that you have access to the motor. Check for any obstructions at each lifting mechanism and actuator. If there are no obstructions, you can check if there are any visible problems with the motor.

Note: If you can detect something wrong with the lifting mechanism, you should contact customer support for servicing.

  1. 2The Remote Is Synchronizing

Your bed might also be beeping because the remote control is synchronizing. During this process, the adjustable bed might beep to let you know if the synchronization has been successful or not.

If the remote is not synchronizing, you’ll need to troubleshoot the bed. Unplug the bed for around ten minutes and connect it again. The remote control should be paired automatically unless you have more than one adjustable bed nearby.

Note: The remote control is an essential part of your adjustable bed. If it is not working correctly, you’ll need a replacement. Contact the brand’s customer service team to see if your warranty covers the cost of a new remote.

  1. 3There Was a Power Outage

One more reason your adjustable bed is beeping is the lack of power or a problem with the power supply. Usually, if there’s insufficient power to let the bed operate correctly, it will activate a sort of alarm or beeping. This beeping is constant and won’t stop until you fix the power supply problem.

If there’s a problem with the power supply, you might need to contact your adjustable bed provider. It should offer you servicing or another solution to your problem. Remember that a power malfunction should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent fires.

How to Fix a Squeaky Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are mechanical devices that use joints to provide a wide selection of positions. These joints work similarly to other lifting mechanisms. It means they will make noise if they are not adequately lubricated.

If your adjustable bed has been getting squeaky lately, you should start lubricating the joints before looking for other solutions.

My Adjustable Bed Is Noisy

The main reason your adjustable bed is noisy is because of the weight capacity. If you exceed the capacity, the bed will need to make more effort when switching positions. This strain can cause extra noise.

You can reduce the weight on your adjustable bed frame and base to avoid this problem. So, consider getting a lighter mattress, removing some accessories, or using fewer pillows. The more weight you can remove, the better it will be for your bed.

Note: Adjustable beds don’t last forever, and once they’ve been used for more than fifteen years, they can start making a lot of noise. If your bed has already been with you for multiple years, it might be time to consider updating it to a newer model.

How to Fix a Motor On an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds need proper maintenance to last. Without the necessary care, your adjustable bed can start malfunctioning, starting with the motor that lifts the different joints and mechanisms.

There’s not an easy way to fix an adjustable bed motor unless you have previous knowledge of mechanical engineering. We recommend contacting customer service and support to get professional help.

However, if you want to perform the motor replacement by yourself, here’s a video that explains it in detail:

How to Fix Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Noisy Motor

Here’s what you need to do to fix an adjustable bed noisy motor:

  1. 1Unplug your adjustable bed and wait a couple of minutes to let the motor cool.
  2. 2Remove all weight and pressure on your bed’s base and frame.
  3. 3Flip the bed. Do not do it alone as it can be too heavy and dangerous.  
  4. 4Ensure you’ve lubricated every part of the adjustable mechanism, including the motor.
  5. 5Remove any possible obstructions around the motor area.

Old adjustable bed motors will start making noise whenever you switch positions. If that’s your situation, you should consider getting a replacement instead of trying to fix the problem. It will be cheaper in the long term.

How to Fix a Shaky Adjustable Bed

A shaky adjustable bed can mean there is something wrong with the joints or adjustable legs. The only way to fix this problem is to locate the part or component that is not working correctly and tighten it as hard as possible. Once tightened, the shakiness of your bed should stop.

If the problem doesn’t stop after tightening the different loose parts, you’ll need to contact your adjustable bed customer support. Sometimes there’s a problem with the entire mechanism, which requires professional servicing and replacement parts.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Adjustable Bed

The cost of fixing an adjustable bed depends on the model, size, and warranty. The bigger and more complex the device is, the more it will cost to fix it.

Furthermore, the warranty will determine whether it is a big investment. If the warranty covers all the replacement parts, transportation fees, and labor costs, fixing your adjustable bed will cost almost nothing.

However, if your warranty has already expired, it will be expensive to repair it. So, before deciding whether to fix or replace your adjustable bed, you should first check if your warranty is still valid and what it covers.

These are some of the different warranties offered for adjustable beds:

  • Full warranty: The full warranty covers replacement parts, transportation fees, and labor costs. However, it tends to last only one year for most adjustable bed models.
  • Limited warranty: The limited warranty is the most common option. It covers some replacement parts and delivery fees for specific areas. However, this warranty doesn’t cover transportation or servicing.
  • Extended warranty: An extended warranty is added to the warranty that already comes with your adjustable bed. This option usually works as a full warranty, but you’ll have to pay extra for it.

Without a warranty, the cost of fixing an adjustable bed can vary between 1000 and 3000 USD, depending on the problem and size. Sometimes, it is better and cheaper to simply replace your adjustable bed with a newer model.

How to Fix an Adjustable Bed Remote

Your adjustable bed remote is one of the most critical components of the entire sleeping system. If the remote control starts malfunctioning, it can ruin your whole experience. That’s why fixing it should be a priority.

The first thing you need to do is check whether the batteries are working. You can do this by replacing the batteries with new ones. You can also place the batteries in another remote to see if they work.

However, if the batteries are not the problem, you’ll need to troubleshoot your adjustable bed and repair the remote:

  1. 1Unplug the bed from its power source.
  2. 2Keep it unplugged for around ten minutes or more if possible.
  3. 3Connect it again.
  4. 4If you have one adjustable bed nearby, the remote will be paired automatically.

This process usually takes around three minutes, but it can take more depending on your adjustable bed model.

How to Fix Loose Adjustable Bed Feet

It is hazardous to allow your adjustable bed’s legs to wiggle. The longer you leave the bed wiggling around, the looser the leg will get.

Once the leg gets completely loose, you won’t be able to fix it, and you’ll have to get a replacement. Additionally, it might cause the bed to fall, damaging it and possibly injuring you.

To avoid this problem, you first need to locate the leg that is wiggling. Tighten it up and test the bed before using it. If the wiggling continues, you should check if there’s more than one loose leg causing the problem.

Most adjustable bed brands and manufacturers sell replacement parts like legs and other essential components. So, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to find a suitable replacement for your bed’s legs.


Adjustable beds are incredible devices with benefits for your sleep and health. However, these devices can malfunction or stop working altogether. A stuck adjustable bed is one of the most common problems you’ll find. It happens because of a power supply malfunction and can be easily fixed by troubleshooting the bed.

If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, you’ll need to fix the bed manually. This process is not complicated, but it requires help as you’ll need to flip the bed to gain access to the lifting mechanism. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to contact your adjustable bed’s customer service to get professional help.


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