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Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting: Complete Guide for Owners

By Maurice

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting

Sven and Son manufactures high-quality adjustable bed bases accessible to anyone, thanks to affordable prices. However, even if the beds are durable and have excellent weight capacity, they can malfunction from time to time. So, what are the most common problems with Sven and Son’s adjustable bed bases, and how can you fix them?

The most common problem with Sven and Son adjustable beds is when the adjustable frame stops working. To fix it, you first need to check the power supply. If nothing is wrong there, you need to troubleshoot your adjustable bed. Unplug the bed for more than five minutes and connect it again.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a complete look at Sven and Son adjustable bed troubleshooting and common problems. You’ll also learn how to set up your new bed and when to contact the company for a replacement.

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos


Sven and Son adjustable bed bases are designed for easy setup and assembly. They shouldn’t take more than five minutes, but we recommend having some help for this process as it can be risky to do it alone.

Here’s what you need to do to set up your Sven and Son adjustable bed:

  1. 1Take the box to the room where you will use the bed.
  2. 2Carefully open the box.
  3. 3Ensure every component is inside. There should be an adjustable bed base, mattress retainers, a remote control, bed legs, and fixings.
  4. 4Now, remove the plastic cover and place the base on the floor with the bottom facing up.
  5. 5Screw the legs into each leg hole.
  6. 6Ensure the motor and the power supply are connected.
  7. 7Flip the bed. Do not do it alone because if the bed falls, the mechanism might get damaged, or you can get hurt.
  8. 8Connect the power supply to a power outlet.
  9. 9Pair your adjustable bed base with the remote control.
  10. 10Now try using the bed without a mattress to see if it’s working correctly.

Once you have finished the assembly process, you can place the mattress on top and dress your brand-new Sven and Son adjustable bed.

However, if you need a more visual guide to help you assemble the bed, you can check out this video tutorial:

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Not Working – Common Problems

Sven and Son provides affordable adjustable bed bases with premium features and excellent durability. Most of its models can withstand up to 900 lbs (408.2 kg) while remaining less expensive than most competitors. However, they are technological devices, and they can malfunction.

Here are the most common issues with Sven and Son adjustable beds.

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Stuck

Your adjustable bed might be stuck because of an obstruction in the lifting mechanism. With someone’s help, you can flip the base to assess whether or not there’s something blocking the frame and remove it if necessary.

If the problem is not an obstruction, then you need to verify if the power supply is working by doing the following:

  1. 1Unplug your adjustable bed.
  2. 2Connect the power supply to another power outlet.
  3. 3Test your bed to see if it is working again.

Note: If the problem persists, you’ll need to contact Sven and Son’s customer service team to get your adjustable bed serviced.

The Features Are Not Working

When one or more features of your adjustable bed base are not working, you’ll need to troubleshoot them. This problem happens because of an issue with the internal mechanism and the remote control, meaning the bed needs to be reset to its factory settings.

Here’s what you need to do to troubleshoot your Sven and Son adjustable bed:

  1. 1Unplug the power supply and wait for five minutes.
  2. 2When the five minutes are up, you can connect it again.
  3. 3Let the bed power up and pair the remote control again.
  4. 4Test your bed and every feature to see if the problem was fixed.

Note: We recommend using a surge protector with devices like computers, TVs, and adjustable beds.

The Mattress Slides Off

Your mattress might slide off your adjustable bed base when switching positions because it is not the right size or type. An adjustable bed mattress needs to be flexible, durable, and slightly bigger than one for standard beds. We recommend buying the mattress in a bundle with your new adjustable bed to prevent any compatibility issues.

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If you already have a mattress and cannot buy a new one, don’t worry. There are still some tricks you can try.

  1. 1Ensure the mattress retainer bars are correctly installed. These retainers keep the mattress from falling off, but they won’t prevent unwanted movements if they are not the correct size.
  2. 2Place a yoga mat between the mattress and the adjustable base. It should create enough friction to prevent unwanted movements.
  3. 3Alternatively, you can get some velcro stick strips. Just stick the strip to the mattress with the velcro part directly against the adjustable bed base.

Note: We recommend using a surge protector with devices like computers, TVs, and adjustable beds.

The Remote Is Not Working

Remote controls are necessary for your adjustable bed, but they can get lost or stop working pretty quickly. If your remote control is not working, you first need to check whether the batteries are still functional.

Once you’ve checked the batteries, you can try troubleshooting your bed and pairing the remote again. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to replace the remote, which you can do by contacting Sven and Son’s customer service.

Sven and Son’s Adjustable Bed Is Noisy

Sven and Son adjustable bed bases have excellent weight capacities. However, if you exceed that limit, you’ll make the lifting mechanism work more than it should. That extra work will cause excessive noise when switching positions or using any extra features.

To prevent or fix excessive noise, reduce the weight on your adjustable bed base. You can remove some bedding and heavy accessories or replace the mattress with a lighter model.

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Manuals

Sven and Son does not offer online resources like owner’s manuals or installation guides. If you want to find one of its manuals, you’ll need to buy an adjustable bed from the company and save it carefully. However, if you lose your manual, you can contact Sven and Son’s customer service for a replacement or a solution to your problem.

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Remote Control Replacement


The easiest way to find the right replacement for your remote is to contact the company’s customer service. Sven and Son offers a wide selection of replacement parts and components, including remote controls for every model.

If your warranty is still valid, you might even get the remote for free without paying for transportation or labor fees.

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Parts – Where to Buy

Sven and Son provides all replacement parts for each adjustable bed base they sell and manufacture. Buying the parts should not be expensive as long as your warranty is still current, and in some cases, it won’t cost anything. So, check what your warranty covers before contacting the company for a replacement part.

Sven and Son Customer Service

The company provides excellent 24/7 customer service for all of its clients. It also has a very strong social media presence, compensating for the fact that it doesn’t have physical stores or available headquarters in the country. You can also call Sven and Son at (904)-906-2584 for a faster solution to your problem.

These are Sven and Son’s active social media accounts:


Sven and Son is a reliable brand that offers high-quality adjustable bed bases at reasonable prices. However, these adjustable beds are not perfect, and they can present some issues after months of constant use. If your bed malfunctions, check the power supply and batteries of the remote control before doing anything else.

You can also troubleshoot your adjustable bed to reset it to the factory settings. Just unplug the power supply from the power outlet. Then, wait around five minutes before connecting it again. Pair the remote and check if the problem was fixed.

If nothing seems to work, you’ll need to contact Sven and Son’s customer service team. Before contacting the company, check if your warranty is still valid and what it covers so you can get the best possible deal for replacement parts.


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