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Dynasty Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting: Complete Guide for Owners

By Maurice

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting

Dynasty is one of the most popular online adjustable bed brands in the country. It offers high-quality devices with luxurious features at reasonable prices. However, these models are not free from malfunctions, and they have some common problems you might need to learn to fix.

The common problems with Dynasty adjustable beds can be easily solved by troubleshooting the device. It is not a challenging process, but it can take time and patience. You need to disconnect the power outlet for around five minutes. Connect it again, and your bed should have been reset.

In today’s guide, we’ll give you the complete Dynasty adjustable bed troubleshooting resource. We’ll delve into the most common problems and how you can fix them. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot your adjustable bed and when to contact the customer support service.

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos


Setting up your new Dynasty adjustable bed should be a pretty straightforward process. These beds were designed to be easy to install, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, you will likely need assistance, especially if you’ve bought one of the bigger sizes like a king or California king model.

Here’s what you need to do to set up your new Dynasty adjustable bed:

  1. 1Once you have the adjustable bed box, you need to place it in your bedroom. Otherwise, it will be impossible to move the assembled bed through the door, even with someone’s help.  
  2. 2Open the box carefully. Some of the pieces and parts are delicate, so ensure you do not damage them while opening the package.
  3. 3Now, it is time to remove the adjustable frame and base.
  4. 4Ensure that all the parts are included: controller, bed frame, mattress retainer, motor, power supply, and legs.
  5. 5Place the frame on its back so that you can have access to the motor and leg holes.
  6. 6Screw in the legs and connect the power supply to the motor.
  7. 7Now, with the help of someone else, you need to flip the bed.
  8. 8Once that’s done, you can connect the power supply to a power outlet.

Installing and setting up your new Dynasty adjustable bed should be easy. Still, if you need a more visual guide, you can check this video tutorial:

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Adjustable beds are incredible devices that offer a wide range of health and sleep benefits. If you buy one from a trusted and popular brand, your adjustable bed should function well for a long time. However, adjustable beds are mechanical and electronic devices, which can eventually malfunction.

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Stuck

One of the most common and annoying problems you’ll find is when your adjustable bed gets stuck. It can happen for various reasons but will mostly happen if the power supply gets unplugged when switching positions.

If that happened to you, here’s what you can do:

  1. 1You need to locate the mechanical part that controls the stuck mechanism.
  2. 2First, lift the mattress to have easy access to the internal mechanism. Do it with someone’s help because it can be too heavy for just one person.
  3. 3Locate the mechanical part. It usually has a different color than the rest of the steel components.
  4. 4Once you’ve located the mechanical part, you need to remove the bolts that keep it connected to the frame.
  5. 5After freeing the mechanical part, you should be able to push the bed to a flat position.

This method is not a solution to the problem. It will only give you a flat surface you can use to sleep until you contact Dynasty’s customer support. You’ll need to check with them whether you need a replacement or a complete repair.

Note: Here’s a video tutorial explaining this process in more detail:

The Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

Remote controls malfunction frequently. You might drop them, or they get lost and appear after a day or so. However, the first thing you need to try if your remote is not working is to check the batteries. More often than not, changing batteries will solve any problem with the remote control.

If the problem is not the battery, you might have the child safety lock on. This feature prevents the bed from triggering by accident.

Each Dynasty adjustable bed includes this feature in a different location. So, to disable it, you first need to locate it. Use the installation manual to check where it is.

One or More Functions Are Not Working

Another common problem of Dynasty adjustable beds is that one or more functions won’t work properly or stop working altogether. This can happen for various reasons, but they all have a single solution. You’ll need to troubleshoot your adjustable bed.

Here’s what you have to do to troubleshoot your Dynasty adjustable bed:

  1. 1The first thing to do is to check the power supply. Ensure there’s no problem with the power outlet that could be preventing your bed from functioning properly.
  2. 2If the power supply and outlet are working properly, you can proceed to troubleshoot your adjustable bed.
  3. 3Unplug the power supply for around five minutes, or more if you have the time.
  4. 4Connect the power supply again.
  5. 5Your adjustable bed should now be reset to its factory settings. You might need to pair the remote controller again.

If after troubleshooting your adjustable bed it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Dynasty’s customer support and service. Take advantage of your warranty and get someone to repair your adjustable bed.

Bed Is Too Noisy

If you notice your adjustable bed is too noisy, even if it has an ultra-quiet motor, you might have a problem with the mattress. When the mattress is too big or too small, it can rub against the headboard or bed frame.

The best solution for this problem is to separate the mattress from whatever is rubbing against it. However, you will not solve this issue if your mattress is not the right size for your adjustable bed.

Another reason your adjustable bed gets noisy is that you surpass its weight capacity. Each Dynasty adjustable bed has a different weight limit, and if you exceed it, it will start malfunctioning.

For this problem, you’ll need to reduce the overall weight of your bedroom accessories, bedding, and mattress. The best way to do it is to use fewer pillows, get a lighter quilt, or even buy a lighter topper and mattress.

Mattress Keeps Sliding Off

Another common problem with Dynasty adjustable beds is the mattress compatibility. Not all mattresses will work with your new adjustable bed, and if you don’t get the right one, it will slide off the bed when switching positions.

If you’ve already bought a mattress and find out it is not the right size, you might want to return it and buy a new one. However, if that’s not possible, you can still try a couple of options to solve this problem.

  • Velcro stick strips: You can use high-quality velcro stick strips. These strips can help you prevent unwanted movement when switching the bed’s position. You only need to stick them to the mattress and place the velcro part against the frame’s surface. It will create the necessary friction to prevent sliding.
  • Yoga mat: Yoga mats were designed to prevent unwanted movement when practicing. They have anti-slip surfaces that can prevent your mattress from sliding off. Just place a mat between the mattress and the surface of the adjustable frame and test it before using it.
  • Mattress retainer: Almost all adjustable beds come with a mattress retainer to prevent the mattress from falling when switching positions. However, not everyone uses them because they are not stylish. If your mattress slides off, you should consider using this item as it can help you prevent accidents.

Note: If you’ve tried these methods and your mattress still slides off, you’ll need to buy a new one with the correct size.

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Manuals

Dynasty Mattress Inc doesn’t provide online or digital resources like manuals or installation guides. You can only access these resources by buying one of its many adjustable bed models.

Another option you have is to contact the company directly to check whether or not they can provide you with this information before buying.

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Remote Control Replacement

The best way to get a replacement for your Dynasty adjustable bed control is to contact the company directly. You can also be lucky and find a replacement on Amazon, eBay, eCrate, and other online retailers.

Additionally, Dynasty offers a solid warranty when buying one of its adjustable beds. You can use that warranty to get a remote control replacement for free. However, the warranty does not cover transportation fees or deliveries.

All adjustable beds by Dynasty have a 10-year limited warranty you can use to replace your remote control. But, the Reverie and Leggett & Platt models, on the other hand, have a different type of warranty. You will have to ask those companies directly to replace your adjustable bed remote control.

Dynasty Adjustable Bed Parts – Where to Buy

You can easily buy replacement parts for your adjustable bed directly on Dynasty’s website and online stores, including Amazon. However, finding the right part for your specific bed can be challenging if it’s an old model. Therefore, we recommend contacting Dynasty’s customer support service.  

Dynasty Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube)

Dynasty offers 24/7 online customer support and service as it doesn’t have any physical stores. You can choose to chat with one of its customer service experts or try calling them at (800) 208-2713. You can use these two options to track down your order, register your warranty, or get help in case of malfunctions.

Here are Dynasty’s social media accounts:

The company doesn’t have a strong media presence, but they seem to be more active on Instagram.


Dynasty adjustable beds are durable and reliable, but they can still malfunction. One of the most common problems is that the bed gets stuck in one position. If that happens, you need to detach the mechanical part from the frame. That way, you can push the bed to a flat position so that you can use it to sleep.

Troubleshooting your Dynasty adjustable bed should not take longer than ten minutes. Just unplug the power supply and wait five minutes or more. Then, connect it again and link the remote controller to the bed.

Overall, Dynasty offers good customer support and a solid warranty. However, it doesn’t cover transportation or delivery fees and doesn’t provide a return policy for adjustable beds.


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