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Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting: Complete Guide for Owners

By Maurice

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting

Amerisleep is one of the most popular and trusted American bed manufacturers. It provides high-quality mattresses, adjustable beds, and similar products. However, its products are not perfect, and they can malfunction.

The most common problem with adjustable beds is that the mechanism can get stuck. If that happens, you need to free the motor from the base. That will not solve the problem, but it will give you a bed to sleep on until you contact Amerisleep’s customer service.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a look at Amerisleep adjustable bed troubleshooting, including all the resources you need, from contact numbers and social media accounts to what to do if you need a replacement part.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

Setting up your Amerisleep adjustable bed is not a challenging process. The beds were designed to be user-friendly, easy to install, and easy to use.

So, getting your adjustable bed ready to use should not take a long time. However, we recommend not doing it alone as it can be too heavy to move.

Here are the steps to assemble your Amerisleep adjustable bed:

  1. 1The first thing you need to do is move the box to the room where you’ll set up the bed.
  2. 2Ensure there’s enough space to maneuver around while setting the bed up.
  3. 3Open the box carefully.  
  4. 4Remove all the accessory items: the power supply, legs, remote control, batteries, owner’s manual, warranty paperwork, and the retainer bar.
  5. 5Now, remove the bed base and place it on its back.
  6. 6Locate the legs and install them. You should not require any special tool for this process.
  7. 7It is time to connect the power supply to the cord found under the bed. Once you’ve installed the power supply, you can go to the next step.
  8. 8You can now install the retainer bar to prevent your mattress from sliding off.
  9. 9Flip the adjustable base and connect the power supply to the power outlet.
  10. 10Now, place the mattress on the base and test your bed.

If you require a more visual guide, you can check out this video tutorial for setting up an Amerisleep adjustable bed:

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them


Adjustable beds are not perfect devices, and they can malfunction. That’s why it is essential to know how to troubleshoot them. You also need to know when it is a must to contact the company for a replacement.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Stuck

One of the most challenging problems to solve is when your adjustable bed gets stuck in one position. It happens because the bed gets unplugged accidentally when it is in zero-gravity or other positions. When that happens, the mechanism will not get back to flat or move at all until you’ve fixed it.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. 1Remove the mattress and other accessories.
  2. 2Flip the adjustable base and put it on one side.
  3. 3You need to have easy access to the motor.
  4. 4Locate the mechanical part that lifts the bed frame.  What you want to do is free it entirely from the base. The best way to do it is by removing all the bolts that attach it to the bed.
  5. 5Once the mechanical part is freed, the bed should go back to a flat position.  

This will not fix your adjustable bed. However, it can give you a flat surface you can use to sleep on until you get it serviced. If you need a more visual guide, you can use this video tutorial:

Remote Controller Is Not Working

Another common issue with adjustable beds is that the remote control stops working after a couple of months of use. It might happen because the batteries have died, so you should first check the batteries before troubleshooting the bed.

If the battery is not the problem, here’s what you can do:

  • Child safety: All adjustable beds include a child and pet safety feature. It is designed to keep the bed from triggering when your kids play on the bed. Your adjustable bed and controller won’t work when the feature is on.
  • Troubleshooting: Unplug the bed for around five minutes to reset it. Plug in the bed again, but this time in a different outlet. You need to set up the remote again as it has been reset.
  • Contact Amerisleep: If even after trying these solutions, your controller still doesn’t work, you should contact the company. During the first year of the warranty, you’ll get a free controller replacement without any extra charge.

You Cannot Use One or More Functions

The best way to deal with this common problem is to troubleshoot your adjustable bed. It is not a challenging process, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot your Amerisleep adjustable bed:

  1. 1Check if the problem is the power supply first.
  2. 2Unplug the power cord and plug it back into another power outlet. If the bed still doesn’t work, you can proceed to the next step.
  3. 3Disconnect the power supply for more than five minutes. This should reset all the electronic components, even the controller.
  4. 4Plug in the power supply and test the bed. You might need to set up the controller again before trying any positions or additional features.
  5. 5The bed should be working now.  

Note: If the bed is still not working after troubleshooting, you need to contact Amerisleep’s customer service for information about repairs and replacements.

The Bed Makes a Lot of Noise When Switching Positions

The main reason this happens is that the frame or headboard is rubbing against the mattress when switching positions. To fix this problem, you need to separate the headboard or frame from the mattress to prevent any rubbing.

It shouldn’t take long, but it usually helps if your mattress is the right size for your bed. If the mattress is too big or too small, it will be difficult to prevent rubbing or sliding. Ensure you have a mattress of the correct size before using your adjustable bed.  

Another reason your adjustable bed is making a lot of noise is that you exceed the bed’s weight capacity. Every adjustable bed has a different weight capacity, depending on the brand and size.

If you are overloading your bed, you need to reduce the weight. You can buy lighter mattresses, pillows, and bedding, or you could buy a different adjustable bed with a higher weight capacity. Sometimes replacing your adjustable bed can be more affordable than replacing the mattress and all the other accessories.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Manuals

Amerisleep doesn’t provide digital manuals for its users, so you will have to check the owner’s manual once you buy your adjustable bed. However, there is an installation and setup guide you can check here:

You should contact the company’s customer service and support for more information about Amerisleep setup guides, owner’s manual, and other resources.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Remote Control Replacement

If your bed controller is not working after troubleshooting the adjustable mechanism, you will need a replacement. You can only get a replacement for the controller by buying directly with Amerisleep.

In this situation, you can take advantage of the warranty. Amerisleep offers warranties on every part of the bed, including the remote.

For the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+, you have one year of a fully-covered warranty, meaning you’ll get the remote for free in case of malfunctions. After the first year, you’ll get the controller for free but Amerisleep won’t pay transportation fees. You’ll get special discounts during the next two to five years, and after ten years you’ll need to pay full price.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed has a similar warranty, but it offers fewer discounts when buying replacement parts. The first year is a fully-covered warranty, the second year you’ll get free parts, and the third year onwards you’ll pay for everything with a special discount.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Parts – Where to Buy

You can get replacement parts for your Amerisleep adjustable bed by contacting the company’s customer service. In this situation, you should take advantage of the warranty you got when you bought your adjustable bed.

Both adjustable beds come with a 10-year warranty, and the first year of that warranty covers any replacement or repair. It also covers labor and transportations fees, but only during the first year. After that, you’ll have to pay for the transportation, and by the end of the warranty, you’ll have to cover every part.

Amerisleep Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube)

Amerisleep provides 24/7 customer support, so you can contact them at any time if you need help with your adjustable bed. You can chat with one of the company’s experts through the website’s contact us section or call (800) 500-4233.

Here you can find Amerisleep’s social media accounts:


Amerisleep is one of the most trusted and popular adjustable bed brands on the market. However, that doesn’t mean its products will never malfunction. So, if your Amerisleep adjustable bed is not working properly, you can easily troubleshoot it to reset it to its factory setup.

If troubleshooting doesn’t help, you’ll need to contact Amerisleep’s customer service. The company offers 24/7 support. It is always ready to help you fix any issue with your bed. However, the cost of replacements and repairs will get higher, depending on how long you’ve had your adjustable bed.


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