Best Accessories for Adjustable Beds

Best Accessories for Adjustable Beds (2021): Bed Rails, Bed Skirts, Headboards & Much More!

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Best Accessories for Adjustable Beds

Getting an adjustable bed for your home is a great way to treat pain, relax, and recover from injuries/deal with health problems. They make your sleep better, which in turn improves your mood, immune health, and can even extend your life expectancy!

That said, adjustable beds aren’t without their flaws. They’re prone to mattress slipping, can be hard to get in and out of, and the remotes that you need to operate them tend to go missing. That’s why today we’re going to look at the best accessories for adjustable beds!

What Types of Accessories are Available for Adjustable Beds?


When you buy a new bed, the headboard and footboard are often sold separately. No longer are these components an integral part of the bed itself; rather, they attach to the small steel frame of the bed. Getting a headboard for your adjustable bed can make it more stylish and feel more a part of your home.

Often, you can use bolts to attach a newer headboard onto your adjustable bed base, but older headboards that attach with hooks require a special adapter bracket. These brackets are easy to find and use, and they make it possible to use any headboard with your new adjustable bed.

Headboards don’t add any physical benefits to your adjustable bed. Instead, they’re for aesthetic value only. Aesthetics, however, aren’t totally worthless- it’s just that a headboard isn’t going to help relieve back pain.


Crucial to your ability to enjoy an adjustable bed, believe it or not, are the sheets you choose. If you get a fitted sheet that cannot adequately grip the mattress, you might be annoyed with how often you have to re-attach the sheet to the mattress corners after you raise or lower the bed.

Finding a fitted sheet with deep pockets (the elastic part that holds onto the corner of the mattress) is key. When the sheet can hold onto the mattress, you can adjust the bed all you want without worrying about having to fix your fitted sheet over and over.

If the sheets you choose still fall off the mattress on your adjustable bed, you may need to get a set of elastic straps that hold the fitted sheet in place. These straps are a bit of a nuisance to put on, but it’s still better to have to do it only when you change the sheet rather than every time you adjust the bed.

FeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps Criss-Cross - Sheets Stays Suspenders Keeping Fitted Or Flat Bedsheet in Place - for Twin Queen King Mattress Holders Elastic Clips Grippers Fasteners Garters Bands

Bed Rails

If you have balance issues like vertigo or joint issues that make it hard to get out of bed, a bed rail is exactly what you need. Similarly, if you are at risk of falling out of your bed or use a narrow, twin-size bed, you can also benefit from using a bed rail.

Bed rails for adjustable beds need to be able to work in one of two ways:

  1. 1
    Moving with the bed as it’s adjusted
  2. 2
    Attach to the bed frame in a location that won’t prevent the bed from moving.

This means you can’t just choose any bed rail and hope it will work. The bed rails you’ll find further down in this article are perfect for adjustable beds - stick with them!


Just like bed rails, standard bedskirts don’t play nice with adjustable bed frames. They can get caught in the metal, causing potentially disastrous mechanical errors. Even if they don’t cause problems with the bed’s moving pieces, they look pretty awkward when the bed is raised.

So, instead of getting any bedskirt or using the same one you’ve had for years, you need a bed skirt that will attach to the legs or foundation of the bed base. That way, the skirt stays in place and does its job no matter what position the sleeping surface is in!

Bed Bridges

If you have a split king bed - a King Size bed created by putting a pair of Twin XLs together -  chances are you’ve felt the gap in the middle. Bed bridges fill in that gap, so you can lay with your spouse or partner without feeling that awkward cap.

Bed bridges are often nothing more than a specially-cut piece of foam that sits in the gap between the two mattresses. This piece of foam is easy to remove when you want to use the adjusting function of the bed individually, and the products also typically come with a strap that holds it in place.

If you purchased a split queen or split king bed and found that you didn’t like the gap in the middle, bed bridges can save you thousands compared to the cost of replacing your bed! And, if you ever want to go back to the split functionality, you can do so in less than 5 minutes!

Replacement Remote Controls

Remotes for adjustable beds are more important than your TV remote, but they’re just as easy to remove. Many adjustable beds can be controlled by smartphone apps as well as their remote, but if you cannot, you need to know where to get a suitable replacement.

Some remotes will work only with one specific model or brand of adjustable bed, but many others work with multiple brands. Before you buy a replacement remote, do your research and make sure that it is compatible with your bed. You’ll also have to sync the remote to your bed so that they work, and you can learn how to do that here!

Support Legs

There are two reasons to buy support legs for an adjustable bed. First, your bed may have flimsy legs that are already breaking or will break soon; this is a problem that is far more common with adjustable beds than it should be. Second, the legs on your adjustable bed may be too long or too short for comfort/safety when getting in and out.

In either case, the solution is to order new legs for your adjustable bed. Most legs are universal and simply screw into the base, so you don’t have to look too hard to find legs that will work. But, you should still be careful to make sure the legs you buy are compatible to avoid an annoying return.

Best Adjustable Bed Accessories for 2021

Best Headboards for Adjustable Bed

Best Contemporary/Modern Headboard for Adjustable Bed: Ama Maker Queen Size Headboard

Ama Maker 12.6inch Bed Frames Queen Size with Headboard and Footboard Modern Platform Bed Frame Steel Slat Support Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support Easy Assembly

This headboard is affordable and simple, combining black steel pipe with a rich wood board to create a subtle, appealing headboard. If you’re over the large, ornate headboards of the past, this inexpensive and easy-to-install model is perfect for you!

Best Traditional Style Headboard For Adjustable Bed: Safavieh Home Harlow Headboard

Safavieh Home Harlow Traditional Grey Velvet Headboard, Queen

If you’re comfortable spending a little more on your headboard, this elegant upholstered headboard from Safavieh Home is ideal for you. The upholstery is soft and uses an understated blue-grey color, and the shape of the headboard is traditional but not flashy. It’ll make an excellent complement to your home decor style without taking up too much attention - exactly what a headboard should do.

Best Value Headboard for Adjustable Bed: Lucid Mid-Rise Vertical Upholstered Headboard

Lucid Mid-Rise Vertical Channel-Upholstered Headboard-Adjustable Height from 36” to 48”, Queen, Black

No headboard is cheap, but the Lucid Mid-Rise offers a great combination of value and style. It features a simple yet appealing design and will make your room look better without adding too much to your overall bed cost. It also has an upholstered surface, meaning that’s soft and cozy - perfect for your bedroom atmosphere!

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds: CGK Extra Deep Pocket Sheets - 19 Colors

Extra Deep Pocket Sheets - 6 Piece Sheet Set - Queen Sheets Deep Pocket- Extra Deep Pocket Queen Sheets - Deep Fitted Sheet Set - Extra Deep Pocket Queen Size Sheets - Easily Fits Extra Deep Mattress

Perfect for thick mattresses and adjustable beds, these sheets have pocket corners that stretch up to 24 inches! That means, no matter what position you have your adjustable bed in, you should never have to deal with the sheets falling off.

With 19 different colors to choose from, these sheets are sure to fit any decorating style you might be going for. The set also comes with 4 pillowcases and a flat sheet, all for a price that won’t have you balking. If you want ultra-luxury sheets, you may have to look elsewhere, but if you want sheets that won’t fall off your adjustable bed, you’ve found them!

Best Bed Rail for Adjustable Beds: OasisSpace Bed Rail

OasisSpace Bed Rail - Bedside Fall Prevention Grab Bar Mobility Aid for Elderly Seniors, Handicap - Adjustable Adult Bed Rail Cane fits King, Queen, Full, Twin - Stability Standing Bar Handle

Because it is only 12 inches wide, this bed rail can be attached to your adjustable bed base nearly anywhere you like without compromising its ability to raise/lower on command. It doesn’t strap to the bed frame or mattress, so it won’t get caught on anything or accidentally break part of the bed.

On the downside, because it doesn’t securely attach to anything, this rail is only safe to lean on when the bed is in a flat position if you place it near the head area. If you are sitting at an elevated position, you’ll need to place it right in the center of the mattress so that it remains flat when the bed is raised up.

That said, this is still an affordable and safe bed rail that works with any adjustable bed! If you have osteoarthritis, have had a stroke, or are recovering from an injury, you need a bed rail like this one to help you avoid falls.

Best Bedskirt for Adjustable Bed: Purefit Wrap-Around Ruffled Bed Skirt

PureFit Wrap Around Ruffled Bed Skirt with Adjustable Elastic Belt - 18 Inch Drop Easy to Put On, Wrinkle Free Bedskirt Dust Ruffles, Bed Frame Cover for Queen, King and C-King Size Beds, White

Finding a good bedskirt is easier said than done when it comes to adjustable beds, but this one should satisfy all your needs! Available in 23 different colors and every mattress size, this 18-inch bed skirt secures tightly to the foundation of your adjustable bed base, so it won’t be moving with the mattress.

You can secure it with the included adjustable buckle strap or by tying the bedskirt to each leg of the bed. The bedskirt is made from a soft, cotton-style fabric that is easy to clean and work with. If you want to get an adjustable bed but don’t like the lack of a bedskirt or solid wooden frame, this adjustable base-friendly bedskirt is perfect for you!

Best Bed Bridge for Adjustable Bed: Feel at Home Bed Bridge Converter Kit

FeelAtHome Bed Bridge Twin to King Converter Kit - Twin Bed Connector King Maker - Bed Gap Filler to Make Twin Beds Into King - Mattress Connector with Strap for Guests Stayovers

First, the hard truth: no bed bridge will make two Twin XLs feel like a seamless King mattress. However, this bed bridge gets you as close to that seamless, one-mattress feeling than any other. It’s easy to install: lay the foam in the gap between the two mattresses and use the strap to squeeze them together.

It’s an affordable and easily removable way to go from a pair of Twin XL mattresses to a King and back. It’s an imperfect solution that effectively removes that space between two mattresses - and the space between you and your spouse/partner.

Buyer’s Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Adjustable Bed

Look for OEM Replacement Parts

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - parts are those that are designed and built in the same factory as the bed itself. If you need a new remote or legs for your adjustable bed, finding OEM parts is the best way to make sure the parts you buy are going to work.

You can buy aftermarket parts, but there is no guarantee they’ll work as well as the original equipment. In some cases, you won’t have a choice, but when you do have the option it’s always better to choose OEM parts!

Don’t Expect Miracles

When you buy a bed bridge or bed rail for your adjustable bed, it can be tempting to expect perfection - you are spending your hard-earned money, after all. While many adjustable bed accessories are going to be up to your standards, some may not.

That may not be the fault of the accessory, though. Adjustable beds are popular, but adjustable bed accessories aren’t exactly everyday products. This means that, in some cases, “good enough” will have to be good enough. Don’t settle for a bad accessory - make no mistake about that - but don’t be too disheartened if your bed bridge isn’t a miracle solution.

Check for Compatibility

No two adjustable beds are exactly alike - even adjustable beds from the same brand can sometimes be wildly different! That’s why it’s important to check for compatibility before you buy any replacement part or accessory for your adjustable bed. Some accessories, like bed bridges, will be universal but others - remotes in particular - are not.

Note Return Policies

Because each adjustable bed is different, the adjustable bed accessory you choose isn’t guaranteed to be compatible. So, when you’re shopping, make note of the return policy for the products you buy. That way, if it’s just a bad fit, you are only inconvenienced by the time it takes to return the item, not the money you wasted on an unreturnable adjustable bed accessory!

Wrapping Up

There we have it! All the adjustable bed accessories you need to get a great night’s sleep with the ultimate levels of safety and convenience. Which accessory for adjustable beds will you be buying first? Do you have any questions about the products we mentioned? Leave your thoughts below!

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