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Adjustable Bed Frame Manuals: Instruction Manuals for Every Major Brand

By Maurice

adjustable bed frame manual

Adjustable beds are not challenging to use, thanks to their user-friendly designs. However, setting up one of these devices can be tricky. They are very delicate, and if you don’t do it properly, they will not work. So, what can you do to set up your adjustable bed?

Every major adjustable bed manufacturer includes an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Additionally, you can use this instruction manual to troubleshoot your bed when necessary. Still, it is essential to understand that each model is different and requires different care.

In today’s guide, we’ll delve deeper into the many adjustable bed frame manuals for every major brand. You’ll also learn more about each of the most popular brands and the most common problems with adjustable beds.

Common Problems with Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed can offer various benefits for your health and sleep quality. However, it can also present some problems after months of constant use. The issues can be minor or severe depending on the model and brand.

Here are the main problems of owning an adjustable bed:

  • Motor noise: One of the main drawbacks of having an adjustable bed is maintenance. If you don’t do it or you don’t do it properly, you’ll notice the effects. The motor will become noisier than usual, and that can disrupt your sleep.
  • Motor burnout: Another common problem with adjustable beds is motor burnouts. Your motor will stop working altogether, and you’ll have to contact the company if you want it fixed.
  • Worn-out mattresses: Adjustable beds require flexible mattresses because they switch positions constantly. However, the constant movement can also wear down your mattress. Therefore, you’ll need to replace it with more frequency than you’d do with a regular bed frame.
  • Warranty: One of the most common problems with adjustable beds is the fine print in the warranty. So, we recommend being careful when buying one of these devices. Pay attention to whether the company provides a full warranty or not and for how long.
  • Remote controlMost models have wired controls that can be uncomfortable to use but are highly reliable. However, the most luxurious adjustable beds have wireless remotes. These devices can often malfunction because of their low durability and resistance.
  • Connectivity: Another important problem that is common in adjustable beds is connectivity. Most premium models allow for Wi-Fi use and Bluetooth connection so that you can link the bed with your smartphone. This connectivity tends to fail, especially if there are many walls between the router and the bed.

Tip: Proper maintenance and care can prevent most of these problems. The best thing you can do is never exceed the bed’s weight limit and use the adjustable mechanism with moderation.

Adjustable Bed Manuals for Every Major Brand

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Manuals

Blissful Nights is one of the most trusted and popular adjustable bed brands on the market. It specializes in everything related to beds, including high-quality mattresses. However, the company is most famous because of its excellent adjustable beds and affordable prices.

Here are some of the most popular models by Blissful nights:

  • The Blissful Nights z4: The bed is the ultimate Blissful Night model with a zero-gravity position and a handful of unique features. It comes in all sizes, including California King split and twin XL.
  • The Blissful Nights e4: This premium adjustable bed is Blissful Nights’ best-selling model. It comes with a dual-massage motor, a USB port, a zero-gravity position, and more.
  • The Blissful Nights e3: One of the most affordable adjustable Blissful Nights beds. The bed provides basic head tilt and inclination, but it doesn’t offer any extra or premium features.
  • The Blissful Nights a7: This bed is a premium adjustable model that includes a wide range of features. You can easily connect it to your Alexa smart-home device and control it with your voice.
  • The Blissful Nights e2: Is the most affordable option that Blissful Nights offers. This bed provides a user-friendly design and a high-quality wireless remote. It comes in all standard sizes plus California King.

Blissful Nights adjustable beds are user-friendly and easy to set up, but here you can find an instruction manual to help you:

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Manuals

Classic Brands is an American company that started manufacturing waterbeds and waterbed accessories. The company has always sought to innovate to offer the ideal sleeping experience for you.

Nowadays, this popular brand produces everything related to sleep. Whether it is adjustable beds or memory foam mattresses, you’ll find it with Classic Brands.

These are the most popular and high-quality adjustable beds by Classic Brands:

  • Head-Up Adjustable Bed: This basic adjustable bed provides a powerful head tilt to prevent snoring. It is a user-friendly model with an innovative design and excellent affordability. However, it doesn’t include any extra features or complete position customization.
  • The Affordamatic 2.0: This bed is a basic adjustable model. You can use it to reach zero-gravity position, and it has excellent mattress compatibility. Its main drawback is that it only comes in twin XL, full, and queen sizes.
  • The Comfort Posture+: It is Classic Brands’ most popular premium option. This model allows superior position customization and includes a powerful in-built massager. It is the most expensive model, but it is the one that provides the most comfort and convenience.
  • The Comfort Adjustable: This premium adjustable bed includes all of the extra features you can imagine. It has a user-friendly wireless remote, two USB charging ports, zero-gravity positions, and head and foot elevation. This model is also easy to set up and has good mattress compatibility.

You should not have any problems setting up your Classic Brands adjustable bed. However, here you’ll find a complete guide and user manual:

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame Manuals

Nectar Sleep was founded to create the most comfortable sleeping experience for every American. That’s why the company has been innovating with different memory foam mattresses, high-quality pillows, and other bed accessories. One of those innovations led to creating the Nectar adjustable bed frame.  

Nectar only offers one adjustable bed frame. It placed all of its energy into creating this model and marketing it as the ultimate adjustable bed. The bed has the fastest and easiest setup and provides a wide range of features.

Here are some of the benefits of the Nectar adjustable bed:

  • It includes a TV recline setting.
  • You can use it to reach a zero-gravity position.
  • It has an in-built massage with three zones.
  • Its smart design allows you to program your favorite positions.
  • The bed comes with a dual USB charging port.
  • It is an affordable option compared to other beds on the market.

Unfortunately, Nectar only provides a print user manual once you’ve bought the equipment.

Rize Adjustable Bed Manuals

Rize is another reliable company focused on sleep furniture and accessories. It manufactures high-quality adjustable beds, comfortable pillows, memory foam mattresses, and other sleep accessories.

The company believes that the ideal rest brings happiness and health to the body. That’s why it commits to the excellence of its products.

These are the adjustable bed models Rize has to offer:

  • The Up Adjustable: This is the basic and most affordable Rize option available. It allows for a full incline of the headrest, helping you get comfortable and reducing the risk of snoring.
  • The Aviada: It is one of Rize’s premium adjustable beds. The bed allows true inversion, zero-gravity, anti-snore, and lounge position. It has the most powerful massager in the industry for superior relaxation. It is an easy-to-use model with excellent mattress compatibility.
  • The Clarity: This adjustable model includes premium features and complete control over the bed positions. One of its main benefits is that it includes four adjustable legs you can easily control. This feature allows you to lower or raise the height of the bed so you can customize it to your needs.
  • The Remedy: It is one of Rize’s premium and elite adjustable beds. It uses cutting-edge technology for the best lumbar support and overall comfort. The bed also has an anti-snore position and can easily reach zero-gravity. Additionally, it includes an in-built massaging feature.
  • The Tranquility: This adjustable bed offers complete control over its positions while remaining affordable. You can use it to incline the headrest or lower part of the bed so that you can find the perfect position for your sleep. It has also been preprogrammed to reach zero-gravity with one button.

Here you can find all of Rize’s adjustable bed manuals:

Serta Adjustable Bed Manuals

Serta is the champion of comfort for everyone. The company believes that high-quality sleep shouldn’t be expensive. So, it has committed to creating the best possible adjustable beds and mattresses at the most affordable prices. It has been innovating for over 90 years, and you can find it in 150 countries.

These are Serta’s top-of-the-line adjustable bed frames:

  • The Motion Air: This adjustable bed provides incredible premium features at an affordable price. It has good mattress compatibility, a user-friendly design, zero-gravity positioning, and a durable motor.
  • The Motion Essentials: It is a mid-range Serta adjustable bed with solid features and superior comfort. The bed allows for better personalization, total control, and excellent versatility. Additionally, it includes a USB port, a wireless remote, and a whisper-quiet massage setting.
  • The Motion Perfect: This model is Serta’s top-of-the-line adjustable bed, providing the best customization, versatility, and superior comfort. One of its main benefits is its accurate anti-snore technology. You can easily trigger this feature using the included wireless remote.

Here you can find Serta’s adjustable bed manual:

Lucid Adjustable Bed Base Manuals

Lucid offers superior comfort and customization with its high-quality adjustable bed frames and flexible memory foam mattresses. The company has been manufacturing furniture and accessories for over ten years. It is constantly innovating to provide the best sleeping experience.

Here are Lucid’s top adjustable bed frames:

  • L600 Adjustable Bed: This adjustable bed is Lucid’s elite model. It allows for superior comfort and customization, making it ideal for tech enthusiasts. Furthermore, it includes a free Lucid app to track the quality of your sleep. It also has premium features like in-built massage.
  • L300 Adjustable Bed: It is Lucid’s best-selling adjustable bed with premium features and superior comfort. This model is easy to assemble, compatible with most mattresses and includes a USB port for better convenience.
  • L150 Adjustable Bed: It is one of Lucid’s most affordable adjustable beds. It allows you to reach a zero-gravity position, but it doesn’t include many extra features. It also has excellent mattress compatibility and can fit in any room.
  • L100 Adjustable Bed: This bed includes all the basic aspects of a high-quality adjustable model. It doesn’t provide any extra features, but it is Lucid’s most affordable option.

Here you can find the user manuals for some of Lucid’s adjustable beds:

Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed Manuals

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most renowned adjustable bed manufacturers worldwide. It provides innovative designs to improve the overall quality of your sleep. The company is mostly known for its memory foam mattresses and adjustable bed frames. However, it also manufactures bedding, toppers, and pillows.

It offers four high-tech adjustable bed frames with unique features and designs:

  • The Ease Power Base: The basic Tempur-Pedic model provides a comfortable and easy-to-use interface. You can use it to raise the upper and lower part of your bed. It can also reach zero-gravity positioning.
  • The Ergo Power Base: It is an improved model with a quiet mode, a USB port, and a pre-set zero-gravity Position. This bed also comes with two massage zones and under-bed lighting.
  • The Ergo Smart Base: One of the superior Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds available. It includes all of the previous models’ benefits plus a smart interface. This feature allows you to track your sleep to improve your sleeping patterns.  
  • The Ergo Extended Base: It is a superior Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed. This bed has an integrated sleep system of the highest quality while remaining easy to use. It is the only adjustable bed that allows pillow tilting and an ideal sitting position.

Here you can find the user manual for Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds:

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Manuals

Leggett & Platt is the largest manufacturer of adjustable beds in America. It provides a variety of adjustable models for every need and budget. All of them are made of the highest quality materials and with your comfort in mind.

The company manufactures over ten adjustable bed models you can choose from. Each one is designed to be highly durable and easy to use.

These are the four different adjustable bed categories by Leggett & Platt:

  • Basic models: These are the perfect entry-level bases for people that are not sure whether or not to invest in adjustable beds. They are affordable and offer complete or medium control, depending on the model you pick. One more benefit of these beds is how durable they are.
  • Premium models: These are Legget & Platt’s most luxurious adjustable beds. This category includes five different devices designed to provide a superior sleeping experience. These beds offer premium comfort, extra features, and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Performance models: This category includes adjustable beds with complete customization. The beds are also easy to use and have extra features, like massagers and USB ports.
  • Value models: The value models are designed to offer solid comfort and features at affordable prices. If you cannot afford a luxurious device, you can try one of these models. That way, you can enjoy all the sleeping and health benefits of an adjustable bed.

Here, you can find the manuals for the most popular Leggett & Platt adjustable beds:

Ghost Bed Adjustable Base Manuals

Ghost Bed is an American adjustable bed brand specializing in high-quality models at affordable prices. The company delved into the sleep industry 20 years ago and has not stopped innovating since. Nowadays, Ghost Bed’s mattresses and adjustable beds are some of the most popular in the country.

These are the two adjustable Ghost Bed adjustable bases available:

  • The Ghost Bed Adjustable Base: This luxurious adjustable bed includes all the premium features you’ll need to have the best sleep experience. It has complete customization, a one-button zero-gravity position, an anti-snore position, under-bed lighting, and USB charging ports.
  • Ghost Bed Split King Adjustable Base: It is ideal for couples looking for the best possible comfort. This bed allows you to customize each side of the bed independently, giving you total control if you and your spouse have different sleeping needs.

Here you can find the manual for a Ghost Bed adjustable bed:

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Manuals

Craftmatic is a reliable American brand and manufacturer of high-quality adjustable beds and mattresses. The company has sold over one million adjustable beds in the country. It has also been elected as one of America’s most trusted brands.

These are the Craftmatic adjustable beds available today:

  • The Monaco Elite: This premium adjustable bed offers four independent adjustable comfort zones. It also provides excellent lumbar support and pillow tilting for a relaxing sleeping experience. The bed can also be connected to your smartphone for better convenience and customization.
  • The Craftmatic Legacy: It is Craftmatic’s most popular adjustable bed. It offers more premium features than any other adjustable bed on the market. This model has a whisper-quiet motor, a powerful body wave massager, complete customization, pre-programmed positions, and a reliable safety mechanism.
  • The Craftmatic 1: This adjustable bed is the most affordable option by Craftmatic. It provides all of the features necessary to provide a superior sleep experience. The bed also includes extra characteristics like an in-built massager and a durable whisper-quiet motor.

This is the user manual for one of Craftmatic’s most popular adjustable beds:

Reverie Adjustable Bed Frame Manual

Reverie is a leading adjustable bed brand and manufacturer. The company aims to produce the most technologically advanced models and offer customers the sleeping experience they deserve. Nowadays, you can find Reverie adjustable beds in over 4000 retailers in the United States and worldwide.

Here are Reverie’s most popular adjustable bed models:

  • The R650: It is the ultimate power base by Reverie. This model allows for complete control over the bed’s position and provides excellent lumbar support. It also includes a voice activation mechanism and a user-friendly app so that you can link your bed to your smartphone.
  • The R550L: This adjustable bed combines cutting-edge features and stylish looks, perfect if your house has a modern design. It can reach zero-gravity with just one button and includes a wide variety of extra features.
  • The R450HT: It includes all of the basic features of an adjustable bed plus an independent head tilt. That way, you can have even more control over the position of your bed while you sleep or watch TV.
  • The O300T: This model is the most affordable option by Reverie. It provides luxurious comfort and all the necessary features you need to enjoy superior sleep quality.

You can find all of Reverie’s warranties, policies, and instruction manuals on its website:


In conclusion, owning an adjustable bed can improve the quality of your sleep and overall health. However, these devices are temperamental and challenging to set up. That’s why having the user manual at hand is essential. With the manual, you can quickly assemble your bed or troubleshoot it when necessary.  

When buying an adjustable bed, you should consider getting one from a reliable and trusted brand. The major manufacturers offer models with excellent customization, compatibility, and complete control of the bed’s position. They might cost more, but these beds are more durable and easy to use.


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