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Lucid Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting: Complete Guide for Owners

By kbeveridge

Lucid Adjustable Bed Troubleshooting

Lucid is one of the most popular adjustable bed manufacturers in the industry. Its beds provide good durability and a wide selection of features, but they can eventually malfunction. So, what can you do if your Lucid adjustable bed stops working correctly?

When solving problems with your Lucid adjustable bed, the first thing to do is ensure the power supply is working. If power is not the problem, you can proceed to troubleshoot your bed. Just disconnect it for around ten minutes, and then plug it again.

In today’s troubleshooting guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the most common problems for Lucid adjustable beds. We’ll also share the information you need to assemble your new Lucid bed easily and how to decide when to get a replacement.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

Lucid provides high-quality adjustable beds at affordable prices, meaning they tend to lack some of the benefits of premium models. Most Lucid adjustable beds can be difficult to assemble if you are unfamiliar with the process. However, it should be pretty straightforward if you have already built adjustable beds before.

Here’s what you have to do to set up a Lucid adjustable bed:

  1. 1Locate the box with your adjustable bed inside, and move it to the room where the bed will be.
  2. 2Open the box carefully. Adjustable bed parts are delicate, so if they fall, they might break and you’ll need to get replacements.
  3. 3Ensure every component is inside: the adjustable base, four legs, power supply, a remote control, and the tools you’ll need to assemble it.
  4. 4Place the base so that you have access to the bottom and all the internal mechanisms.
  5. 5Locate the legs and place them tightly in each leg hole. Do not put sideways pressure on the legs, or you can break them.
  6. 6Flip the adjustable base and plug it in.
  7. 7Test if all features are working correctly before putting on the mattress, accessories, and bedding.

Note: Moving and assembling an adjustable bed is not challenging, but you shouldn’t do it alone. The adjustable bed can fall and break, or it can fall on top of you. We recommend always building your bed with someone else to prevent accidents and injuries.

If you require a more visual guide, check out this video tutorial. It explains how to assemble an adjustable bed:

Lucid Adjustable Bed Not Working – Common Problems

Lucid adjustable beds are user-friendly devices with excellent weight capacities and mattress compatibility. However, even if you maintain them properly and regularly, they can malfunction or stop working altogether.

These are the most common problems with Lucid adjustable beds.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Stuck

One of the most common problems with Lucid adjustable beds is that they can get stuck in a raised or zero-gravity position. If that happens, you won’t be able to reach a flat position unless you move the frame manually.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. 1Unplug the adjustable bed.
  2. 2Remove the mattress, bedding, and accessories from your adjustable bed.
  3. 3With someone’s help, flip the adjustable base so that you have access to the lifting mechanism and independent joints.
  4. 4Locate the joint that is stuck. There can be more than one, but the procedure is the same for all of them.
  5. 5Each joint has an actuator that locks the bed into one position to avoid unexpected movements. You need to release that actuator so that the bed can go back to a flat position.
  6. 6Once you’ve removed the actuator, move the side of the bed that is stuck to its original position.
  7. 7Connect the actuator again and flip the adjustable base over.
  8. 8Plug the power supply back in and test if the position switching mechanism is working correctly.

This process should solve the problem. However, if your bed is not working properly after releasing the actuator, you’ll need to contact Lucid’s customer service.

Mattress Slides Off

Another common problem with Lucid adjustable bases is that the mattress can slide off if it’s not the right model for the bed. When choosing the right mattress for an adjustable bed, you need to think about flexibility and size.

Without flexibility, the mattress will not allow the bed to work properly. Without the right size, the mattress will slide off when switching positions. That’s why we always recommend buying your adjustable bed in a bundle with the suggested mattress.

If you already have a mattress and you want it to stop sliding off, there are a couple of things you can try:

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  • Mattress retainers: All adjustable beds include a mattress retainer to prevent unwanted movement when switching positions. Some people prefer not to use it, but it is helpful. So, if you are not using yours, it is time to add it to the footrest of your adjustable base.
  • Yoga mats: The reason why some mattresses slide off is that they don’t generate enough friction. You can solve this problem by placing a yoga mat between the adjustable base and the mattress.
  • Velcro stick strips: Another solution for the friction problem is buying some velcro stick strips. The velcro material is excellent for producing friction, especially when used with upholstered adjustable bases.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Too Loud

All adjustable beds have a maximum weight capacity you should never exceed. If the weight capacity is exceeded, the lifting mechanism will need to make more effort when switching positions. This extra effort will cause the motor to make a louder noise than usual, which can disturb your sleep and damage the mechanism.

The only solution is to remove all unnecessary weight from the bed. Remove accessories and replace your bedding with lighter alternatives. If that’s not possible, you might need to consider getting an adjustable bed with a higher weight capacity.

One or More Features Not Working

If one or more features of your Lucid adjustable bed are not working, you’ll need to troubleshoot the internal mechanism. Troubleshooting your Lucid adjustable bed should not be a challenging process, and you can do it in around ten minutes.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. 1Unplug your adjustable bed.
  2. 2Check if there’s any problem with the power supply.
  3. 3If the power supply is not the problem, wait ten minutes before plugging the bed back in.
  4. 4Test all the features your adjustable bed offers.

This should solve any problem with Lucid adjustable beds. Still, if that’s not the case, you’ll need to contact the company’s customer service.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Manuals

Lucid doesn’t offer a selection of digital or online resources. If you’re looking for an owner’s manual, you’ll have to browse the Internet. We recommend keeping the manual that comes with your adjustable bed. If possible, you should scan it to have a digital copy in case of an emergency.

Here’s an owner’s manual for the L300 adjustable bed by Lucid.

Lucid Adjustable Bed Remote Control Replacement

Lucid offers a reliable and solid warranty covering any replacement parts, including the remote control. However, the longer you’ve had your adjustable bed, the fewer features the warranty will cover.

The problem with Lucid adjustable beds is that you can only get replacement parts for its models through its customer service team. So, you’ll have to pay full price if your warranty has expired. Without the warranty, the price of a new remote control can go as high as 75 USD, including transportation fees within the continental USA.

Pairing a new remote control to your Lucid adjustable bed can be a challenging task. Luckily, the company has put up a video tutorial explaining the process in detail:

Lucid Adjustable Bed Parts – Where to Buy

You cannot buy replacement parts directly through Lucid’s website. It sells its products and accessories through online retailers like Amazon. So, the only way to access replacement parts for your adjustable bed is to contact Lucid’s customer support line.

Before contacting them, ensure your warranty has not expired to take advantage of free replacement parts and transportation fees.

Lucid Customer Service

Lucid offers fast and reliable customer service if you need help with your adjustable bed or warranty. It doesn’t have physical stores, so it focuses on providing the best customer experience through digital channels.

You can contact the company through its Contact Us page or leave a message with your query on the platform. Alternatively, you can call the company at (888) 975-8243.

Here are Lucid’s social media accounts:


Lucid is a popular adjustable bed manufacturer with reliable customer service and support. Although its beds are durable, they can still malfunction. If your Lucid adjustable bed is not working correctly, you first need to check the power supply.

Once you’ve determined the power supply is not the problem, you can troubleshoot your Lucid adjustable bed. It is a straightforward process that should take less than twenty minutes. Just unplug the device and wait for ten minutes before plugging it back in. Now, test all the bed’s features to ensure they work correctly.

This process should solve your problem, but if it doesn’t, you should contact Lucid’s customer support team to have your adjustable bed serviced. You might need to get some replacement parts for your bed, so ensure your warranty is still valid before purchasing anything.


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