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Adjustable Bed Rental Near Me: Where to Rent an Adjustable Bed in Your City

By Maurice

Adjustable Bed Rental Near Me

There are many reasons you might want to get an adjustable bed base, whether it is for your health or comfort. You might also have to get one for post-surgery. The problem is that these beds are costly. So, what can you do if you just need it for a short period?

The ideal option for you would be renting an adjustable bed for as long as you need it. You can get its benefits without having to buy a new one. It is an excellent way to save money. However, finding a rental near you can be challenging.

In this guide, we’ll look at adjustable bed rentals and how they work. You’ll also learn where to rent an adjustable bed in your city and the characteristics to consider when choosing one of these devices.

How to Find an Adjustable Bed Rental Near Me

Adjustable beds are highly popular in most developed countries, but finding a rental remains tricky. Most rental places are located in the bigger cities because there’s more demand there.

So, the best thing you can do to find an adjustable bed rental near you is to use Google or Google Maps. Alternatively, you can consult your healthcare provider or local nursing home to see where they source their adjustable beds.

Here are some of the most reliable adjustable bed rentals in the United States:

  • Adjustable Bed Rentals: This company has high-quality models with the best features if you live in California. It offers excellent prices and the possibility of including accessories and a mattress, not just the frame. It also allows you to choose between a basic, mid-range, and luxury adjustable bed.
  • Rent-A-Center: This is an excellent option if you don’t know whether to buy or rent an adjustable bed. The company provides a rent-to-own opportunity, allowing you to buy the bed at any point before your contract expires. It doesn’t offer a wide range of models, but it is reliable.
  • Bellevue Healthcare: This company mainly deals with hospital and homecare devices, but you can also find adjustable beds for one person at affordable prices. It delivers almost anywhere inside the continental United States.

Most places will have basic models for rent or adjustable beds that look a lot more like a hospital bed. However, you can easily differentiate between these two options when looking at their features.

A hospital bed only provides two positions. You can either raise the upper or lower part of the bed. An adjustable bed offers more functions, multiple designs, better comfort, and extra features.

What to Look for When Renting an Adjustable Bed?

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You need to consider certain things before choosing an adjustable bed to rent. You have to think about the available space you have in your room, the availability of mattresses, and other essential characteristics.

Bed Positions

One of the reasons adjustable beds are so popular is that you can switch between various positions. That way, you can customize your side of the bed to your needs, improving the quality of your sleep and overall health.

Not all adjustable beds offer the same number of positions. For instance, the more basic models usually provide a slight rise of the upper and lower part of the bed. They can help you get more comfortable, but they do not possess all the health benefits of a more complete and luxurious option.

When looking for an adjustable bed to rent, you should consider the number of positions you want to have. We recommend getting a model that allows for zero-gravity positioning because it is the option that provides the most benefits.

The Right Size

Another aspect to consider is the size of the bed and the available space in the room. An adjustable bed requires more space than a regular model because it constantly switches positions.

You can try a wall-hugger model if you do not have enough space. However, finding this model in a rental is extremely difficult, and they tend to cost more than the standard option.

Mattress Compatibility

One more aspect you need to consider before renting an adjustable bed is the compatibility with your mattress. Most rentals will provide you with an option to include a mattress when you rent the frame. However, if that’s not possible, you’ll need to get a mattress with adjustable bed compatibility.

These are the mattresses with the best compatibility for adjustable beds:

  • Latex foam mattresses
  • Memory-foam mattresses
  • Non-innerspring mattresses

Extra Features

Most adjustable beds you’ll find for rent will be basic models with only the positioning mechanism. Still, some places offer luxury frames that include accessories, pillows, and extra features.

These are some of the extra features you can find in an adjustable bed:

  • In-built massager
  • Speakers
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Smart interface
  • Warming mechanism

Aspects to Avoid When Renting an Adjustable Bed

Renting an adjustable bed for home care is not cheap, but it is more affordable than buying a brand-new one. However, when renting one of these devices, you should avoid specific characteristics.

  • Excessive price per month: If the cost of renting an adjustable bed for an entire month is similar to buying one, you should consider buying. The only reason renting should be an option is to save money, as adjustable beds can bring many benefits even if they are not prescribed.
  • Low position range: Another aspect to consider is the bed’s variety of positions. If you want one just to help you get in and out of bed, you don’t need a luxurious model. If you need it because of a sleep disorder, you should consider one with zero-gravity positioning.
  • No bed accessories: If you need an adjustable bed because of a medical condition, you’ll need the accessories too. You can try to find a rental that includes the accessories in an affordable package. Or, you can buy the accessories separately from the bed.
  • A complicated interface: Most homecare devices are easy to use. However, some models can be tricky if you are not good with technology. If a senior will use the bed, you should look for a user-friendly option.

Buying vs. Renting an Adjustable Bed

The Price Difference Between Renting and Buying an Adjustable Bed Cost

Buying an adjustable bed is an expensive investment that not everyone can make. A basic model can cost you up to 800 USD, while the most complete and customizable option can cost more than 4000 USD. Furthermore, that figure doesn’t consider purchasing a new mattress to allow the bed to switch positions.

On the other hand, renting an adjustable bed will lower the investment if you only need the bed for a couple of weeks or months. For instance, a basic model can cost 5 USD a day, making it a 150 USD investment a month. The more luxurious adjustable beds can cost between 7 and 9 USD a day, meaning you’d be spending around 240 USD a month.

Should I Rent or Buy an Adjustable Bed?

The answer to whether you should rent or buy an adjustable bed will depend on you. If you need the bed only for weeks or months, renting will be a more affordable option than buying. However, if you need the bed for an indefinite time, you should consider purchasing your own.

Benefits of Renting an Adjustable Bed

  • Renting an adjustable bed costs a lot less in the short term compared to buying.
  • Rented adjustable beds provide the same benefits as a new model.
  • You do not need to perform any maintenance on the equipment.
  • If the device malfunctions, you only need to replace it in the rental store.
  • You can rent one with the possibility of buying if you find a rent-to-own store.

The main drawback of renting an adjustable bed instead of buying one is the process of finding a reliable rental place. These companies are not common, and they are even less prevalent in the countryside or outside main cities. You will also need to find a rental that provides the adjustable bed model you need, and that’s even more difficult.

Benefits of Buying an Adjustable Bed

  • You’ll have an adjustable bed for as long as it lasts.
  • You and your partner can enjoy all of the benefits of an adjustable bed.
  • It is easier to find a place to buy an adjustable bed.
  • Most companies provide a good warranty and replacement policy.

When it comes to buying an adjustable bed, the main drawback is the price. These devices are costly, and not everyone can afford one. They require maintenance and proper care to keep them working for many years. You’ll also need to factor in accessories and a new mattress.


In conclusion, adjustable bed rentals can be suitable if you need one of these devices for a short period. Rented models have the same benefits as brand-new ones, but they are more affordable. However, finding a rental can be an ordeal, especially if you are looking for high-quality luxury models.

Overall, keep in mind that renting is only good if it is a short-term solution. If you need an adjustable bed for extended periods, you should buy one instead.


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