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What Is a Split King Adjustable Bed? Read This Before Buying

By Maurice

What Is a Split King Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are incredible devices that come in different models and sizes. One of those models is the split king adjustable bed, allowing superior customization for you and your partner. Still, what exactly is this model, and how do you know if it is the right option for you?

Before buying, you should know that a split adjustable bed is different from other models. It is not a single bed with one frame and one mattress. Instead, it uses two independent adjustable bases and mattresses to enable better customization for your side of the bed.

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you what a split king adjustable bed is and how it works. You’ll also learn whether this model is the ideal option for you and properly use it for a superior sleeping experience.

What Is a Split King Adjustable Bed?


Split kings are beds that use two independent mattresses so you can customize your side without compromising your partner’s needs. That way, you can have the mattress you need for your sleeping needs. A split king bed is ideal for couples that have different sleeping requirements.

An adjustable split king bed works similarly to a regular split king. However, instead of using only two mattresses, this model also has two adjustable bed frames. Thanks to this design, you can customize the mattress and bed position to your needs.

Here are the benefits of a split king adjustable bed:

However, split king adjustable beds are the most expensive options available. You need to consider that they are more challenging to set up and use than standard adjustable beds. These beds also require more space to function correctly.

How Does a Split King Adjustable Bed Work?

A split king adjustable bed works similarly to a regular adjustable bed. It has a motor that allows you to switch positions whenever you need to.

However, instead of having just a bed frame and one motor, it has two. Each independent motor allows position switching for each side of the bed.

Here’s how a split king adjustable bed works:

  • You first set up the two independent bed frames.
  • Then, you need to place the mattresses, sheets, and accessories.
  • Once everything is ready, you can use the separate controls to switch positions.
  • When switching the position of one side of the bed, you will notice that the other side doesn’t move.
  • Each motor controls one side of the bed. That way, it doesn’t disturb the position of the other side.

Typically, an adjustable split king bed combines two adjustable bed frames and two twin XL mattresses. However, some models include a single base with two adjustable frames on it.

Tip: We recommend getting a whistler-silent model that won’t make much noise when switching positions!

How Much Does a Split King Adjustable Bed Cost?

Split king adjustable beds are some of the most expensive options. Their cost can range from 1500 to 3500 USD, depending on the brand and extra features.

However, that price only includes the adjustable bed frames and bases. It doesn’t consider the cost of the mattress and accessories.

Here’s how much an adjustable split king bed from the most popular brands costs:

  • Tempur-Pedic Power Base: Tempur-Pedic is one of the most renowned adjustable bed manufacturers. It provides models of all sizes and for all budgets. Its most luxurious split king model costs around 4500 USD.
  • Ghost Bed Adjustable Bed: Ghost Bed is another popular adjustable bed manufacturer with many models and sizes. Its split king bed costs around 2500 USD, without any accessories or the mattress.
  • Casper Adjustable Base: Casper offers a wide range of sleeping products like memory foam mattresses and adjustable beds. Its premium split king model costs around 3500 USD, depending on sales and promotions.
  • Amerisleep Adjustable Bed: Amerisleep is an adjustable bed brand that offers high-quality, affordable models. Its split king bed costs around 2400 USD, but you can sometimes find it on sale for under 2100 USD.
  • Nectar Adjustable Bed: The Nectar adjustable bed is one of the most affordable options for a split king model. It has all the necessary features for under 1500 USD but doesn’t include additions like massagers or USB ports.  

Note: A split king adjustable bed bundle including everything you need, like mattress and sheets, can cost between 4500 and 7000 USD.

What Size Mattress Do You Need for a Split King Adjustable Bed?

When buying a mattress for a split king adjustable bed, you need to consider the size. You cannot use a regular king-size mattress because it won’t allow the independent motor to function. Instead, you need to get two twin XL mattresses or full-size if you have a split California king bed.

These are the other characteristics you need to consider when buying a mattress for a split king adjustable bed:

  • Flexibility: Any mattress for an adjustable bed needs to be flexible and adaptable. If your mattress doesn’t have any of these features, it won’t allow the adjustable mechanism to work properly.
  • Durability: Mattresses for adjustable beds last less than ones for regular beds. This happens because adjustable beds constantly switch positions, so the mattress gets used more often. That’s why you need to find a high-quality option with excellent durability.
  • Comfort: Another important characteristic you need to consider is the mattress’s overall comfort. We recommend a high-quality memory foam model with good breathability and lumbar support.  

What Size Sheets Fit a Split King Adjustable Bed?

When it comes to adjustable split king bed sheets, you need to get two sets of fitted sheets, one for each side of the bed. This means you need two sets of fitted sheets for a twin XL mattress and a top sheet for a king-size mattress.

You also need to budget for pillowcases and a quilt, in addition to pillows and other accessories.

How to Use a Split King Adjustable Bed

Using an adjustable bed from one of the main manufacturers is not challenging. Each brand constantly innovates to provide the most user-friendly experience so that you only need to worry about your sleeping position.

Here’s how you can use a split king adjustable bed:

  1. 1The first thing you need to do is get the bed ready. Place the mattress on top and add your bedding.
  2. 2Now, you need to locate the wired or remote control, depending on the brand and model you’ve got.
  3. 3The next step is to lay on the bed and check the control for your options.
  4. 4Most controls come with preset positions, which are usually the following: incline or raise the headrest, incline or raise the lower part of the bed, or zero-gravity position.
  5. 5Choose one of these options or use the other buttons to customize your side of the bed to your needs.
  6. 6Once you’ve done that, you can start discovering the extra features your beds offer. For instance, some models include an in-built massager and speakers.

Setting up your adjustable split king bed shouldn’t be challenging. However, if you need a more visual guide, you can check out this video:

How to Sync Split King Adjustable Bed

Each side of a split king adjustable bed can work independently or together. However, you need to first sync both adjustable frames with each respective connection cable to make them work together.

Here’s what you need to do to sync an adjustable split king bed:

  1. 1Set up the adjustable base and flip it to see both motors.
  2. 2Ensure that both motors are working before moving on to the next step.
  3. 3Locate the syncing cable and the wired control.
  4. 4Find the syncing port in each adjustable base.
  5. 5Connect the syncing cable with each motor.
  6. 6Now, connect the wired controller to the syncing cable.
  7. 7Flip the base and test your new synced adjustable split king bed.

How to Dress a Split King Adjustable Bed

Dressing your adjustable split king bed should be pretty straightforward. Still, it does take more effort than dressing a standard model. For instance, you have two sets of fitted sheets and two mattresses to dress instead of one.

These are the steps to follow to dress your split king adjustable bed:

  1. 1Grab the fitted sheets.
  2. 2Separate the two mattresses, creating enough room so that you can dress each one individually.
  3. 3Put each fitted sheet on each mattress.
  4. 4Put the mattresses together again.
  5. 5Now you can put on the king-size top sheet and quilt.
  6. 6Add the pillows and enjoy your newly dressed split king adjustable bed.

How to Keep a Split King Adjustable Bed Together

Split king adjustable beds are designed to remain together even when switching positions. However, from time to time, the two mattresses might slide off or move apart when you are using them in a flat position.

If that happens, there’s no problem. Here are some accessories you can use to prevent the situation:

  • Sheet suspenders: These items can keep sheets from sliding off the mattress. However, if you use them correctly, they will also help you keep your bed together. They are quite cheap, easy-to-use, and you can find them for under 10 USD.
  • Velcro stick strips: To prevent any unwanted movements, you can try using velcro stick strips under the mattress. It will create the necessary grip to prevent sliding and keep your mattresses together.
  • A yoga mat: Another way to keep your mattresses from moving is using a couple of yoga mats. These mats create traction between the floor and the mat, so they won’t move when doing yoga. If you place them under your mattress, they will also prevent unwanted movement.
  • Bed straps: These incredible items were designed specifically for split adjustable beds. They keep the mattresses together by strapping each side to the other. That way, even when there’s movement, the mattresses won’t slide away.

Here’s a more visual guide on how to use sheet suspenders to keep your bed together and prevent unwanted movement.

You can also watch a video on how to use bed straps for split adjustable beds.

How to Fill the Gaps In a Split King Adjustable Bed

You can only fill the gap between the two split king mattresses with a gap filler. It is a device designed to eliminate the gap between the two twin XL mattresses.

Here’s how this item works:

FeelAtHome 10 Inch Wide Bed Bridge Twin to King Converter Kit - Twin Bed Connector King Maker - Bed Gap Filler to Make Twin Beds Into King - Mattress Connector with Strap for Guests Stayovers

  1. 1First, you need to get a high-quality option. We recommend the FeelatHome Bed Bridge for better comfort.
  2. 2Dress the two mattresses with the fitted sheets.
  3. 3Place the connector in between the mattresses, ensuring the gap is filled.
  4. 4Now, cover the connector with a top sheet and quilt.
  5. 5You can now enjoy your new split king adjustable bed without worrying about the gap between the mattresses.

Note: You can place the gap filler before the fitted sheets, but you would have to use a king-size sheet. It is possible, but it would defeat the purpose of having a split model because you won’t be able to use it in independent positions.


A split king adjustable bed is an excellent option for couples with different sleeping needs. It allows for the best possible customization and provides many benefits. However, this model also has some drawbacks you should consider.

You also need to keep in mind that split king models use two twin XL mattresses, each requiring a set of fitted sheets. Using a bed strap and a gap filler can help you increase the overall comfort of your bed while keeping both mattresses together.


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